Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1885

Walked! Xia Tian unexpectedly said that he must walk! They here like mad for Jupiter, finally Xia Tian unexpectedly took Jupiter to walk. This worked as the air them simply. Xia Tian unexpectedly took away Jupiter, moreover such was in front of their to leave, this must walk. Halts to me.” The total master shouts loudly. Halts Damn B, father walked.” Xia Tian said that an under foot acceleration, the person ran not to have, Xia Tian simple-mindedly will not stand there fights with them, that is the brain has the problem, now Xia Tian must do runs, a bit faster runs, the thing has succeeded in obtaining, the total master was also mad, he only needs to run now is good. Hateful.” The total master shouted angrily, afterward looked at that person of one side saying: Gang Village gentleman, collaborates, we two snatching things hurriedly, finally the thing was actually given to rob by others here, this you receive?” Eight, he must die dies.” Gang Village gentleman angry saying. Pursue! They simultaneously pursue to outside, is at this moment, they were killed to stop up directly there. Ha Ha, two pigs, you play slowly.” Outside has heard the Xia Tian laughter. Whiz! At this time Xia Tian rushed to outside: Hey, Lao Cao, walked, how not to have finished up.” My this has not been waiting for you, has solved bored, this walks.” Bishop Cao said that has put out the ruling god stick directly, afterward a weaponry the opposite that tripod Rank 5 person will hit to fly directly.

Walks!” Xia Tian said that they run directly to outside. Since the thing has succeeded in obtaining, they must first toward leaving to run, because in what nobody knows . Moreover the opposite party has the possibility to see that very much they run not to pursue. Coffin place! Ha Ha Ha Ha, had found, they exit certainly from here.” [gold/metal] Gui excited saying. Hey, Murong Bai, how long but can also find that person?” The wooden ghost looked that asked to Murong in vain. He is running to our here, the distance was getting more and more near.” Murong Bai said. Gives him a compounded drug, do not let him die, one will help also us recognize people.” [gold/metal] Gui said. The wooden ghost said that has thrown compounded drug toward the ground once more, but Murong Bai was little crawling in the past had also swallowed the compounded drug of ground, after he has swallowed the compounded drug, aura of one group of black skeletons directly entered in his mouth. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Murong Bai, cannot think, you have today, must blame only to blame you to admire anything of Rong to be broken well-mannered, what regardless of you made into outside, will admire Rong not to manage you, you could rest assured that so long as you will help us recognize that person, we will not kill you.” [gold/metal] Gui corners of the mouth slightly one evil, what they want is that treasure, is white as for Murong, although they will not kill, but they Murong white body dismemberment bit by bit, will then throw to him to a nobody's place make him wait for death. Murong Bai has not spoken, he understands, although the opposite party does not want his life, but almost and wants his life not to have what difference, because the enemy definitely will maltreat him with the cruelest method. In his eye is hatred, he wants to run now could not be inescapable, because his leg had also been given to cut off by them. He is really about to give up now. Well.” At this moment, his within the body suddenly presented a strange strength, this strength seemed telling him, all your will restore, your strength significantly will also promote, you will have the opportunity of revenging, but you must listen my. Listen!

This time Murong white anything listens. So long as does not make him die, making him revenge, how. Present Murong could not control in vain that many, he does not want dead, he does not want dead. Therefore he obeyed within the body that strength words. Xia Tian and Bishop Cao they flush away to the surrounding directly. Blocks them.” That was hit person who flies to shout hurriedly. The surrounding has the person of total master, these people hear this person of frontline propaganda, has fired all into them. Cannot lose the time, inside person is two Expert.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, although these person of strengths are not much, but their people are many, moreover their combat methods deliberately are delaying their footsteps, therefore suddenly Xia Tian also worried. That hits, so long as hit, perhaps the following person will not pursue.” Bishop Cao thinks that these people are come to treasure hunt, so long as they run the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, that should be able to cast off them, moreover here channel is intriguing, the opposite party is impossible to know that in which channel they ran. Um, hits, behind could not insist how long, is quick.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Kill! Two person slight hesitations, they have not known that now is racing with the time, if they lost, that might is beyond redemption, at this time one step lived, one step died, that total master and is not weak with that person strength that he fought, they were not affable. Xia Tian such flagrant took away the thing from them, they affirmed that now has irritated soon. Once they pursue, that is Xia Tian does not die absolutely continuous.

Whiz! The Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step promotion version is terrorist, the body fast shuttle of Xia Tian in the crowd, he gets rid to claim several human lives each time. Bishop Cao has not kept hand, the ruling god stick in his hand hit directly to the surrounding these people, the ruling god stick worthily was Saint of Saint virtue palace, the might was big, has its Bishop Cao the strength already with tripod Rank 9 Expert to place on a par. Bang! At this moment, their behind has transmitted a bang, hears the time Xia Tian brow wrinkle of this bang, afterward shouts loudly: Run.” He knows the person who behind comes who is, if they do not run now, that definitely ended. Boy, your unexpectedly dares to steal my thing, really live is impatient.” Behind heard one to drink greatly, the master total master who this drank greatly, heard the words of total master, these people all looks to Xia Tian, some unexpectedly people have dared to steal the thing of total master . Moreover the total master said that now the thing was stolen, Jupiter that obviously was their robbed. Whiz! Xia Tian and Bishop Cao start directly. But the total master and that Expert are Expert of four cauldrons, their speeds were really too quick. Quick, channel in front.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly, sees the hope in them, immediately must rush to passes the road junction the time, Xia Tian saw the familiar person suddenly. Five lines of ghost and Murong Bai.