Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1895
The voice of this sound as if devil, because it suddenly appears after these people. They carefully had looked a moment ago periphery, absolutely nobody, but they behind suddenly presented a person now. What person?” That several people immediately one startled, they turn head fast. The instance that but turning head, the golden light flashes through together, they saw their body, their heads have turned around, but the body has not turned around. They look helplessly their body is away from own eye to be getting more and more far. Insta-kill! This team inside tripod Expert does not have, therefore Xia Tian only need use [gold/metal] Dao to be able relaxed their Insta-kill, is very relaxed Insta-kill. [gold/metal] Dao the sharpness adds on not the dead Divine Art strength to add on Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step of evolution version again. It can be said that Insta-kill tripod following all Expert, even if above the tripod, only then the Xia Tian sneak attack also has the opportunity to win, now Xia Tian must start with all one's heart the big reversal, before the total master and five lines of ghosts chased down him everywhere, almost killed him, was good reverses the nine orifices because of him finally, ran away. Now since the total master and five lines of ghosts must kill him, he naturally will not let off these two natives of Poland. Naturally, Xia Tian has not thought the own present strength can kill these two groups of people, he must do is very simple, the person who that bit by bit nibbles the total master, looks for the opportunity to strike to finally kill.

Xia Tian is a cheetah. Total master, died one team.” Total master, died one team.” . Total master, person died were getting more and more, now the tripod Rank 5 following team died in battle completely, can we start to contract the team? Otherwise perhaps completely will kill off by him.” Under anxious saying, regarding them, the total master is their props at heart, but dies these many people are the matter that their this organizations first time has. Hateful!” The face of total master was green, recently he heard many are the under killed news, this made him border on to erupt, he wishes one could bone tearing down of Xia Tian one after another now, but he knew himself unable to achieve, because he could not catch the Xia Tian form. First does not use, reason that he has not gotten rid to the tripod Rank 5 team to the present , because independent combat he is not the tripod Rank 5 match, moreover there are others to assist in side, so long as makes them be careful that the point was good, once Xia Tian sneak attacks, that immediately sounds the warning, all people encircle from the different directions together kill him.” Total master facial color ice-cold saying. Total master, or considers as finished, or the words this way, your person can by the homicide light.” [gold/metal] Gui goes forward saying that what although on his mouth said is considers as finished, but his goal is to bring back the anger in total master heart actually.. Ok? Do you make me consider as finished? The homicide my several thousand people, these have been possible to be the initial capitals that I accumulate for these years, now died these many, do you make me calculate? If I do not kill him, how I went with the brother confession of dying.” As soon as the total master listens to [gold/metal] Gui, really has brought back the anger in heart. Sees the total master angry appearance , the [gold/metal] ghost innermost feelings one happy, he must make the total master go with Xia Tian to spell, uses the influence of total master to direct Xia Tian, then recaptures the ghost spirit bead, naturally, if the total master comes with Xia Tian mutually wounded, that was better, their five lines of ghosts will solve the total master and Xia Tian together.

„But if will he sneak attack to these tripod Rank 5 Expert next time?” [gold/metal] Gui asked again. „The team that tripod Rank 5 above Expert brings is away from me not to be far, so long as they send out the signal, can definitely the earliest possible time arrive at the scene at my speed, so long as I can catch his god knowledge, he died.” The total master this time has the confidence to hold Xia Tian, the same mistake he will not violate absolutely the second time. His first several times were sneak attacked by Xia Tian, this time he grew the memory, he must do is makes Xia Tian know his fierce. Good.” [gold/metal] Gui has not said anything: Right the front person did not say that had discovered the main hall in Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, was our what a past?” Now goes, Qi Wang mausoleum chamber altogether only then eight main halls, use the way arrangement of Eight Trigrams, although in each main hall has mechanism everywhere, but the treasure of same each main hall town palace, after the treasures of eight town palaces were all opened, the true Qi Wang mausoleum chamber will open, when the time comes we can obtain the Qi Wang buried treasure.” Total master incomparably excited saying: As for that Xia Tian is just the clumsy mischief-doer, although Jupiter is precious, words that but compares with the treasure of town palace, obviously somewhat was not worthy of mentioning.” You know the matter of related Qi Wang mausoleum chamber probably.” [gold/metal] Gui is also first time discovered that total master unexpectedly knows the secrets of these many related Qi Wang mausoleum chambers. Then which to!” Total master very proud saying, five lines of ghost strengths are quite good, his wish makes five lines of ghosts listen his, that must put out some of his cards in a hand, such five lines of wizards can be sincerely convinced to him, finally anything listens his, had five lines of ghost help, perhaps he can also aspire to seize the final buried treasure. „? The total master is the total master, truly extraordinary, then told that us the secret of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, we mixed with you were so long, can know that a point here secret was not.” [gold/metal] Gui hears the words of total master, at present immediately one bright. All people know that the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber is a big buried treasure. However this buried treasure is not who wants to obtain can obtain, therefore these large amount gates and cities make some disciples come informed and experienced, has not sent extremely Expert to come specially.

Now total master unexpectedly is but familiar with here, that represents them to go in finally really the true Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, obtained the Qi Wang past buried treasure. May obtain the Qi Wang the secret of merit method and cultivation army. Qi Wang is a legend. The legend next three in strongest people, his army is also the next three strongest armies. Good, I told that you secret of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, actually the Qi Wang secret has the relation with the illusion, it is said initially Qi Wang obtained the secret of illusion, therefore he can aspire to seize the next three peak, and has an invincible army.” Total master saying of slowly. Anything, illusion.” Hears these four characters time, five lines of ghosts all stare. But the illusion the entire spirit world is known to everybody, being known to everybody buried treasure. Meanwhile is away from the total master their not far away: Shouted, finally was one's turn you, the tripod Rank 5 above person led, good, looked how I nibbled your final elite little.”