Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1877

The second child of three people of groups has killed the Xia Tian front shortly, they were want to prevent also without enough time. All people think that Xia Tian died. Water Senior Sister has not waited to block the second child of three people of groups, thus it can be seen his strength is actually terrorist. But Xia Tian is just a two cauldron Rank 1 person. He cannot shoulder three people of group second child this to strike absolutely. Run.” The good emperor exhausts the strength to shout greatly. But Xia Tian stands there is motionless. Ha Ha, he was certainly scared, moved unable to move, good, he was dying finally.” Hu Li excited saying, here fears him most to hope that Xia Tian dies. Saw the attack of opposite party already to at present. The palm of Xia Tian stretches out slightly. Not dead Divine Art. Nine orifices connection. The Tathagata god holds the first type: Fokuang peeps. Bang! A huge hand imprint appears in the air, the second child of three people of groups must attack to be hit shortly to fly by Xia Tian to the body of Xia Tian directly. Bang! His body hit maliciously on his behind wall. Ka! Sound of bone break, his bone from top to bottom all broke in all these.

Anything!” At this time Niu Huang and the others on faces has written all over inconceivable. In that their team seems the smallest and weakest person, a that two cauldron Rank 1 Xia Tian unexpectedly move has defeated the second child of three people of groups, must know that most mystical water Senior Sister a moment ago also defeated in his hand, but Xia Tian unexpectedly this very optional one defeated him. How can like this?” On Hu Li face has written all over inconceivable, he wants to notice that Xia Tian was killed by three people of group second child directly, but situation unexpectedly reversed now, unexpectedly was Xia Tian one move hits to fly the second child of three people of groups, this was also too terrifying. Xia Tian strength unexpectedly is so terrorist. Quite fierce.” The good emperor cannot help but swallowed saliva. The great strength of Xia Tian makes him somewhat inconceivable. A move. Merely one move seemed that very terrifying three people of group second child defeating. Another. Murong is white, are you playing us? Now the half-day time arrived, the second child, cuts his hand.” [gold/metal] Gui shouts directly, afterward their brothers several Murong white body directly stubbornly holds, the wooden ghost also put out a sharp knife blade to cut directly. Wait / Etc., I have not deceived you, our distances are very near, here branch road junction were too just many, temporarily precisely actually therefore I am unable to judge to say him in that branch road junction, but here definitely to the center of mausoleum chamber, we certainly can find there finally his.” Murong Bai shouts hurriedly. „The center of mausoleum chamber? Can also do with you to there us, cuts to me.” [gold/metal] Gui wicked shouting. Puff! The wooden ghost slight hesitation, has not cut Murong Bai right hand directly. Puff! Blood directing current! A pitiful yell shouted from his mouth. Facts showed that regardless of Expert of any rank were cut a hand to be painful, even if Murong this tripod Rank 9 Expert is also in vain same.

Murong is white, I give the half-day time again, if you could not find, I cut your another hand.” Gold ghost expression ice-cold saying. Certainly can find, certainly can find, gives me one therapy pill? Otherwise I will die.” Murong Bai does not dare to get angry, even if he at heart wanted these person swallow raw and whole now, he does not dare to get angry, he can only endure, he must change into the strength this humiliation, he sooner or later must massacre these five fellows. Second child, gives him one therapy pill, temporarily was unable to make him die.” Gold ghost saying of slowly. Good, gives you.” The wooden ghost puts out one therapy pill to give Murong Bai, when Murong takes something for free receives. The wooden ghost threw the compounded drug on the ground directly. Whoops, excuse me, fell.” Saying that a wooden ghost face badly smiles. I pick.” Murong Bai squatted down directly the body, picks that therapy pill with his left hand. Ka! At this moment, the foot of wooden ghost makes an effort stepped in the Murong white left hand, these stepped on directly the Murong white finger. The intimately connected, this pain makes Murong nearly collapse in vain. But he clenches teeth to insist. Picks with the mouth, like dog.” Wooden ghost saying of slowly, he has taken up his foot afterward. Murong Bai lowered the head, his mouth has collected to the compounded drug, when he must hold in the mouth that compounded drug immediately, the wooden ghost direct foot stepped on his head: Ha Ha Ha Ha, right, this, you is a dog.” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Other four ghosts are also laughing. Mausoleum chamber coffin place. All people all surprised looks at Xia Tian, that water Senior Sister also careful is sizing up Xia Tian. Ka! At this moment, that projected on the three people of group second child in stone wall to move once more, his bone unexpectedly in reconnection.

Actually such strong resilience supports by what?” Saying of Xia Tian doubts, restores the speed to look very quickly is not so simple, because the human body of person restores the degree to be limited, generally increases restores the speed the compounded drug somewhat to consume the life of body, say nothing of direct restoration like him, his both arms also such restored a moment ago. Hateful, hateful, I want you dead.” Second child angry shouting of that three people of group. Xia Tian has not spoken, but moved toward him slowly, he also from stone wall, at this time his body restored was similar, he fought with the fists directly to Xia Tian. Puff! Xia Tian holds his left arm, afterward makes an effort, pulled down his left arm directly. The Xia Tian movement is simple, such draws his arm so relaxed pulling down, his technique the people on the scene all will shake, Hu Ligeng cannot help but traces own arm, now he thought that he has good luck ever after really very much, unexpectedly can live in the hand of this devil, has saying that this is a miracle. A solid miracle. Good terrifying.” allow Wan is also in the heart one cold, she remembers that she also offended Xia Tian a moment ago probably. Has not waited for the second child of that three people of group to respond that Xia Tian his another stature arm pulling: „Can't you be long? You are actually long.” Puff! Xia Tian said that has pulled his leg once more. Puff! Afterward is another leg. Is long? How how to be slow?” Xia Tian said that his hand has placed on the heads of three people of group second child directly: Is quickly long, otherwise I clutched your head.” Hateful, I want you dead.” In this flash, the second child hands and feet of three people of groups together grows.