Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1886

Xia Tian believes that so long as they run away to coffin that they can have many branch road junctions to run away, most conservative they can also return from the old route, he has made the symbol in any case. But when he runs up to coffin that entrance, one line of six people walked from there. Really enemies often cross each other's path. Five lines of ghost and Murong Bai. This time Murong white four limbs all break, obviously received five lines of ghost suffering, Murong Bai leads them to come here should now to be looks for Xia Tian, the ghost spirit bead is Murong steals in vain from five lines of ghost there, now Murong Bai was grasped, he will definitely say the ghost spirit bead now on Xia Tian. In other words, now Xia Tian is attacked front and rear. Bishop Cao saw front these five people time also directly has anchored own body, because he has also seen these people. He, is he.” Bishop Cao said hurriedly. You.” Five lines of ghost brows a wrinkle, they have seen Xia Tian immediately, moreover initially Xia Tian also had scolded them, at that time they wanted to pursue Murong Bai wholeheartedly, therefore has neglected Xia Tian, but they have not thought that thing unexpectedly on the body of Xia Tian, this has to make them surprised. Really destiny. They met once more turned into this. Volume, is I, is I, your friends, small ne zha.” Xia Tian sang directly, he also understands, present atmosphere already thorough was anxious, but he must maintain the mood of relaxing. Died to being imminent, coming out that your unexpectedly also sang.” Saying that five lines of ghosts disdain. The vision of Bishop Cao is searching in the surroundings, he in seeking to escape route, now regarding him and Xia Tian, escaping is most important, because they behind have the total master and his match are pursuing themselves.

Murong is white, how you become such miserable, your hand, your foot.” A Xia Tian face shuts out looks that Murong Bai said. At this time Murong Bai is also a face hate looks at Xia Tian, if not Xia Tian appropriates to oneself the ghost spirit bead, he will not become such miserable, perhaps had him of ghost spirit bead to kill five lines of ghosts. Your five ghosts are really also haunted by the ghost, unexpectedly can pursue to here comes.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Boy, I admires your courage really very much, now unexpectedly also dares such to speak to us, you do not know how really the dead characters do write?” [gold/metal] Gui looks at Xia Tian wickedly, now he does not worry, because Xia Tian now is his it's in the bag, he does not believe absolutely Xia Tian can also run away from their five now. Writes? I have not known really that otherwise you write me to have a look.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Snort, you are the person in Saint virtue palace.” [gold/metal] Guileng snort, has not paid attention to Xia Tian afterward, but looked to Bishop Cao. Also is how is it!” Bishop Cao is also very aggressive saying. [gold/metal] Gui a little wondered today, he discovered that the present person does not know the life probably, knows obviously fierce of their five people, unexpectedly also dares to talk back, this really lives is impatient. He he, did you say? Your scarlet archbishops we have killed, depends on your this young ordinary bishop also to run our palm?” Saying that [gold/metal] Gui disdains. Volume! Said resembled you to kill me to be the same now.” Saying that Bishop Cao disdains. You must understand that some people must boast, B is living, they possibly were previous time bump into your severe wound scarlet archbishop, then their five came up to kill secretly, this became their successes, which then arrived blows with others, others had not asked that they began to speak, moreover said was also infatuated with, resembled them really good, B was the same.” Xia Tian looked that said to Bishop Cao. Um, truly must forgive, something, do not know what one are, here will boast, how to go to our Saint virtue palace to blow?” Bishop Cao and Xia Tian were also singing a duet said. You.”

Bang! At this moment, two forms fell on Xia Tian they. The total master and Gang Village gentleman arrived. Hands over to me the thing.” The total master looked said wickedly to Xia Tian, at this time his on the face is the anger, Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to steal his thing, and was in front of his to walk. This regarding him is the shame. Who is he? Total master. In the Giant Bull City subordinates, who does not know that the given name of his total master, the business that he year to year makes is kills and burns to plunder, swindling and abducting steals, finally today unexpectedly by Xia Tian, how this has been made him endure secretly. Hands over the thing, otherwise dies dies.” Gang Village gentleman also directly shouts. Lying trough, small Island Country devil.” Xia Tian hears the opposite party words to scold directly, he has not thought can also bump into the Island Country devil in spirit world unexpectedly, whom this really did not have. Eight!” Gang Village gentleman scolded. „Will eight your younger sister, your younger sister, speak the logical expression not? Will not go with me these five dog study study, their is literate.” Xia Tian these words all gave to scold two sides people directly. You court death.” Both sides said together.

Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Both sides have not really begun. Now, presents a very serious issue, I definitely could not hit you, I could not be inescapable, since you wanted that thing, moreover wants to kill me, you said that actually I made whom kill, the thing gave who?” Xia Tian saying slowly, he talked into intentionally is you wants that thing. Then the total master they thinks that five lines of ghosts are also snatch Jupiter, but five lines of ghosts think that the total master they are snatch the ghost spirit bead. Suddenly, the spark between both sides rubbed. These five brothers, I am the total master, I think that you should listen to my given name, to the face.” The total master identifies one's role when first coming on stage directly, then sold the face, he thinks that should be able to make the opposite party submit with own given name was right. Snort, did the total master, whom our five lines of ghosts walk Jianghu to fear? If you today sell our five ghost faces, our five ghost later settled repayment, but if you do not give this face, our five ghosts are are not a vegetarian.” Saying of [gold/metal] ghost coldly, he had not discovered that behind on that Murong white this time face had the subtle smiling face. Do not quarrel, who is total master? That is neighbor the best B person, five lines of ghosts, I thought that I give the total master the thing, you must give the total master face.” Xia Tian these words have provoked flames of war directly, he must make the both sides bar get up, like this they have the opportunity to escape. He now direct quart total master, then five lines of ghosts will think that loses face very much. Snort, any total master not total master, must hit hits.” Gold ghost numerous snort.