Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1883
Um?” [gold/metal] Gui looked to Murong Bai: Where is at?” Looks at the symbol on wall quickly, I at that time the thing placed on him the time, his side has a person, afterward I fought with him his person, now here has the symbol, that certainly was he leaves that person.” Murong Bai looked that said to the [gold/metal] ghost. Um? Why you said that certainly is that person leaves his friend?” [gold/metal] Gui asked again. Because his side that person is the person in Saint virtue palace, what do you have a look at that mark carefully are? Is the Saint ruling god stick of Saint virtue palace, in other words his friend is a bishop.” Murong Bai answered hurriedly. Um?” [gold/metal] Gui looks hurriedly to the symbol on stone wall: Is the ruling god stick of Saint virtue palace, unexpectedly also has the person in Saint virtue palace , is really the enemies often cross each other's path, walks, had it all them.” Ha Ha, this time comes the luck, unexpectedly has also bumped into a bishop in Saint virtue palace, happen to this time killed a shame Saint virtue palace him well.” The wooden ghost is also excited saying. Between they and Saint virtue palaces, that was the old enemy. This time Xia Tian and Bishop Cao they look at already the person who hits to mess up thoroughly was speechless: You said that they did win to snatch?” Snatches a yarn? They so are far from the treasure, snatches, they are not thinking clashes to front, instead here hits, is really the idle egg hurts.” Bishop Cao said. Or our two also disguise to fight, then bit by bit collects, or the direct past was also too obvious.” Xia Tian proposed. Great idea, such to have the good idea person who also only then you such have the talent can want to come out.” Bishop Cao said. Um, this great idea also only then two talents can implement together.” Xia Tian nodded to say. Two person this were was flattering mutually, moreover special being infatuated with. They said on your fist my fist has hit, but the might on their fist as if link a mosquito unable to kill. This performing skill, too empty boasting.

You push my, I push your, they such little approached the central position. Hey, outside you, go to the dozen, here does not allow to approach.” When they must approach central the position, had been caught up. Xia Tian and Bishop Cao they have looked at each other one, afterward also nodded. Dry! Bishop Cao and Xia Tian get rid instantaneously, they will block that two people directly before them overthrow. The opening appeared, therefore they flush away to inside directly. To, there had opening.” Does not know that was who shouted, all people all turned toward that opening to flush away afterward. Snort, who dares to act unruly in this.” At this moment, a anger snort transmits, hears this anger snort the time, Xia Tian and Bishop Cao have stopped the footsteps directly, because the opposite party is Expert. Bang! The form fell on their front together directly, afterward he directed the surrounding person saying: Blockade gap, who dares to approach kills anyone.” Xia Tian then understands that originally here majority of person is one group, but the people of these fights are want to enter here person and this everybody's person are fighting, but they rushed to the opposite party encirclement ring at this time. Your live is impatient?” That person of vision ice-cold saying. You can try to kill us.” Bishop Cao corners of the mouth slightly one evil, although the opposite party is Expert, but he is not affable. Snort, now here master, the total master does not like troubling in the end, I give you an opportunity, now leave, I can treat as have not seen you.” That manpower identified one's role when first coming on stage first, sent out the given name of total master, this can play the role of deterrent, after all the reputation of total master was very resounding.

Therefore he planned that deters Xia Tian and Bishop Cao with the reputation of total master. He also understands that can clash the person who from outside, that strength is not absolutely simple, therefore he does not want they to begin with Xia Tian directly, he such does to frighten Xia Tian they, making them give way before difficulties. Yeah, the present generation is really chaotic, which no matter arrives can hear total master name, what's wrong? His very good B?” Xia Tian had already discovered that inside is also having a war now, although the distance is a little far, but the both sides strength of that war is very strong, therefore he can induce to inside fluctuation. If he has not guessed that wrong, inside should be the total master is carrying on the battle with others, has won is eligible for Jupiter. Jupiter, common name meat ganoderma lucidum. Takes to prolong the life for a long time, daytime flies upwards. Regarding the legend of Jupiter was really too many, but in the final analysis was a point, that was the extraordinary thing. This thing is difficult to see . Moreover the year is different, the effect completely is also different. Do not give to be concerned about face, your unexpectedly dares to crack a joke with the given name of total master.” That person of facial color immediately one cold, he revealed his Realm directly. Tripod Rank 5! Once tripod later Expert uses own strength and imposing manner, his head will present several virtual small cauldrons, will present also several smaller cauldrons, at this time on this person appears is three small cauldrons and five smaller cauldrons, this represents his Realm is tripod Rank 5. He revealed that the Realm intention frightens. Tripod Rank 5, is quite scary.” Bishop Cao said that corners of the mouth slightly one evil, afterward his within the body also erupted a formidable imposing manner. In his top of the head also presented three small cauldrons and five small cauldrons.

Tripod Rank 5! Bishop Cao similarly is tripod Rank 5 Expert. Is just the same as the opposite that person. Sees Bishop Cao is tripod Rank 5 time, the brow of that person a wrinkle, other Expert are busy there immediately, only then he can protect here, but presented Xia Tian and Bishop Cao now such two nameless Expert, this makes him feel the pressure immediately. Snort! You thought that offended the total master you not to have the good fruit to eat.” That person has carried out total master given name once more. Oh lying trough, you open mouth are the total master, shuts up is the total master, he is your father, you such boasted for him B, he not in inside? Meets us to go to be able he.” Xia Tian scolded directly. You dare to scold me.” That person of complexion immediately changes. I scolded you, how? Hits him.” Xia Tian made a look say to Bishop Cao. Volume!” Bishop Cao stares slightly, he has not done yes what's the matter, he is looking at Xia Tian to curse at people in this, but Xia Tian just cursed at people makes him get rid: On you not? I think such happy, I who you scolded think that you wanted on.” „, Does the person of this small mosquito rank have a need for me getting rid? In I go, you are ready I to come back.” Xia Tian said that walks toward inside directly.