Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1879

As the front of that person of sound people presented one line of 20 people, these 20 person uniform tripod above Expert, are that Wu Tian Senior Brother of head is super Expert, at this time he stands in the there actually unusual foot, clothes are magnificent, from head to foot decorates is the same with the aristocrat. Moreover he is an eyelid without a fold, eyelid lazily is drooping, appearance that everyone looks down upon. this person came out to write all over makings of local tyrant. You said a moment ago some people said I don't have the skill?” Wu Tian Senior Brother lazily saying. Senior Brother, should not be angry, this minor matter gave us to process is good.” Goes forward to say according to the person of moon/month sect interior door. Here according to the moon/month sect, did not kill also nobody to know.” Wu Tian Senior Brother very optional saying, although his expression is tranquil, but the content in his words is not tranquil, spoke thoughtlessly must kill people, moreover killed own same side. Water Senior Sister Niu Huangdang after behind, her has prepared for going all out once more at this time. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, Wu Tian has lifted his lazily eyelid, greedy is sizing up water Senior Sister: Who is she?” Senior Brother, she called water miss, was the fiancee of this good emperor, her strength may too be more than good emperor, the good emperor could not be joined to her, in Shanmenli she frequently for good emperor over.” That said according to in disciple of moon/month sect. Good, I like, she is remaining, Niu Huangxian grasps, other people killed.” Wu Tian Senior Brother said directly. This time he said that killed said unusual was relaxed. 20 tripod Expert. Sees such formidable match team, in the person all heart of scene cannot help but one tight.

Hu Ligeng clenched teeth to run directly: Senior Brother, I am not the disciple who you illuminate the moon/month sect, I also just passed by, Senior Brother your such big Might, charming threatening, looked according to first Expert of moon/month sect, the heaven was really was good to me too, today unexpectedly made me see figure in legend, your ray that dazzling, I do not dare to look straight ahead you, I do not dare to visit you, that was your blaspheming, if ascended the sky to give me one to serve your opportunity this to have many good, even if every day were only gives you to pull on shoes, that for me was also biggest. Granting.” Sees such scene, Niu Huang and the others were all shocked, no one has thought rapidness that such Hu Li unexpectedly can transform, his unexpectedly ran up to the opposite to go in the most critical time, moreover said words that these many were not concerned about face. Xia Tian is also silently has selected 32 to praise for him. This performing skill, this lines said is simply fiercer than the movie king. Xia Tian also started to admire this Hu Lilai. Opposite that Wu Tian Senior Brother was also patted by Hu Li this flatter unusual is resounding: Um, you are good.” Hears itself Wu Tiankua, Hu Li was enthusiastic: If I have missed today, then dozens years later, I understand that anything is called the regret, once most can make me approach the opportunity of this world crest man to be placed in front of me, but I well have not actually treasured, knows that at that moment I know anything is called to rude awakening, therefore I do not want to say the regret to myself now, I only think, when your foot soldier attendant, visits you with own eyes becomes the entire spirit world strongest man.” Good!” Wu Tian could not bear applaud. His these under are also very awkward applauses, at this moment, they also by the skill that Hu Li this is not concerned about face deep to to control, they first time saw person who such can hold the person, what is main is Wu Tianxi happy listens, he seems knows that Wu Tianxiang listens to anything, therefore he was saying anything. You later with me, I will make you see anything to be called strongly.” Wu Tian is on the rise saying that throws out the chest. Thanks Heaven, what I hear is real? In the future spirit world wants me toward unexpectedly with him, this was really too happy.” Saying that Hu Li exaggerates. „It is not concerned about face, is not concerned about face.” allow Wan scolded indignantly.

Was good, according to said a moment ago, this water miss stays behind, that called Niu Huang grasped, other people killed.” Wu Tian said again that his words just said 19 people of his side started to be ready to fight, their 19 may be tripod Expert, but good emperor here was counted Xia Tian altogether seven people, jade child blue was injured. How regardless to see that their teams were weakly explode. With the opposite party completely is not a rank. I block them, you run away first, go to the channel.” Niu Huang shouts hurriedly. No.” The dialect is first stands side the good emperor, he feels grateful, Niu Huangjiu crosses him, in his eyes he must with the good emperor together life and death. The jade child blue vision looked at a channel, afterward clenched teeth: I do not walk.” Spelled.” allow Wan said. Remaining these person of unexpectedly planned to spell. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, Xia Tian has stood directly: Wait / Etc., even if murder not eagerly this for a while, you weren't look at the sailing upstream miss?” Xia Tian, your what meaning? If you have feared, knocked several to speak a word of praise with that turtle same past kneeling ground, he naturally can let off you, you gave up any idea of that fetched water the idea of Senior Sister.” allow Wan heard Xia Tian to mention the water miss, the anger has come immediately up, she also thinks that Xia Tian this was must betray the water miss. Niu Huang also deeps frown. What's wrong? What does your boy want to say?” Saying that Wu Tian disdains.

You have a look, you think the idea of fetching water miss, then you must ask that the meaning of water miss, was right, you did not need to ask, the water miss will be will not agree absolutely.” Xia Tian self-examined to answer directly. Wu Tian had not answered, but on the obvious face presented the impatient look. „Do you keep off in front of me do, he is so fierce, I cannot hit him.” Xia Tian was saying while thinks Wu Tian to walk: This Wu Senior Brother, I know a secret, this secret about water miss, so long as you knew this secret, I will guarantee water Senior Sister definitely with your.” „? Let him come.” Hears here time, Wu Tian at present immediately one bright. Xia Tian step by step one step has also arrived at Wu Tian front, afterward depended near his ear said in a low voice: „The secret of water miss is. Dying without a heir foot.” Bang! In this moment, Xia Tian started his super to kill Unique Skill invincibly. Dying without a heir foot. Suddenly, Wu Tian mouth turned into O directly, but Wu Tian both legs are also in gather together, so the short distance, Xia Tian the foot might obviously can expect that this, Wu Tianxia lifetime apparently did not have the fertility. Has killed him to me.” In Wu Tian throat has made the hen same voice. Who is must kill my brother?” At this moment drinks from behind greatly transmits.