Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1874

! The coffin moved. The dialect promoted the coffin, moreover coffin in that moment, all people all look clearly, the channel appeared. This said on behalf of Xia Tian is right. But they said a moment ago Xia Tian thinks vital point Niu Huang are fake, is the slander. Really, really real.” Niu Huang excited saying, he bet his trust a moment ago, although finally is the coffin that the dialect turns on, but the fact told him, in this world had the friendship to exist, so long as he were really kind to the person, that opposite party will most at least not harm him. unexpectedly real.” On allow Wan the face also presented some surprised looks. But Hu Li complexion very ugly, he most does not want to see is this result, Xia Tian showed off, but the dialect also displayed his loyalty, did not fear death, only then turned into the clumsy mischief-doer. Xia Tian has not spoken, but shows a faint smile. Saw Xia Tian the smiles, Hu Lihe allow Wan felt own face burning sometimes in the fever, face-smacking only needs a smiling face. Xia Tian, walks together.” Niu Huang looked that said to Xia Tian. „.” Xia Tian shaking the head of slightly. Good, has any difficulty to look for me.” Good emperor saying of slowly. Many thanks.” Xia Tian cups one hand in the other across the chest slightly. We walk.” Niu Huang said. Saw that Xia Tian has not returned to the team, Hu Li relaxed finally, if a moment ago Xia Tian selected his problem, he had nothing to say in reply, luckily Xia Tian has not done, has not returned to the team, this was also his first step succeeds. However he on the contrary did not plan expelled the team now the dialect. Because the dialect has the matter on, like this he can use dialect disposition, lets in the dialect in the risk.

Bang! Bang! When they must walk, the rear area has broadcast the sound. Ah! Is the voice of person, but has actually made the strange sound, therefore they turn head completely, in the mausoleum chamber is not bright, they are also taking the illumination tool, almost could not see clearly from 30 meters away, but 50 meters distance, that is anything looks to disappear. They cannot see, cannot see on behalf of Xia Tian. The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously. Paternal grandmother, corpse unexpectedly lived.” Xia Tian stares immediately. Hears the Xia Tian words, several people stare. „, Said resembled you to see anything was the same, was so black, even if were tripod Expert cannot see, your two cauldron Rank 1 strength installed any attire here.” Hu Li will not let off any to attack the Xia Tian opportunity, he likes with attacking Xia Tian enhances himself. Ah! They gradually saw two person's shadows. Also after a while, they saw the appearances of these two people. When they see the appearances of these two people, all has been shocked, but Hu Ligeng is wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into. They finally understand now the Xia Tian words were any meaning, that three people of team inside Boss and third child who because these two people just died. unexpectedly with lived , is this possible? His head was startled a moment ago obviously is pierced.” allow Wan whole face inconceivable saying, they remember how a moment ago that third child was punctured the head by water Senior Sister, but his present unexpectedly lived, this has surpassed simply their cognition. „It is not right, they did not live.” At this moment, Niu Huang a brow wrinkle, afterward saying slowly: Present they do not have the soul, but is the good-for-nothing, if I have not guessed that wrong, is a moment ago that type of toxin made them turn into now this appearance.” Hears Niu Huang the words, in nearby jade child blue heart one cold, he almost turned into this monster a moment ago.

! Gravel shoots directly to the front, pierced directly a head of monster. Does not need to look that who everybody also knows is, person who can start such quick gravel, only then water Senior Sister. Puff! The gravel same pierced his head. Um?” After Xia Tian sees the distance that the gravel falls to the ground a brow slightly wrinkle. You also discovered!” Niu Huang looked that said to Xia Tian. Um.” Xia Tian nodded. Hears their words, Hu Ligen does not understand they were saying anything, but he exits directly once more: Cow Senior Brother, you first let alone, making him say that he has discovered anything.” Distance was short.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Right, was the distance was short, the strength that water Senior Sister used was equally big, but the distance was short, this showed that this monster the defensive power increased.” Niu Huang nodded to say. Xia Tian unexpectedly also said right, Hu Li several times wanted to look for the trouble of Xia Tian, but he lost, this made him feel more and more one looked like the clumsy mischief-doer. At this moment everybody discovered that that monster unexpectedly not but actually. What situation is this?” allow Wan whole face inconceivable saying, she has not seen the person who the head had been pierced has not died. It seems like punctured his head to be useless, can only try to wipe out his head.” Good emperor saying of slowly. Whiz! At this moment, that two monsters ran over to them directly, the speed is fast, what distance that two monsters are recent is Hu Lihe with Niu Huang, Hu Li saw these two monsters to the time that oneself run hurried to behind runs, but Niu Huang directly forward flushes away, in his hand has put out a as if baseball club same weapon.

Bang! He directly to a head hits. Whiz! At this moment, that monster unexpectedly has shunted his weapon. What?” Sees such situation Niu Huang immediately one startled, afterward he starts fast retreat. Has shunted, did not have good-for-nothing unexpectedly of soul to shunt his attack, this was also too terrifying. „Is this possible? They do not have the soul obviously, how can also so free control own body, moreover his speed was also faster than before.” Jade child azure had fought with this third child a moment ago, at that time he very relaxed has defeated this third child. Whiz! The dialect arrived at Niu Huang the side, he planned that drinks Niu Huang to fight side-by-side, Niu Huang looked at his one eyes, nod of slightly, they all go to opposite that two monster attacks afterward. At this moment, the Xia Tian vision looks suddenly to the place of darkness: Comes back, but also some people, careful sneak attack.” Will rush to the good emperor and dialect that goes starts simultaneously retreat. Hid in good emperor behind Hu Li of a moment ago now is finally more moderate, he heard Xia Tian such to shout that immediately looked shouted to Xia Tian: Your boy wants child cow Senior Brother, your unexpectedly dares, when he receptacle to the war, you fears death hides the distant point, has not let on you, your unexpectedly also dares to mislead the public, but where are also some people at? Where is at?” ps: The brothers, Happy New Year, today in addition, making everybody carry over to the next year, today was 1st, the monthly ticket appeared, asked the monthly ticket while convenient.