Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1887

The [gold/metal] ghost such remarks, the face of total master pulled down immediately. Who is he? But he total master, he has shown good will on own initiative, opposite party unexpectedly also dares such to speak to him, this is not when he quite bullies. He is not friendly kind, usually he has done the misdemeanor may be many, naturally did not care kills several people, moreover he heard a moment ago the Xia Tian words, five lines of ghost unexpectedly also came to Jupiter, this he cannot let off five lines to be clever, but Jupiter the thing of legend, this thing his just right need, was always he takes by force others, looks at the treasure at present, how he was also possible to miss. Moreover this Xia Tian works as his surface to rob Jupiter, if this matter such passed, his honor lost completely. Snort!” The total master was also cold snort one. Expert has own dignity. Their dignity did not allow that others affront. Xia Tian saw on their real bars, relaxed finally, simultaneously his quietly has gesticulated a hand signal to Bishop Cao. Bishop Cao shakes the head directly. Xia Tian is makes him run away first, but Bishop Cao is actually not the person who that type will abandon the brothers, therefore he does not walk, Xia Tian most fears was Bishop Cao gives at this time the coming up loyalty, although he was truly affected, Bishop Cao can share hardships with him in this crisis time, but his truly wish made Bishop Cao run first. You run first, I one will pursue you, relax, I have the means to run away.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. But.” Bishop Cao did not feel relieved. You, or walks, our two no one can get away.” Xia Tian said hurriedly that he does not dare to speak now loudly, even if the low voice speech were also worried that was discovered by nearby person, therefore he can only say on the quiet, said is very low voice, with the sound that only then they can hear said.

After Bishop Cao clenched teeth , can only nod. Leave! He must leave first, does not pass by the road he to leave behind the symbol to Xia Tian, this can facilitate Xia Tian to look for him. Whiz! Bishop Cao leaves instantaneously. Um?” Bishop Cao ran away, this made the vision of people place the body of Xia Tian once more. „To run away?” A total master brow wrinkle, he understood finally, Xia Tian was shouldering him a moment ago intentionally and contradictions between five lines of ghosts. No, I have not stood here!” Xia Tian very optional saying: Moreover I first run away, the speed impossible to be faster than you.” Your friend ran away.” Saying of total master coldly. Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed directly, on the face has written all over sadly: Brothers are also mediocre, this king, eight, the egg, unexpectedly abandoned me at this time, too T mother was not loyal, was really too sorrowful, thinks that my Xia Tian first illustrious name, has not thought finally unexpectedly also got rid of by the brothers.” Ha Ha, the person in Saint virtue palace is also mediocre, running away that unexpectedly so is not loyal.” Saying that [gold/metal] Gui disdains. You were said person who ran away was the Saint virtue palace?” A total master brow revolution, saying slowly. „It is not the Saint virtue palace, a young bishop, the scarlet archbishop we also has killed.” Saying that [gold/metal] Gui disdains, their five kill Saint virtue palace scarlet archbishop matter has been their glory for a lifetime, therefore they where will arrive at will say this matter, making the person believe to them.

Hears [gold/metal] Gui the words, total master lowering the head of slightly, as if in thinking deeply about anything, regarding him, this is not being a minor matter, reason that he can smooth development these kill and burn the person who plunders is because he is receiving a principle, that absolutely does not offend above the Rank 5 city respected family, will not offend seven three palaces, even if will offend will have silenced a witness of crime. However now here person were too many, opportunity that he has not silenced a witness of crime obviously. He is also the Saint virtue palace?” The total master aims at Xia Tian to ask with the hand. He is not, depends on this obscure individual, perhaps cannot enter the Saint virtue palace.” [gold/metal] Gui with despising the vision looks at Xia Tian to say. „.” The total master nodded, since Xia Tian is not the person in Saint virtue palace, that said. What's wrong? Did you fear? You had feared lets, our five lines of ghosts did not fear that our five lines of ghosts have not feared anyone, the thing we must decide today.” [gold/metal] Gui said loudly. At this time Xia Tian noted [gold/metal] ghost they to throw that person in corner: Has not thought that thing unexpectedly ran up to him to go, this may trouble, he was tripod Rank 9 Expert, if obtained the help of that thing, perhaps that will turn into four cauldron Expert, he was impossible to let off my, were when the time comes many a powerful enemy.” I said that the thing is my, no one can rob.” Total master angry shouting, thing is Xia Tian robs from his there, that is his, now the [gold/metal] ghost wants his thing, he naturally cannot agree. Your thing? Really boast shamelessly, that obviously is my thing.” Saying of [gold/metal] ghost coldly. Ha Ha Ha Ha, your five lines of ghosts also were really disgraced lose to the family, unexpectedly dares saying that my thing was your, here all people know that Jupiter had been controlled by me, was Xia Tian this boy robs.” The total master laughs was saying. Heard the total master to say Jupiter time, Xia Tian knows that went bad. He was wish made both sides misunderstand a moment ago, takes for a thing that they snatched, but the total master says the thing that he wanted now is Jupiter, that revealed the secret. Boy, you dares to play me.” [gold/metal] Gui heard the total master to say Jupiter, understood, Xia Tian was shouldering war between him and total masters a moment ago intentionally.

Um?” The total master looks puzzled to the [gold/metal] ghost. Did not need to struggle, I and you wanted was not a thing.” [gold/metal] Gui said directly. Young fellow, your unexpectedly links me to dare to play.” The total master heard [gold/metal] Gui the words also to understand. Volume, you are not wants Jupiter, that was I have misunderstood, I also think that you also snatch Jupiter.” Xia Tian said. Boy, the thing hands over me to walk directly.” Saying of [gold/metal] ghost coldly. Thing, what thing?” Xia Tian pretends anything not to know. You also dare to feign ignorance, Murong Baishuo thing on you.” [gold/metal] Gui said. „Is Murong white? Is that person who you said the present that plans to escape?” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to the position that Murong Bai is, at this time Murong Bai hands and feet was completely long, he is just about to escape. Um?” Saw that Murong Bai hands and feet was long, five lines of ghosts simultaneously puzzled saying: What's all this about? How was your hands and feet long?” Run away! Murong Baike will not explain anything, such good opportunity he will let how possibly off. Meanwhile, the body of Xia Tian also moved, he must run away while this opportunity, but he does not run away to the direction of Bishop Cao, but runs away to the opposite direction.