Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1882
Treasure! Many people mixed for a lifetime, spent all wealth to make treasure, then every day careful protecting. Treasure needs to train, is not the ordinary weapon. A value of treasure cannot calculate with ordinary spirit stone. Although also has to sell in the special place, but is almost does not have the city valuably, just presented some people to sell immediately is sold out. This is the value of treasure. The average people obtained treasure for a lifetime all use chance and luck. The next three population are many, is 1000 times of serious famine. In here person 100 million people have a person to obtain treasure, from this can see the precious degree of treasure. Now Xia Tian opened mouth is treasure, how they possibly can withstand. You were insane, which on us made unnecessary treasure to go.” Wu Tian indignant shouting. „, I should not be unnecessary, I want in your hands.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he such remarks, these people all look angrily at Xia Tian, treasure regarding them that simply is the darling, is more precious than their sons, but Xia Tian opens the mouth to want their treasure now, this makes them feel that own dignity was trampled. Is impossible, treasure is our children, you are trampling our dignity.” Shouts according to in disciple of moon/month sect. Right, we spelled.” Another person shouts. You, can you, spell? That you, handed over your treasure, I put you to walk.” Xia Tian this called the (spear|gun) to hit the person who takes the lead, since over they such wanted, that Xia Tian hit them, heard Xia Tian these words, the third person who just about to opens the mouth shut up hurriedly.

Since has not related with them, good that they did not speak, if Xia Tian added on them again, that may owe in a big way. Then is called true being faced with imminent disaster to fly respectively. „Do brothers, what wait for? Also really waits for him to snatch us?” That person who just started was a little hurried, he shouted hurriedly, this was to pull up other brothers. But scene exceptionally peaceful, Wu Tian has not spoken. Ha Ha.” Xia Tian saw that such scene has smiled directly, has saying that this move is really also effective. These two about, he deals with these two people instantaneously, that did not have the third person to be willing to raise one's head, after all they do not want for the so-called any nonsense loyalty, but right own treasure, said them again, although was Wu Tianhun, but also had the small battle, hopes that Wu Tian can take care of them, therefore among them not that good sentiment. The two look at nobody to speak, this time has flustered, hurriedly they seek help looks to Wu Tian: Senior Brother, we must revolt, cannot visit him to rob our Spirit Tool helplessly.” „, It is not good I to be dizzy, no, my lower part hurts, suddenly so to be how sore, loves me.” Wu Tian said that fell down directly, has saying that his performing skill not compared with Hu Licha, saw that Wu Tian has fallen to the ground, these two people on thorough hoodwinking. Brothers, you cannot give up our two, we must resist together, they not on two people? Has any extraordinary, we on, they definitely are together incorrect.” That two people are still seeking help. I look up three integers, you do not hand over the thing, I directly pulled out your Chu ring.” Xia Tian said that stretched out a finger directly. 1. Xia Tian started Zha Shu. Hears the Xia Tian words, that two people a little worried, they have looked at each other one mutually. 2.

Their this time worried, what to do they do not know should, hands over treasure? But treasure is their children, they maximum treasure. 3. Junction, we hand over.” These two people also shout, they do not dare to have the slight hesitation, really what to do if Xia Tian and Bishop Cao snatch that to be possible, when the time comes they stored in the thing ring other things unable to preserve, although treasure for them was a child, treasure was snatched that is trampling their dignity. However compares with the life, what child and were dignity considered as? Therefore they handed over. Good, is very good, you can walk.” Xia Tian received that different treasure to say. We walk.” At this moment, falls on stands up to say in ground Wu Tian directly that he does not hurt now, did not shout that complexion very gloomy, that two have handed over the person mood unusual difference of treasure, they really want to go with Wu Tian theory now, but saw that Wu Tian that gloomy complexion they do not dare. They worried that Wu Tian lost one's temper has killed them directly. After these people walked, Xia Tian and Bishop Cao directly entered in the tunnel, Niu Huang and the others recuperated one also to go. Enters the tunnel time, they discover here everywhere at the tangled warfare. How? Why hit?” Xia Tian held on one person to ask. Jupiter, Jupiter appeared.” That person saw that the devils Xia Tian answered hurriedly. Another. Murong is white, it seems like you are playing us probably.” Saying of [gold/metal] ghost coldly, they looked for quite a while, but anything had not found.

I do not have, I do not have, I asked you, let off me, we were away from him to be very near, soon can find him.” Murong Bai face startled saying, he understands that the [gold/metal] ghost must do, he now only remaining left hands, if [gold/metal] Gui in hiding his left hand, after him, really could not take the weapon. „The second child, helping him add tries harder, making him know that dares to delay our fates.” [gold/metal] Gui shouts directly. Good.” The wooden ghost has put out the knife directly, several other ghosts also Murong Baijia. Stops, I can find him, you believe me, you must believe me, I think that I have certainly the means.” Murong Bai shouts hurriedly. Puff! But the wooden ghost has not given him the opportunity, has cut his left hand directly. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from the Murong white mouth that afterward the wooden ghost threw in ground compounded drug once more: Oneself eat.” Murong Baitong whole face is the sweat, he like this clenches teeth little crawls to the compounded drug, he knows that he must a bit faster take the compounded drug, otherwise might die, he does not want dead, he must live, he must retaliate, he must retaliate these five fellows. When under he takes the compounded drug, he deeply inspired, crossed for about a half minute, he has opened both eyes, at this moment, he saw a symbol on stone wall: I had found, I found.” ps: The cash pledged that said today in addition, on in addition, the brothers says my enough meaning today.