Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1871

Courts death!” On the jade child blue face presented disdaining. Possibly for the face, he did not want provoking by an average person, because side some people were also worshipping him, therefore this flash he moved really has killed the heart. Does not want!” Niu Huang shouts hurriedly. But late, the jade child blue has gotten rid very quickly, a fist hit directly to that third child, that third child has suffered this fist stiffly, but he did not have retreat, but biting stiffly on jade child blue arm. Ah! a pitiful yell transmits, that third child bites to bleed the jade child blue arm, this is breaknecking, he rather dies must leave behind a wound on the jade child blue body, he understood a moment ago, oneself are not the jade child blue match, therefore spells normally, he will not have absolutely possibly to win, therefore he has suffered this fist stiffly, then bit on the jade child blue arm. This person is most fearful, he did not care about the life and death. His goal was I rather died, must leave behind a wound on you. Loosens, loosens to me.” Jade child blue angry shouting, hitting of his fist then fist on that third child's body. Xia Tian standing silently has not spoken there. Has sufficed, stops to me.” Niu Huang was unable to continue watching thoroughly, he comes up on the strategic place directly the life-saving. Whiz! At this time, a person kept off in his front. „Do you keep off me to do?” Niu Huang looked that asked to Xia Tian. Late, on this was poisoned, he is will die sooner or later, now he early gave up his life, you were save him to be also useless, moreover on him the poisonous channel of transmission I do not know, if you have bumped him, perhaps you will also be poisoned.” Xia Tian answered. Poison!

Time all people who hears this glossary all stare. That child is blue he.” Niu Huang looks hurriedly child blue to the jade. Cuts off his arm, should also with enough time.” Xia Tian said. At this time jade child azure bitten wound there turned into the black, sees here time, Niu Huang clenched teeth, afterward cut directly on the jade child blue arm. Puff! Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from the jade child blue mouth that he was hitting that third child a moment ago wholeheartedly, the words that did not note others to speak. The jade child covers own arm to weep bitterly blue. That third child must continue to nip the jade child blue, at this moment the gravel flies together, has passed through that third child's temples directly, that third child's body this but actually. The Xia Tian vision sized up to that water Senior Sister, because was she got rid a moment ago, that gravel most common gravel, the speed that but she made was actually very quick. Ah! Jade child blue also there pain was shouting, Niu Huang stopped bleeding pill for him hurriedly and therapy pill, that three people of team inside second child walked, before he just before leaving, looked with the wicked vision to the people, Xia Tian sees him to walk, has not gone to block, because his arm was also the blue black, in other words, he was also poisoned. Quick, the jade child blue pain was more moderate. Why, why?” His face angry looked that shouts to the good emperor.

You have a look.” Niu Huang was saying to jade child azure that the jade child blue looks directly to that interruption arm of ground, at this time that interruption arm turned into the black. How can like this? Even if were poisoned, why does not take disintoxicating pill to me first, why can cut off my arm directly?” The jade child blue is still angry saying. Jade Senior Brother, some people told the cow Senior Brother saying that must cut off your arm to rescue your, I think that cow Senior Brother a moment ago was also the brain one chaotic, therefore listened to his words.” Hu Li has opened the mouth at this time, this is stirring up trouble. Heard his words child blue, the jade turns the head to look directly to Xia Tian: Is you!” Right, is I.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say. Hateful, I have killed you.” Jade child blue both eyes get angry looks at Xia Tian. Child blue. If not he, what you did not have to change with ground corpse, this type of toxin I have not seen, how also to save you with disintoxicating pill?” Niu Huang said hurriedly. Senior Brother, how you everywhere turn toward the bystander to speak.” allow Wan very discontented saying. „It is not I speaks toward him, but is truly right, moreover truly was he who he said that has rescued the child blue life.” Niu Huang said. Has rescued my life, I may probably well thank you.” Jade child blue wicked looks at Xia Tian. Was good, we continue to go forward, next time will have remembered, leaves is so impulsive, if you do not provoke that person, you will not be poisoned, we come to here come the informed and experienced treasure hunt, is not worthwhile loses the life, moreover that person, although the speech expression is poor, but he died the elder brother, whose traded to do is mood also.” Niu Huang always likes considering for others. The jade child blue this time has not said anything again. The second child of that three people of team walked, he has not carried off two brothers any person of corpses, after Xia Tian they walked, the body of that second child returned once more same place: Has not thought, I own brothers planned dead, for it, but unexpectedly links me to be poisoned now.” In the hand of second child presented a palm of the hand big pirate-like skull.

Because of this pirate-like skull, therefore his big brother dies, he just started not to think own big brother will die, when he saw own big brother dies, he also a little regretted, afterward saw own Third Brother dies, he thorough anger: Third Brother, I will certainly revenge for you.” Then, he has pouched in pirate-like skull the belly directly, then followed quietly. He had not discovered that died the big brother and Third brother's finger moved slightly. After the matter, the jade child was blue they cannot have a liking for Xia Tian, moreover there is that Hu Li adding inflammatory details that kept there. Is good because of having Niu Huangya, otherwise feared them already to collaborate to cope with Xia Tian. Everybody rests same place, I felt that front is not definitely ordinary, recently here atmosphere was getting more and more depressing.” Good emperor saying of slowly, atmosphere constrains represents here definitely has had any matter, even has possibly died the person, but here does not have the corpse. Here branch road junction were getting more and more, moreover road that now we have forgotten exiting, even if were wants perhaps also without enough time.” Xia Tian said. Snort, fears death your oneself to walk, nobody is drawing you hardly.” Jade child blue cold snort said. Is, had feared oneself walks.” Hu Li will not let off any faint trace to attack the Xia Tian opportunity with the language, he to push aside Xia Tian, then pushes aside the dialect, this in this team only then his strength bad, had when the time comes had an accident, these people can also the earliest possible time protect itself. Um?” Xia Tian turns head instantaneously.