Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1873

Outside Qi Wang mausoleum chamber. „Can you find?” [gold/metal] Gui very angry saying. Can, certain energy, our present ranges he, only then the distance of half day.” Murong Bai said hurriedly. Good, I again give you half day the time, if after the half day, could not find, I have chopped your hand.” Saying of [gold/metal] ghost coldly, he was a little impatient, that treasure is their several makes with great difficulty, afterward they heard Murong Bai to describe that thing might heart movement. Ordinary tripod Expert unexpectedly can use that thing to defeat Murong in vain this super Expert. Even if their several takes alone is also not Murong Bai match. Ordinary tripod Expert unexpectedly closes right up against a treasure to defeat Murong Bai, is actually that this treasure what rank? At least treasure definitely cannot achieve, even if Advanced treasure may not achieve. Murong Bai also worries, he has escaped in the waiting opportunity, but five lines of ghosts visit him was too strict, he absolutely does not have any opportunity of escaping, he can only hope now bumps into Xia Tian time makes Xia Tian force five lines of ghosts also to get rid, like this he can run away, although Xia Tian has that treasure, but he does not believe that absolutely Xia Tian can defeat five lines of ghosts, therefore he will not arrive silly there waited for that five lines of ghosts and Xia Tian put together life and death. Because this condition will not appear. When five lines of ghost and Murong Bai leave there, a person walked from behind: „Isn't this Murong Bai? He will be held, he was not known as that admires Rong most to have existence of talent? Right, admires Rong is no matter the junior makes anything outside, will not support for the junior, therefore he is identifies one's role when first coming on stage also uselessly.” Mu Rongjia has a custom, junior stirs up trouble outside, regardless of you annoy the big matter are not the matter, because the family will not manage you, admires Rong such to do to let the juniors of family has the dangerous consciousness, letting them only to close right up against the honor of family to live hand to mouth to eat. Also because of this, therefore admires Rong not second ancestor, admires the disciple of Rong not to identify one's role when first coming on stage outside.

No matter he, looks for Xia Tian and Cao Yaqian first.” The females said that entered in the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber directly. In this time Qi Wang mausoleum chamber. Boy, I could not listen, your this clarified was saying that the jade Senior Brother not long brain, you thought how Senior Brother was injured was unable you?” Hu Li held Xia Tian these words inside problem immediately, how he will let up such good opportunity, he thinks that he wants to be noisy this matter, that certainly can kick in the team Xia Tian. You dare to insult the disciple who we illuminate the moon/month sect.” allow Wan looks angrily at Xia Tian to say. I do not have, I said that some people, this year heard that has to be willing to pick the treasure, has to be willing to pick money, is willing to pick the woman, my first saw that some people pick to scold.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, Hu Li cannot say anything, if after all he continued, represented him is picking to scold toward the jade child blue body, but he was impossible such easily let off Xia Tian: You a moment ago were not the performance was very specialized? Very fierce? Good, you come, you push the coffin.” I? I am not good, my anything cannot.” Xia Tian these words, allow Wan anger. Your anything we will not want you to do, go away, you tumble out this team to me, which likes going to go!” allow Wan angry shouting. Good.” Xia Tian one hear of allow Wan said that seized this opportunity directly, agreed. Yeah!” Niu Huang heard Xia Tian to agree time, sighed, but has not said anything again, since Xia Tian agreed to leave this team now, he naturally did not have what means that can only comply silently, if Xia Tian did not agree, perhaps he also will detain: I know that you keep in this team not to be uncomfortable, careful.” Many thanks.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.

Senior Brother, we now what to do?” allow Wan asked. First makes him raise to injure, meets us to go forward.” Niu Huang said. Advance? Goes forward? The path that here had not gone forward, we changed a road.” allow Wan helpless shaking the head. Does not need to trade, road in front.” Good emperor very earnest saying. Front? Senior Brother, you do not believe that really his nonsense, his is harming us obviously, you also saw jade Senior Brother are any fate.” allow Wan said hurriedly. Child is blue he is to bring upon oneself now, with Xia Tian any relations, clear(ly) has not known that here has the danger so to be impulsive, resembles us to with him divide the treasure to be the same, moreover you think that Xia Tian is deceiving us, what advantage did he deceive us to have? To want me dies? I remember that I also calculate to him probably, why does he want me dead? If the will of the people so is really dangerous, I recognized.” Niu Huang said that walks toward front directly. Heard his words, Xia Tian has raised up the thumb silently. Senior Brother, is not good, you cannot have an accident.” allow Wan has blocked Niu Huang hurriedly. Hu Li eye one revolution was to also go forward to block Niu Huang: Cow Senior Brother, you cannot go, you have rescued my one time, you are my savior, now I cannot make you pass.” Hu Li blocks Niu Huang is not because he cares about Niu Huang, but is he was worried after Niu Huang went, discovered really there is a road, how could it not be i.e. they are treating unjustly Xia Tian, moreover this all of a sudden has also shown the Xia Tian strength, he will not give Xia Tian this opportunity. Senior Brother, I go.” At this moment, straight talk few dialects open the mouth to say.

I go.” Niu Huang said that once more stand forth, at this moment, the dialect had rushed, he has told the good emperor, Niu Huangjiu crosses his life, he owes Niu Huang a life, since now everybody suspected that there is dies, but Niu Huang must go, that is replaced Niu Huang by him. Whiz! When he falls in front of the coffin, his movement started becomes cautious and solemn, he has not gone to the coffin lid, but directly promoted the coffin. At this moment, calmed down on the spot. They were waiting for what happened. Hu Li was praying at heart, he prayed that then must have anything, best was the dialect is killed by mechanism directly, like this he will go to look for the trouble of Xia Tian directly, making Xia Tian pay with a life, when the time comes the good emperor must be compelled to get rid, but he all of a sudden has also solved two problems. But if his anything matter has not happened, moreover below has the channel, that is not good. Silent! The vision of people all centralized under coffin.