Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1893

The total master and five lines of ghosts has fought a meeting, both sides do not want to go all out, but wants to vent anger, therefore hit one to call a halt. You said that how does this time matter calculate?” Five lines of ghosts asked. Snort, calculates that you have not told me to present, what you want is any thing, I do not know that on him has that many cards in a hand, will therefore be escaped by him, now you must want to obtain the thing that to tell me you.” What actually the total master is also very curious five lines of ghosts to obtain is any thing. Although this Xia Tian escaped, but he determined Xia Tian use absolutely is the ability that the blood escapes and so on, moreover is not the common blood escapes, after having used this ability, Xia Tian now absolutely in weak time. So long as they continue to search, that certainly can find Xia Tian. „The thing that we must look for is a bead, however the concrete function we do not know now that this thing we just succeeded in obtaining in vain are stolen away by Murong, afterward changed to this in boy hand that called Xia Tian.” [gold/metal] Gui has not spoken the truth, he has learned fierce of ghost spirit Zhu from Murong Bai Nali, but he cannot tell the total master absolutely, otherwise guarantees does not permit the total master also to move to the ghost spirit bead. Um, good, that such being the case, we can unite temporarily, this can seek for the treasure in the mausoleum chamber at the same time, on the other hand can also continue to trace the Xia Tian whereabouts, my several thousand elites, I will arrange them to disperse to seek here, so long as found Xia Tian, we can pursue at the maximum speed.” The total master said. Good!” Five lines of ghosts a moment ago also and total master have fought, they have also experienced fierce location of total master, therefore they also plan with the total master temporary alliance. Actually after all in this Qi Wang mausoleum chamber to have anything is nobody knows. If bumped into any treasure, they also well had to take care, after all the total master was four cauldron Expert, their five collaborated also quite therefore four cauldron Expert. The subordinate of total master like this started to disperse sought, in their hands had the transmission signal thing, so long as they as soon as transmitted, the person and total master of that nearby total master all can induce. Present Xia Tian does not feel better, although sleeping of later was not sore, but his wound may be heavy, recently for these days he cannot move, therefore he can only hide heals from a wound here.

Nine orifices reverse is truly formidable, what a pity such has used one time.” Xia Tian this use nine orifices reverse has also saved own life, but the nine orifices can only use for a lifetime nine times, after once he used the ninth time, he will die, this was not the dead Divine Art biggest secret. Before he has not thought the use nine orifices are because he planned to keep the later use. After all this is is very for a lifetime long, he does not want to waste a nine orifices reverse the opportunity. But if this time he does not use, that will die here, he does not want dead really here. The nine orifices reverse uses every time one time, the addition will turn time once more. This Xia Tian speed has promoted five times, the strength and overall strength has also promoted about five times, in other words next time will use, his speed and strength will promote ten times, however more many of promotion, is stronger to his backlash, like this time, had the wound, in addition backlash, that may really endure hardships. Uses not own strength to encounter backlash. Has not thought of the nine orifices reverse to be able really fiercely to this degree.” Xia Tian says with emotion, the nine orifices reverse was really too formidable, he used first time to make him promote these many, only insufficient was the time was too short, if crossed for 100 years he to use the nine orifices to reverse again, that feared this reverse to support least a half hour. amplification of nine orifices reverse is the same, but the time is different. How long this must think your cultivation and to the sensibility of nine orifices is many, Xia Tian just studied the nine orifices, the time that therefore he insists is short. This time training, Xia Tian recuperated for ten days, recuperated by his restoration speed and compounded drug unexpectedly was so long, thus it can be seen, actually this time wound had multiple, when he came out, here changed greatly, before the person compared, did not know many, but after the same these people were, came.

They should enter as for the total master to the inside of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber. The Qi Wang mausoleum chamber is very big, even if the straight line asks you to leave, perhaps you must step onto for one month, say nothing of now seven turning 20% discount. N , N , D, my Xia Tian came back.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings shout greatly, this time he came back, that started to take revenge, previous time he runs everywhere, this time he who the person of total master pursued must regard the person of total master is the game, he was a hunter, he must launch a fight of big reverse. He thinks people who total master entered inside, but quick Xia Tian has discovered that the total master is a greedy person. He keeps the important checkpoint his subordinate, then bullies these new people, making them draw cash, but this has given the Xia Tian opportunity. Boy, you halt to me.” The opposite party looks at Xia Tian is a person, shouts directly. Um?” Xia Tian doubts looked to that person. We are the people of total master, inside is very dangerous, shows the way without our people, you can die is very miserable.” That person said. I do not need.” Xia Tian light saying. Does not need not to be good, 50 low grade spirit stone, handed over has been able to walk.” The referring to road that person just started to say is just a reputation, his real objective asks for money, saw that Xia Tian said does not need, he naturally must come hardly. Asks for money with me!” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil, he has not gone to look for these people's troubles, they deliver **** came.

Bang! Bang! Xia Tian fist, overthrows the front two directly, his fist strength is very big, direct Insta-kill. Goes all out, tries. If the previous time the total master comes up directly with fully to kill Xia Tian, he also not to the opportunity that Xia Tian will escape, at this time Xia Tian must do will be fully, dry, will die these people. The following eight people see here to have an accident, all ran over. Kill! In the Xia Tian vision the ominous light dodges, all has killed afterward that eight people directly, after receiving their Chu bag, Xia Tian starts the fast advance, surroundings these people all looked to hoodwink, they know the person who total master was not affable, but now these person of unexpectedly so relaxed all was killed by Xia Tian. Total master, is not good, our people were dying fast.” Under a famous artisan runs over the report to say. What's the matter?” Total master brow immediately a wrinkle. Listened to others saying that was Xia Tian kills.”