Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1892

Xia Tian directly had almost not been kicked by total master these feet. The total master is Expert of four cauldrons, his strength is not ordinary tripod Expert can compare, moreover he is the person of cultivation leg merit, in addition his war boots, several child kick Xia Tian hurts from top to bottom. Xia Tian knows that such gets down again, oneself definitely will die by living kicking. Therefore he can only spell. Not dead Divine Art. Nine orifices reverse. Not dead Divine Art is the old lunatic teaches to Xia Tian Unique Skill, the old lunatic with spirit world legend Yu Wang has fought the person, his strength early has reached the pinnacle, his Unique Skill that is in the entire spirit world ranks among the best. Also because use not dead Divine Art, Xia Tian can jump the ranks the challenge in the tripod. The nine orifices reverse, is not dead Divine Art inside mystery. The old lunatic has told him, the nine orifices reverse of not dead Divine Art can only use for a lifetime nine times, each use addition previous time will be more terrorist , after the use, in a short time your wound all . Moreover the strength and speed all have the tremendous changes, how long but must act according to your cultivation not dead Divine Art time and sensibility determines you to be able in this condition to treat, but after using nine times nine orifices have reversed, that the person on will immediately die. The Xia Tian cultivation not dead Divine Art time is too short, his sensibility is also few, therefore he now is most can only continue for three minutes. A choice that he faces now is uses these three minutes to kill the total master to escape. Finally his decision runs away! Even if he can kill the total master, after waiting for the nine orifices reverse, his wound will again also appear, behind five lines of ghosts will kill when the time comes him, therefore he cannot bet, he can only choose using the present strength runs away. Whiz! The flash, the body of Xia Tian vanished in same place.

What?” The total master stares immediately, at the same time he opened oneself god knowledge, but he discovered that the Xia Tian speed to was quickly inconceivable, although his present foot puts on to fight the boots, the speed becomes also wants much 30% compared with the normal condition, but even so, he completely could not overtake Xia Tian. Because the Xia Tian present speed also wants quick three times compared with him in this state. Three times of speeds. This has been five cauldron Expert speeds. How is this possible?” The total master hoodwinked completely, Xia Tian did not have the strength to hit back that he hit a moment ago, was suddenly, Xia Tian imposing manner had the tremendous changes, but Xia Tian was the direct speed also wants on quick three times compared with him, must know before , his speed ended oppressively Xia Tian. However Xia Tian unexpectedly was suddenly quicker than him in the speed three times. He wants to pursue now, perhaps could not overtake. This.” The total master stands in same place this time does not know that should say any was good, early knows that will turn into such words, he incurred to kill Xia Tian on the enlargement to be good a moment ago directly. He has thought Xia Tian is his it's in the bag, therefore he has not cared, but his really start regrets now. But in this world has not regretted after the fact, since Xia Tian ran, he already thorough did not have the opportunity. Hateful, I will certainly not let off your.” Total master angry shouting. After 56 minutes. Um? People?” After five lines of ghosts pursue, puzzled looks to the total master. At this time the complexion of total master is ugly. Person?” [gold/metal] Guinu shouted to clear the way.

„Were you speaking to me? Also uses for parts this tone to speak to me depending on you?” The total master in the fit of temper, is hearing [gold/metal] Gui to drink with him greatly, the anger has come up directly, he has suppressed many air/Qi today, first had been planned by Xia Tian, now unexpectedly linked five lines of ghosts to dare to scold him, how did this make him endure? But he total master. I asked you!” [gold/metal] Gui is not friendly stubble, since they have killed the scarlet archbishop in Saint virtue palace, which that arrives is very extremely arrogant, almost little pays attention to whom, even if ordinary four cauldron Expert, they do not dread completely. Now saw Xia Tian that they pursue laboriously also disappears, how can he not be angry? This is angry also saw that total master installs with him, he will be impolite. What thing your T , M , D is, depends on your also genin to ask me?” Total master vision one horizontal. I go to Damn, brothers, dry, he.” [gold/metal] Gui gives a loud shout, afterward five lines of ghosts flush away to the total master directly. Their five are not the friendly stubbles, they receive is a principle, is ruthless enough, is loyal, brothers are many. They are the brothers five people, no matter the opposite party has many people, is in their five same places. This time Xia Tian already ran not to have shade, he chose a safe place to start to rest, just sat down shortly, his body directly fell down, his wound was too serious, was such hit by four cauldron Expert, has not died is the luck, he took to restore the compounded drug hurriedly, afterward his whole person fainted. Another. How do you pursue?” Bishop Cao whole face inconceivable looks own front female. „A your man not good thing, Xia Tian?” The females are not others, is Liu Shishi. Volume!” Hears her words, Bishop Cao understood, definitely was Xia Tian deceives Liu Shishi: Xia Tian, he was being chased down, two four cauldron Expert add on five lines of ghosts to chase down our two, I helped him lead away this fellow, that any total master pursued Xia Tian.” Eight.” At this moment, Gang Village shouted angrily, simultaneously wicked looked to Liu Shishi, when he saw Liu Shishi's that moment, the whole person gawked: Hoyden.” Colored your younger sister, the sister-in-law, he is sexually harassing you, haven't this you punched him? I told you this matter saying that was big, said small was not small, was I definitely cannot endure, I explained first, I absolutely was not that person who stirred up trouble.” Bishop Cao said directly that on his mouth said one are not person who stirs up trouble, but his words made Liu Shishi's anger come up all of a sudden.

Who is Liu Shishi? In six levels of cities the young lady of Liu, some unexpectedly people dares to sexually harass her: Your men really damn, you damn.” Liu Shishi said the whip in hand directly to the Gang Village draw off. The big day Divine Art first type, I am the dog, the basket. Gang Village gives a loud shout, afterward flushes away to Miss Liu Jia directly. Volume!” Hears Gang Village to shout that moment of Unique Skill name, the corners of the mouth of Bishop Cao are twitching, this Divine Art name is also too good, B, this style, this name, was too aggressive, he also directly was shaken. ! The whip in Liu Shishi hand goes round the fist of Gang Village directly, attacks to the back of the body of Gang Village. On her whip grows a snake head, bit directly to the back of the body of Gang Village. The big day Divine Art second type, I am big, ghost, pen.