Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1889

This time is the total master and Xia Tian thorough to, such near distance, perhaps even if were Xia Tian wants to run away does not have the opportunity. His speed does not have the total master to be fast, if he directly runs away now, that total master definitely will come on to destroy behind him strikes. You do not want Jupiter, right, it on me.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Really on you.” On the face of total master immediately one happy, he knows definitely on the body of Xia Tian, then this time he has gained, Bishop Cao who Gang Village that fellow pursued the Saint virtue palace, but five lines of ghosts were cope with that Murong to be white, then now Xia Tian was his, not only Jupiter turned his, a that treasure that five lines of ghosts must seek for was also he. Since is five lines of ghosts thinks that is the thing of treasure, that did not miss absolutely. Now these things must turn immediately his. Naturally, then the thing of big head is I wants not to be impossible to Bishop Cao, since you such want it, I gave you to be good.” Xia Tian has put out one group of dark things directly. When sees this group of dark things, total master at present immediately one bright, although he had not departed to move Jupiter at that time short-range, but his also long-distance range watched, is this thing. Brings.” The total master planned that nibbling Xia Tian bit by bit, he must come Jupiter first, then goes to want other thing, after waiting for these good things to succeed in obtaining, he cut to kill Xia Tian again. Gives you.” Xia Tian said that in that group dark thing the hand has thrown directly. Saw that Jupiter must fall in own hand immediately, the total master was very excited. He extends both hands to meet directly hardly, but when he just caught that group dark thing, he suddenly discovered that this thing is quite hard, is Jupiter possibly so hard? Explode! Xia Tian both hands pinch, read one to explode the character directly. Meanwhile.

Bang, that group dark thing explodes directly from the hand of total master on this. Attacks pill, in that group dark thing packed has attacked pill, moreover was four Yuan attack, although each took the might not to be big only, especially coped with Expert of four cauldrons, however these many attacked pill that to be possible not to be cracking a joke together, even if were four cauldron Expert is also the person. Although their meat stamina quantity compared with tripod following striving to excel on many, but also eventually is a person, possibly is not invulnerable. In his hand in that group dark thing has wrapped many attacks pill. At least several hundred. These many attacks pill also to explode, the might is not small, moreover these attack pill to be away from total master are that near. Puff! Hand instantaneously exploded covered with blood of total master, but the whole person of total master directly was also exploded to fly. Is now.” On face of Xia Tian immediately one happy, he has not gone to look that what the total master was exploded, he has chosen escaping immediately, he knows that own present must run away, moreover must a bit faster run away, he does not believe his these attacked pill to kill the total master. Although this move of sneak attack attractiveness of , the might is also very big, but the total master after is four cauldron Expert, if four cauldron Expert can such with ease be struck to kill, that four cauldron Expert a little are not valuable. Whiz! Xia Tian opens the speed to instantaneously quickly. Hateful!!” Xia Tian has transmitted angry roaring, four cauldron Expert are four cauldron Expert, still did not die by the sneak attack of Xia Tian so short distance. Although he has not died, covered with blood that however his hand exploded, moreover his upper body clothes were also exploded did not have, the body also everywhere is burnt one piece, seems a little in an extremely difficult situation, sees own appearance, the total master has almost not irritated, his unexpectedly by a nameless boy sneak attacking, moreover makes such distressedly, if this matter passed on, his person may lose in a big way.

I must kill you.” The total master has sent out angry roaring. Pursue! The total master starts to pursue once more forward, but Xia Tian runs was too quick, has surpassed his god to know the range, but he knows that Xia Tian definitely ran away in this direction. His time must hold Xia Tian, moreover he must make Xia Tian live to might as well die. Then can let his angry reduction. His solemn total master, here has his over ten thousand little brothers, but his unexpectedly by a brat of clear(ly) non- classics and commentaries making into this appearance, if this matter such considers as finished, his honor must lose completely. Bishop Cao there. He continuously also in breaknecking is running, he knows that he delays a meeting, Xia Tian there will be safer. Therefore he must run. But his behind person is four cauldron Expert, although his speed is not slow, but that four cauldron Expert are in hot pursuit. You cannot run away, hands over Jupiter, otherwise dies dies.” Gang Village shouts loudly. Dead your younger sister, has skill to pursue.” Bishop Cao is supporting by hard and stubborn effort shouting, at this time distance between he and Gang Village is more and more near. Eight, dies.” The Gang Village direct half step overtook Bishop Cao, his these must kill Bishop Cao. Four cauldron Expert full strikes, Bishop Cao is unable to resist.

N , N , D, cannot think that my unexpectedly must die here.” Bishop Cao helpless saying, although he is very unwilling, but he also already thorough gave up, because he knows that he could not resist this attack. ! At this moment, a as if spirit snake same whip pulled out directly on Gang Village, this whip as if lived was the same, as if turned into the spirit snake, pulled out to fly Gang Village directly. Four cauldron Expert unexpectedly pulled out to fly directly. Is you!” On face of Bishop Cao immediately one happy. Snort, is really distressed.” Copes discontentedly light snort. Other aspect, the total master pursued for quite a while unable to overtake Xia Tian, this made his thorough during fell into was crazy: Boy, you leave to me, your speed is absolutely impossible to be so fast, I can certainly search you.” Hateful, you do not come out.” The total master has sounded a signal directly, this is in calling his subordinate, a moment ago when he pursued, his subordinates were also catching up toward here, probably after more than ten minutes, his subordinates have killed also: All people obey orders, give me to search for forward, the rug -type search, I do not believe him also to disappear baseless may not.” Yo, has abandoned such big weaponry, your unexpectedly made him give to run.” At this moment the dance form appears in the front of total master. These five forms are not others, is five lines of ghosts. Snort, did your five matters get through?” Saying of total master coldly. Five lines of ghost expressions are not very good, after they trace Murong is white, discovered that Murong Bai speed unexpectedly is getting quicker and quicker, finally directly with throwing, [gold/metal] Gui has not wanted to mention this matter: Since your my goal is the same, the thing that wants is different, how does that temporarily cooperate?”