Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1890

Cooperation! Actually the total master most does not want to work with others, because he thinks, so long as he has killed Xia Tian, that thing all was his. He is very corrupt, so long as saw that treasure wants to appropriate to oneself. But he also knows that five lines of ghosts are not affable. Reason that he can calm and steady lives the present is because he is astute enough, he does not set up the powerful enemy generally, therefore he can only nod: „The thing that good, when the time comes you want turns over to you, other all turns over to me.” Good.” [gold/metal] Gui has not gone to haggle over the words of total master, ghost spirit bead that after all he most wants. Regarding him, ghost spirit bead is the most precious object, after they obtained the ghost spirit bead, finds the way to look for Murong Bai again, their five lines of ghosts and others are different, their procedures are, either not with you for enemy, so long as were the enemy, that did not die continuous, they will make you sleep do not dare to rest. Because they in constantly will be sneak attacking you, wants to kill you. This is five lines of ghost most terrorist places. I guessed where he was hides certainly, because his speed was impossible to be so fast, although I have delayed a point, but I have not made him run absolutely far.” Total master very self-confident saying, he early has changed clean clothes at this time, both hands has also carried in behind, does not make five lines of ghosts see his distressed appearance. Otherwise his person really lost to the grandmother family. Four cauldron above can't Expert cause to think to know to search?” [gold/metal] Gui looked that asked to the total master. You said right, but he used the special method to hide the soul, therefore I had not found him temporarily.” The total master believes that Xia Tian definitely used the special technique to achieve, but he also believes that Xia Tian cannot insist absolutely too for a long time. This time Xia Tian distance total master they are not far. He truly has not run away far, because he fully runs not possibly to be quicker than the speed of total master, therefore he directly by has used the hidden rest/breath technique on the wall, but he has not thought that total master unexpectedly is so astute, he not only does not walk, but also under all will call to launch rug to search. He does not dare to move now, so long as he moves, then knows the intensity immediately to discover own existence by the god of total master. Was when the time comes miserable. Therefore he must bear now, cannot move, after arriving at the total master they leaves, to come out again, compares in own present situation, he was worried about Bishop Cao, Bishop Cao also attracts four cauldron Expert, if were not he attracts that four cauldron Expert, that Xia Tian was impossible to escape a moment ago.

But does Bishop Cao want to go facing four cauldron Expert? This is Xia Tian most is worried. In the most crucial time, Bishop Cao made Xia Tian see anything was called the loyalty, the loyalty was not together is usually eating and drinking, the gloom that blew, but had the matter on, in the moment of this crisis life, Bishop Cao appeared. Do not have an accident.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings were praying. But at this moment, Xia Tian discovered the team that these rug searches arrived at his front, the person is stroking the wall to search, although he possibly in killing time, search carelessly, but he is walking at this time to the Xia Tian position, when he achieves the Xia Tian front, has patted the wall position with the hand, his foot also stepped in the foot of Xia Tian. Soft. The wall is soft, the ground is also soft. At this moment, his complexion changed. You stepped on my foot.” At this moment, the gloomy sound appears near that person of ear together. Puff! Afterward his body was pierced directly. Whiz! Run away! Xia Tian knows one already exposed, therefore he can only choose to escape, when his exposed that moment, knows by four cauldron total master that formidable gods can lock itself instantaneously. He in that.” On the face of total master immediately one happy, he knows one definitely have not guessed wrong, Xia Tian has not left here absolutely, now really searched for by his person. On five lines of ghost faces is also simultaneously one happy. The ghost spirit bead they must snatch finally.

Pursue! Suddenly their six all pursued to Xia Tian, the speed of total master was quickest, five lines of ghosts followed merely in the total master behind. Hateful, these five old ghost unexpectedly also with, if by their converging attack, I may not have the opportunity.” Xia Tian is trying to find the solution at this time, he must find the way to let five lines of ghost and total masters separates, copes with the words of total master alone, he can use the method sneak attack, but he is impossible simultaneously to sneak attack five lines of ghost and total master two natives of Poland. Run! He must escape at the maximum speed, his speed compares five lines of ghosts to be fast. Like this so long as he runs one to fall five lines of ghosts, when the time comes only then a total master person can pursue. Total grandson, your hand was exploded by me rottenly, but can also fight? Did your blood stop?” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding person all stares, total master unexpectedly has been injured, in their mind big figure unexpectedly of that keeping aloof will be injured, this was also too inconceivable, moreover injured in the hand of Xia Tian this peon. Five lines of ghosts were also the same time look to the both hands of total master, at this time the total master had placed the front both hands hurriedly, preventing five lines of ghosts to see that he does not want to throw that big person: Boy, you did not need to shout randomly, I will not let off today your.” Whiz! Whiz! Their this pursues catches up, although the distance is getting more and more near, but Xia Tian has not cared, he wants a bit faster to cast off five lines of ghosts. Finally, after five minutes, has cast off five lines of ghosts who he succeeded, at the same time his body stopped instantaneously. Domain! The domain appeared immediately. ! Several thousand sword glow appear around his body directly, at the same time four Yuan attack wraps directly above the sword glow. Kill!

Domain? unexpectedly is the domain.” On the face of total master immediately one startled: Boy, you must die.” The total master does not want to leave behind the future trouble to oneself, has the domain super talent unable to remain absolutely, otherwise after him, perhaps could not have a good sleep to think, at this moment, he moved has killed the heart. Bang! Several thousand sword glow killed directly to the total master. Boils to me.” The total master gives a loud shout. Bang! Although the domain can jump the ranks the challenge, but Xia Tian Realm and between the total masters the disparity was really too big, his domain strength was only two cauldron Rank 1 domains, therefore coped with tripod Expert reluctantly, coped with the total masters of four cauldrons really to be insufficient. Naturally, Xia Tian naturally also knew this matter. The reason that he such makes is, his subsequent party. Not dead Divine Art. Nine orifices connection. The Tathagata god holds the first type, Fokuang peeps. Bang, a giant palm empty shade pounds directly to the total master who had just broken the domain. The Xia Tian coordinate opportunity is flawless.