Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1894

Xia Tian!” The time total master who hears this name and five lines of ghosts stares. Such long, they had the Xia Tian news finally. They have formed a team for more than ten days, did not have the Xia Tian news, but their unexpectedly heard the Xia Tian news today, this simply is the accident happy, naturally, what most high salary is five lines of ghosts, although the total master after learning of the Xia Tian news is quite happy, but his person had been killed by Xia Tian, this makes him feel that was not feeling well. How you know that person is Xia Tian?” The total master asked. Own person knew that Xia Tian is normal, after all they have seen Xia Tian, but will others know why also Xia Tian? They said that was Xia Tian said that he added.” That person spoke of here time, half a word received. What did he add?” The total master asked hurriedly. I do not dare to say.” That person was worried that the total master vents anger in him. I made you say.” The total master eyes stare, angry shouting. He said that must kill off total master all your people, he must unload your head, when the ball kicks.” That person of saying slowly. Bang! His words just said that directly was trampled to fly by a total master foot.

Xia Tian, I must make you die like a dog.” Total master angry shouting. Nearby five lines of ghosts have not spoken, because this and they do not have any relations, they do not have the little brother, therefore they do not need to be worried about little brother's life and death, if Xia Tian dares to arrive in front of them to cope with them, their five will directly extinguish Xia Tian kills. At this time was trampled to fly that fellow this depressed by the total master, he knows that a total master ignition, that will definitely hit his, therefore he does not dare saying that but he to cannot shunt a tribulation finally. He was regarded by the total master is the scapegoat has always kicked, but he does not dare to go with the total master theory, can only swallow the suffering to the belly in went, who lets him in side the total master mixes, usually closes right up against this position he little not to gain the advantage, therefore he does not want to lose this position. Looks, gives me to look him, since he has made an appearance, I want him dead.” Saying that the total master ablazes with anger. He lost too many face on the body of Xia Tian, moreover loses is not small, he only then has killed Xia Tian, snatched Xia Tian all things, this can solve hate of his heart. Before he also thinks that Xia Tian possibly is hides not to come out, or escapes from the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber directly, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has not walked, moreover looks **** came, unexpectedly also dares to kill his person, this made him be angry, this time, he needed Xia Tian die. He must make Xia Tian die is very miserable. „Does total master, what to do this time you plan? That boy is very astute, we have made him run these many times, if this time could not catch him, that difficultly managed.” [gold/metal] Gui walks up saying that after these times fights, they understood, Xia Tian is not easy to cope. If they regard Xia Tian are the ordinary matches, that underestimated Xia Tian. Although [gold/metal] Gui is not long with the time of Xia Tian understanding, but he is clear, cannot with looking looked ordinary the vision of tripod looks at Xia Tian, in that case, that Xia Tian also will perhaps run away, therefore they must think that means that good means that to detain the Xia Tian good means.

Truly must think a countermeasure.” A total master brow wrinkle. He also knows that the difference of Xia Tian, Xia Tian ran from his hand after all these many times, this absolutely is not accidental, but is in Xia Tian really has the card in a hand of maintaining life. After them in Qi Wang mausoleum chamber these days in they discovered that in Qi Wang mausoleum chamber buried treasure little little, so long as appears, that absolutely is the good thing, moreover very rare thing in spirit world, although here fills Baleful Qi everywhere, the growth of not suitable plant, but actually suits the growth of other living thing, the plant of air/Qi of some need Baleful Qi and death. Moreover penetrates along with them, here will frequently present many mechanism and toxicants. Here Mechanism Technique it can be said that reaches the pinnacle, even if four cauldron Expert if not careful mechanism, perhaps must peel a skin, but these toxicants are terrors, they can let person resurrecting of death, turns into the living corpse, everywhere murder, moreover this living corpse must destroy completely the heart, otherwise cut away the head they also to continue to fight, once were attacked by these living corpses, that must cut away the attacked place immediately, otherwise turns into the same person on must before long and them. Brothers, open to me eye in a big way, the total master said that if who can discover that boy, rewards ultimate Spirit Tool one, if who can catch that boy, that reward low grade treasure.” A subordinate of total master shouts, at this time their team is 15 people of one team, this is the Xia Tian sneak attack, they can also some people sending a message numbers. Recently the total master had made a decision, that is broadly casts a net, making here person seek for Xia Tian together, he has gotten down to the rubbing the Xia Tian appearance, who has grasped Xia Tian, he will give opposite party treasure. This is attracting these Expert to fight for him. Vice- castellan, that total master sent the young tiger recently, his unexpectedly has put out low grade Spirit Tool, when rewards, only to catch a tripod Rank 1 boy.” Snort, does not have is so simple, the opposite party absolutely is not ordinary tripod Rank 1, otherwise by the astuteness of that old ghost, he will be absolutely not to these many rewards, I guess that the opposite party will most at least have the tripod Rank 9 strength or the card in a hand.” An appearance is handsome, on the face leads men in faint trace evil intent light snort to say. Why he declared that to the outside the opposite party is the tripod Rank 1 boy?”

Because his wish makes these people in vain works oneself to death for him, if he said that the opposite party has to contend with the tripod Rank 9 strength, how many people that also has to be able for low grade treasure does get rid? But if said him, only then tripod Rank 1 words, person who that gets rid are many.” That vice- castellan said. We.” Waits again, if this boy can make some big moves again, I estimated that old fogy must unable to sit still.” That vice- castellan the chest has full saying. At this time the teams of these patrols think very bored, they are while convenient taking by force, while convenient is seeking for Xia Tian. When do we such look is a head? Although there is a head picture, however here person were also too many, the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber so is big, we cannot look.” A subordinate of total master complained. Do not complain, so long as found Xia Tian, our what does not need to do, only needs to send the signal, that can obtain ultimate Spirit Tool, which good does such matter go to look?” Is one person of head said. „Can you look for me?” At this moment, the ice-cold sound appears in their together.