Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1878
His cutting off limb again vice minister. It seems like can be long.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward in his right hand, golden light flashes dodges. Puff! The second child heads of three people of groups were flown directly, Xia Tian discovered the head that flown as if also wants to be long, but the [gold/metal] blade strongest effect destroys all, its there already thorough length. Bang! His body finally unwilling but actually. All people have not noted, one group of black air/Qi have formed a small pirate-like skull, finally vanished in the nighttime. Finished. Was very intense war such had finished a moment ago, such with ease had finished, after Xia Tian got rid, that the awe-inspiring three people of group second child became small and weakly could not have withstood a moment ago, living that even is unable to defend including the Xia Tian casual attack, this made those present have to be surprised. In their eyes that strength weakest person, that anything person unexpectedly like this easily will not defeat the match who they have not been able to defeat, killed in their eyes to think existence that did not die. Xia Tian, thank you.” Niu Huang walks up to say. He also thought before , was really too embarrassed, after all this team inside that many people taunted Xia Tian, that many people wanted to expel Xia Tian, but Xia Tian a few words had not said that now also personally gets rid to help them cut to kill the second child of that three people of group, if were not Xia Tian gets rid, they finally will possibly ruin here. On Hu Li face has written all over unwillingly, he is hopes Xia Tian dies, but now Xia Tian not only has not died, instead became everybody grateful object. But he, is became most lets existence that the person is looking down upon.

Because he has been taunting Xia Tian to be small and weak. But this taunted others small and weak person to hide in behind, but the person who that he taunted was cutting easily has killed the match. Does not use politely, he also comes to me in any case.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Thank you, after all you kill his two brothers to also help us.” Good emperor person manner is very sincere, he can also obtain clear anything is the friendship, anything is the slight effort, although all these look like in Xia Tian are only the slight efforts, but regarding them is actually the graciousness of life-saving. Was good, passed.” Xia Tian said. „The beforehand matter, is really embarrassed.” What Niu Huang said is Xia Tian leaves the ranks the matter that. Has anything to be embarrassed, is I am voluntary.” Xia Tian said. Yeah, they, this stiffly Expert expelling team, blames me, how initially not to have detained.” Niu Huang sighed saying that sees the Xia Tian true strength time, they know one actually wrong serious, if they discovered earlier Xia Tian is so fierce, that is also possible to expel Xia Tian? Before Xia Tian, showed the Superman first-grade knowledge ability, he as if very much knew to be the same about anything. Knew about here, strength formidable person on this stiffly had been expelled the team by them, if Xia Tian in their this teams, they safety. But now already late. In this world has not regretted after the fact eats. We walk.” Niu Huang said that direct turn around must leave.

Yo, these many people, whom I also consider, originally is Aniu.” At this moment unharmonious sound appeared together. Makes me come to see anyone, Aniu who likes minding others'business, unexpectedly also has your so-called fiancee water miss, two just added the small waste of interior door, the name does not know.” Saying that moreover the sound disdains together. One line of three people appear in the front of people, these three people appeared having the look of whole face taunt. On their faces wrote all over us is looks for a job. Snort!” Niu Huangleng snort said. You snort what? Refuses to accept? Our how many days do not hit you, was your hiding also loose? The water miss, well what does such waste have? Was inferior that you marry me.” And said according to in disciple of moon/month sect that the strengths of these three people are very strong, uniform tripod above Expert. What will you besides bully beside also to meet? Soon I can exceed you.” Niu Huang angry saying. Jade child azure and complexion of allow Anhui also very ugly, they had been bullied by these people. In according to the moon/month sect, the status of entrance door disciple is lowest, once enters the interior door, that status has been improved, but similarly very low, in the disciples need to stand in line, is adds the water the influence, naturally , some people do not have the strength, therefore nobody gathers them from the start, the good emperor they are this person. Nobody gathers means that they do not have backing, therefore they bullied object, sect Men no matter also this matter, this matter also in changing to encourages these to join the disciple of interior door, lets their a bit faster cultivation to Realm that letting the person thinks highly, then joins under any person of influence. Yo, it seems like it was hides to tighten, we helped your bone.” And has rubbed own fist according to in disciple of moon/month sect. Whiz! Water Senior Sister kept off in Niu Huang the front directly.

Water miss, your strength is truly good, but you think that you can hit our three? Gives up.” One of them noticed that water Senior Sister blocks there, urged hurriedly, after all they also knew this water Senior Sister fierce place. Good emperor, your this skill? Will only hide in the woman, there is a skill you to stand, are you also a man?” Another disciple of interior door shouts. The good emperor walked from behind directly: Who feared who?” So to be how noisy? Let your three investigate in front, here delays anything.” At this moment the ice-cold sound passed from behind together, hears this sound time, their complexions change. Niu Huanggeng was on the forehead trickled the sweat. See Wu Tian Senior Brother.” Disciple respectful saying of that three interior door. Wu Tian, hears this name time, the Xia Tian feeling world was big, the name is really also easy to duplicate, in this name in drama series conquers has appeared, moreover before him, has listened, but he was already familiar with, far did not say that Xia Family also presented the excessively redundant personal name. That is Xia clouds that this name, his great grandfather called Xia Yun, the same Capital Xia Family elder had one person also to call Xia Yun. Senior Brother, was several just entered Junior Brother of interior door, did not understand the custom, added a moment ago Senior Brother you did not have the skill, we listen naturally not to want, just wants to teach them well.” Saying that and in the disciple adds inflammatory details.