Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1870

The Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, is a big tomb. The surrounding area hundreds of thousands of li (0.5km) are this tomb, this type of giant tomb can be said as a miracle. The score ten Rank 5 cities add to be big. Actually this how constructs?” Xia Tian surprised looks at front big tomb, looks here outside is only the bare mountain, but after coming, actually he discovers here grandly. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Pitiful yells passed from the surroundings. What thing?” Niu Huang the vision hurried looks to surroundings, but they can only hear the sound unable to see the person, the entrance of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber now only then, but after going, actually to all directions, which direction regardless of you to walk, has the person, the pitiful yell sound transmits from the surroundings. What monster won't have?” Saying that Hu Li somewhat worries about. Talked nonsense, here was infertile, how possibly to have the monster, even if there are also early starves to death.” Jade child blue according to the outstanding disciple of moon/month sect, was experienced. The hand of Xia Tian traces on the surrounding these pillars. Walks, is anything, only then after seeing, knows.” Niu Huang said directly that afterward people walked toward the front with him directly, walk have met them to discover, here had the blood everywhere, obviously was they were injured here. Does not know actually really the front these people experienced anything here.” allow Wan deeps frown, even if she according to the outstanding disciple of moon/month sect, has not seen such weaponry. Xia Tian squatted down slightly the body, since he touched a steel needle from the ground. What is this?” Good emperor puzzled asking. mechanism, if has not guessed wrong, reason that the beforehand person was injured moved here mechanism.” Xia Tian said.

Everybody, do not bump here thing carefully randomly.” Niu Huang reminded loudly. The people all nodded. The front branch road junction are many, moreover here echo is very big, can hear the pitiful yell sound frequently, but nobody knows where the pitiful yell sound from transmits. ! At this moment, allow Wan the body jumps directly, but her side is having dozens steel needles to project, the speed of steel needle is fast. dīng dīng dāng dāng! allow Wan a body turn over, all asks the price with no intention of buying the steel needle directly in the place. Senior Sister fine athlete.” The Hu Li hurried start to talk commended. His commendation is false, although a moment ago the speed of that ten silver needle was quick, but absolute wound less than two cauldron Rank 4 above people, in other words, a normal person should also be able to keep off under these steel needles, but he was actually the unusual exaggeration commended allow Wan. allow Wan as if very much enjoys. Depends on this small mechanism also to think that I am what kind.” Saying that allow Wan despises, simultaneously his also opposite party makes peace Xia Tian to be extremely discontented, because they have not commended themselves: You one will be careful, incautiously do not bump into this mechanism dead, we may save you without enough time.” The dialect does not like speaking. All right, I followed to walk behind you am good.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Snort, we lead you to be useful.” Jade child blue cold snort.

Xia Tian one hear of this saying must catch up with itself to walk, on face immediately one happy. Was good, do not quarrel, is careful, here mechanism were probably more than outside, moreover you looked that the blood of ground may be many, is new, obviously shortly after some people just here were injured, in this Qi Wang mausoleum chamber mechanism all triggers the shape, so long as we do not bump into mechanism, that can avoid these fearless consumptions.” Good emperor light saying. Their group seven people of team rates of progression are not fast. Jade child azure and allow Wan could not have a liking for Xia Tian more and more. In each team some people will encounter preemptions of varying degrees, some are obvious, some are not obvious, they push aside Xia Tian to be obviously obvious. Because Xia Tian is their here strength is superficially weakest, moreover he will not have spoken, person like Hu Li to which popular, because he is smooth enough, he uses the language to let jade child azure and allow Wan felt one keep aloof, is the large amount gate person, has the aloof superiority feeling. Although the dialect does not like speaking, but compares the Xia Tian words, they thought that the dialect is good. However in this team most special is that water Senior Sister, she does not like speaking, but does not have anybody to dare to select her problem, Niu Huang is also is respectful to her. Ah! at this moment, the front has transmitted a pitiful yell. Has the situation.” Niu Huang said that flushes away to front directly, because this sound is very clear, is different from the beforehand echo, therefore this proved the person who this pitiful yell should be is away from them not to be far, several other people also all followed. When they step onto comes discovered that this is three people of squads, one of them died, the other two cry there unusual is sad. Elder brother, how you died, our three reach an agreement to treasure hunt together.” „The third child, do not cry, we do not seek, we walk, we leave here.” Another person is also saying of face tears. This three people of squads are the brothers three people, their brothers died, therefore they very sad, they gave up to here treasure hunt, they want, wants to leave here.

„Do two brothers, how your brothers die?” Before good emperor asked that he looked a moment ago, had not discovered that surrounding had the mechanism trace. I do not know that I do not know.” That third child mood very excited. „Do you give to be concerned about face? You know asked what your words is who? According to the outstanding disciple of moon/month sect, asked that your words that is your being honored, your unexpectedly also dares to speak with cow Senior Brother with this manner.” Hu Li was a flatter pats immediately on Niu Huang the body, his flatter has not patted obviously. Because Niu Huang does not like bullying: Hu stands, said anything.” You are large amount gate people, we cannot stir up, we walk.” That third child held his big brother’s body to walk toward outside directly, just before leaving before , stared several people of one. Sorry, my younger brother has no intention to affront.” Although that second child is also very sad, but had not become confused obviously sadly, he hears the opposite party according to the person of moon/month sect, the hurried apology, walks toward outside with his younger brother afterward. Treasure hunt itself has risk, did not have the skill dead was unable to complain about anyone.” Saying that the jade child blue disdains. You were saying anyone.” That third child heard the jade child blue words obviously, a face angry looks at the jade child blue. „Does boy, you want to accompany your big brother? Do you use this manner speech with whom? My jade Senior Brother is very fierce.” Hu Li continues to hold the jade there child blue. „A person on a life, the father does not fear death.” That third child said that has placed the ground his big brother’s corpse, afterward has fired into the jade directly child blue. Well.” At this moment, the Xia Tian vision stared on that person of arm. Blue.