Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1875

Hu Li hopes that before this time matter recalls two faces. Quack! At this moment, the sound conveys from the hidden place together. Has not thought that some unexpectedly people discovered me, good.” At this moment that person of place of darkness said. Has the person. Hu Li felt that today was own bad luck day, oneself today is bad luck, was very bad luck, why regardless of oneself opposed with Xia Tian cannot succeed, finally discarded the face. However this time nobody pays attention to him obviously, everybody looked to the place of darkness. Because there is hiding a person. Any person, comes out to me.” Niu Huang gives a loud shout. Is I.” That sound slowly walked from darkness, when everybody saw when his appearance was more surprised, because he is the second child of that three people of group, no, should say that he at this time not necessarily is that second child, because his whole person had the tremendous changes. That second child of this time braved the black air/Qi, the whole person also to turn into an appearance of devil from top to bottom, the black lip, the black tooth, the nail was also the black. Has filled with the evil aura from top to bottom. Is you!” Niu Huang a brow wrinkle. It seems like you do not like seeing me, has not related, met you unable to see me, because you must give my younger brother to be buried along with the dead.” The second child times of three people of groups evil looks at the people on the scene, his body has revealed strong murderous aura. Very strong murderous aura.” Xia Tian stares slightly, such formidable murderous aura is not that simply can obtain, the second child of this three people of group apparently does not have this ability, in other words he should obtain some type of thing or some ability now here, will therefore present such terrifying murderous aura.

Our people do not kill your younger brother, he same will die, because he was poisoned.” Niu Huang said. In person who hand but he died in your, moreover my younger brother wants to kill you very much, when my this elder brother naturally must complete his wish.” The second child of three people of groups said that walks directly forward: Big brother, the Third Brother, has not thought really your unexpectedly can also live.” Even if were he also just knows that own big brother and Third Brother lived, but he has also discovered these two present condition, living corpse, barely alive person. Ah! Ah! That two monsters did not know that second child, but his unexpectedly does not have to attack this second child. In other words, they will not attack similar, the second child now is also half living corpse, he is he has the soul with these two brothers biggest differences, but his two brothers did not have including the soul remaining. Kill! Made our three brothers fight side-by-side, has killed these fellows.” The second child of three people of groups said that two monsters attack directly, but he is also stand forth slowly. I cope with a head.” allow Wan said that directly to a monster flushes away. I also cope with a head.” The dialect said that also stared at a monster. This live comes by me.” Niu Huang said that also directly moved toward opposite that three people of group second child. Since you assigned, I left behind protection jade Senior Brother, preventing them to sneak attack.” Saying of Hu Li atmosphere, he fears death very actually, they know, so long as were scratched that to be poisoned, when the time comes must cut off by the scratching place, otherwise they will also turn into front these two monsters similar. He does not want dead, does not want to lack arm few legs, therefore he said that protection jade child blue, such jade child blue will also thank his. These monsters are know how to dodge the attack, they will be impossible to sneak attack, therefore he will say the protection, actually he will such do for his safety.

Xia Tian and that water Senior Sister all stand there, the meaning of not having gotten rid. Careful, should not be injured, will otherwise be infected by them.” Niu Huang shouts loudly. Hears Niu Huang the words, the other two fight are also cautious and solemn, to prevent injured, their fights also started become fear the hand to fear the foot to get up. After person who these two died resurrects , the strength and speed increase, suddenly also has the dialect to fight to a draw with allow Wan. Niu Huang the attack has not weakened too, he starts to open directly greatly gathers greatly, tigerish creating an incident that the club in hand brandishes, he regarded the attack is best to defend, therefore he only knew the attack at this time completely, did not know the defense, the opposite that second child did not worry, his dodging was also systematic. Xia Tian saw that several people of fights he drew a conclusion, the strengths of these people do not arrive at the tripod, the strongest good emperor is also only two cauldron peak. allow Wan and dialect they are two cauldron Rank 7 strengths. If their strengths place the serious famine, that was considered as absolutely is great Expert, however in next three actually can only be the strength is good, cannot say that was Expert. Although opposite that two monster strengths were promoted, but they do not have the thought after all, therefore the repertoire of attack is also most common, the strength has not permitted Anhui and dialect obviously is high, time that but they attack fears the hand to fear the foot, is worried injured, this made their fights impartial. Now only seems a point is Niu Huang, because Niu Huang has been attacking, coming out that but the discerning people look, Niu Huang is only in the surface strong, in fact the dodging slight disorder of opposite party, has probably not been was looking that Niu Huang plays the monkey to be the same there. Puff! At this moment, two gravel high runs. Puff! Two gravel wiped out the head of that two monster directly stiffly.

Was water Senior Sister has gotten rid, in this team most mystical water Senior Sister, she got rid directly to break the head of these two. Quite fierce.” Hu Li has wanted actually to pat the water Senior Sister flatter, but she does not know that this pats from where, because water Senior Sister as if not care to be the same to anything. Senior Brother, we help you.” allow Wan opens the mouth to say directly. But at this moment. Be careful.” The dialect draws allow Wan to go to retreat hurriedly, that two did not have monster unexpectedly of head to launch the attack once more. They were considering to hit to explode the heads of these two monsters a moment ago, that can kill these two monsters, but they discovered that now is not this, these two monsters as if had the body of dying not to be different. This how possible Ah! Hu Li and jade child are blue they all surprisedly looks to that two monsters. unexpectedly has not died.” allow Wan looks surprisedly to these two monsters, their vitalities were really too tenacious, this unexpectedly has not died. Hateful, don't they have weakness?” Niu Huang is also surprised looks to these two monsters. During the fight fell into to be at a stalemate.