Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1872

How?” Niu Huang asked that at this time everybody's vision on the body of Xia Tian, therefore he turned head suddenly everybody saw. Cow Senior Brother, this is backing down to oneself, you look that he one must certainly say some people track us.” Hu Li opens the mouth to say directly. Some people track us.” Really Xia Tian said these words. Very his such remarks, the people all look with the vision that disdained to him, because he really by Hu Li in saying. „, A creativity does not have.” Hu Li looks one guessed, this disdained to Xia Tian. Snort!” The jade child blue was cold snort one, on the face has also filled disdaining. Also was really given to guess, person? You did not say that some people do track us? Where is at?” Saying that allow Wan also disdains. Senior Sister, others this casually said that we why take seriously.” Hu Li sang a duet to say again. Niu Huang looked, has not discovered any person. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has not said anything again, he told these person of some people to track them, since these people did not believe that. Was good, we rest one to walk, here cave entrance were too many, we only walk near the left hand first.” Niu Huang thinks that this should be able to look. Useless.” Xia Tian said. Boy, who you you worked as, Niu the elder brother was our team inside direction, how Niu the elder brother said walks, how we walked, that many idle talk that which your came.” Hu Li shouts directly loudly, reason that Xia Tian now had not been expelled is because has Niu the elder brother in taking care of him, so long as Niu the elder brother does not go to manage him, that Xia Tian certainly will be expelled, now he in shouldering Xia Tian and contradiction between Niu elder brother. Cow Senior Brother, you said that does such person keep him to be useful?” The jade child blue also belongs with Xia Tian tears to pieces the facial skin, although he knows that he was poisoned at that time, but he hears is Xia Tian makes the good emperor cut his arm, he is angry, he will break arm matter to calculate in the head of Xia Tian. He thinks , if not Xia Tian with them, that Xia Tian already died, therefore he so long as now expels their teams Xia Tian, that Xia Tian must die without doubt.

Good, Xia Tian said also right, I observed a moment ago, after we come out the cave entrance are not first, therefore we make the symbol each cave entrance, this can look according to the symbol.” Niu Huang said directly. Hears his words, Xia Tian nodded finally. Snort!” Jade child blue once more cold snort. Afterward their several continue, in this Qi Wang mausoleum chamber is very big, moreover everywhere is various types of historic buildings. The surrounding bead arranges strangely also. Senior Brother, front has thing.” At this moment, Hu Li shouts loudly, his sound all captured the past the attention of people, they discovered that really has the thing, is a coffin, the coffin very plain, but is very clean, moreover around the coffin has four bronze statues, seems is guarding this coffin to be the same. Treasure, certainly is the treasure, the treasure of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber is these coffins, they place in the treasure the coffin, is used to mislead the public, we finally found the treasure.” Jade child blue excited saying. Wait / Etc..” Niu Huang saw jade child blue probably excited must rush to be the same directly, therefore he has blocked the jade hurriedly child blue. How?” Jade child blue very puzzled asking. We go to others coffin, do you think?” Good emperor puzzled asking. Cow Senior Brother, we intruded others tomb now, since has come, that does not have anything not well, turned on the coffin, inside definitely has the good thing.” Hu Li is also saying of whole face anticipation. Yes, Senior Brother, opens, otherwise our Bai to come, my arm also on Bai Diu.” Jade child azure said. Good.” Hears jade child azure to mention that own arm, Niu Huang thinks guilty, therefore he can only nod to comply. Good, start.” The jade child blue ran directly to the position of coffin, afterward he, directly has pushed to the coffin, when his hand pushed to the coffin at that moment, his nearby ground started to occur to change, the steel punctured from underground raises, above also dropped a row of day nail, the surrounding was the flame.

„It is not good.” Niu Huang the body flushes away directly forward. Hateful, gives me to break.” The jade child gives a loud shout blue, afterward puts out own weapon upwardly under simultaneously to attack, but he is also directly runs to outside. Puff! His body was punctured by many steel pierces directly. Senior Brother, saves me.” The jade child blue shouts hurriedly. Niu Huang rushed to his front at this time. dīng dīng dāng dāng! Niu Huang makes an effort periphery these steel will puncture to destroy, then stiffly jade child azure drawing, on jade child azure had ten wounds at this time, blood directing current. Greedy. He because of being greedy and injured. Thanks Senior Brother.” Jade child blue difficult saying. This time Hu Lixin one tight, he also wants to rush a moment ago, after all they walked such for a long time finally see the treasure. Let alone the words, a bit faster therapy.” Niu Huang has fed in the compounded drug the jade child blue mouth. The Xia Tian vision looked in the surroundings, saying slowly: Guarding the door coffin, it seems like our unexpectedly walked right, found to guard the door to close also means that we entered the true Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, moreover his direction, so long as did not have the guarding the door coffin, that will have mechanism, other anything did not have.”

Um?” Hears the Xia Tian words, the people have doubts looked to him. What meaning is guarding the door coffin?” Good emperor puzzled asking. Is the coffin of guarding the door, in this coffin lies down should be figure of Great General rank, probably is the army battles, the general must bear the brunt, he is the general of that lead, general who protects inside King, his behind is the true Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, the Qi Wang tomb.” Xia Tian saying slowly. But other here not entrances.” Niu Huang looked to the surroundings. Has!” Xia Tian said. Where?” Niu Huang asked that other people were also a face curious looked to Xia Tian. Before you.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to that coffin. What? You were said that coffin was the entrance!” Niu Huang is startled immediately. No, is under the coffin, so long as moves that coffin, that following entrance will appear.” Xia Tian said. But you also saw, there is mechanism.” Niu Huang said. „The person of not long brain will not observe for the treasure surrounding situation, you have a look carefully, the cover of that coffin has existence of steel wire from, so long as some people will want to turn on the coffin to cover to move these steel wires, will then initiate there mechanism, but, not having promoted the coffin not to initiate mechanism, but under it will be the channel, therefore was more impossible to have mechanism.” Xia Tian answered.