Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1897

Xia Tian this time begins is not beginning of aimless. He already investigated the position of position as well as total master of surrounding total master all people, although the total master is away from him not to be far, but wants to pursue most little to take 20 minutes, this is Xia Tian in the situation of not moving, but Xia Tian is deferring to a line to run now, the direction that he runs all calculates. The person roads which must be taken of these total masters. Whiz! All during his computation. The ghost spirit bead has also played it most major role. In a while, Xia Tian has met tertiary wave, the fourth wave, the fifth wave, after has met the tenth wave, Xia Tian opens directly runs away, because the time remained are not much, speed between he and total masters has the disparity, although he can also sneak attack several teams, however has not permitted in the time. This is I gives your first gift on first meeting.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil, afterward he has written down one line of characters on the wall, is the blood writes, naturally this definitely is not Xia Tian own blood, but is he kills the blood of these people. I must kill off you and all your subordinates.” Afterward the body of Xia Tian vanished in same place, this time he opened really runs away. After ten minutes. The total master arrived at that wall front, in a while, five lines of ghosts also arrived, other total master team people of also arrived, they saw on the wall that bright red large character. Sees these characters time, these people were silent. If only these characters, they naturally cannot think anything.

However this catches up everywhere is the corpse. These they usually think the strength good person, at this time all horizontal corpse here. How many people died?” Asking of total master coldly. 200 people, tripod Rank 5 ten, tripod Rank 1 20, other are above two cauldron Rank 8.” Under reported. How many people do we also remain?” The total master asked again. And leaves except the casualty, but also remaining 500 people.” Set army, does not allow anybody to walk alone again, all gives me to move together.” The total master has issued this order, before he also thinks that Xia Tian does not hit the tripod Rank 5 person, most also fights to a draw, but he has not thought now, because the subordinate of his casualty was really too many. He cannot have again too lost greatly, otherwise he did not have the qualifications to snatch the treasure in main hall. Has not thought that this boy unexpectedly is so fierce.” [gold/metal] Gui spoke thoughtlessly to say. I will certainly make him die is very miserable.” The total master clenches teeth to say. Or first lets off him, first goes to main hall there to have a look at the situation.” [gold/metal] Gui proposed. Um, you inform, in Qi Wang mausoleum chamber no matter, so long as catches live Xia Tian to me, I give him Intermediate treasure.” Before the total master replenishment, he put out preliminary treasure, now he puts out was Intermediate treasure, the person who preliminary treasure can attract not necessarily had, but Intermediate treasure was different. Pin Baoqi is not the casual any people can have, even if four cauldron Expert wants to obtain in one Pin Baoqi is also very difficult, now the total master has put out Pin Baoqi, that these true Expert in Qi Wang mausoleum chamber must send out.

Tripod seven Rank 8 Expert, Rank 9 Expert, even four cauldron Expert will all get rid. Total master, you played in a big way.” [gold/metal] Gui looks surprisedly to the total master. Pin Baoqi. Even if their five does not have, although they know that the total master is filthy rich, but they have not thought that total master unexpectedly puts out Pin Baoqi to trade the Xia Tian life. Xia Tian just snatched his Jupiter. Jupiter is truly precious, but concrete application method few people know, is Pin Baoqi is different, the value of this type of thing absolutely compared with Jupiter terrifying. Old rule, has caught him, the thing that you want turns over to you, other turns over to me.” Reason that the total master in the gambling, he thinks Xia Tian can several times escape from his hand , because on Xia Tian has the secret, so long as he held Xia Tian, he can on all secrets Xia Tian all unearth. He believes that Xia Tian value surpasses Spirit Tool absolutely, what if sees somebody off is four cauldron following people, he may not give the opposite party Pin Baoqi. This news passed on quickly. Treasure in any place can the fuel gas great unrest, but Pin Baoqi is continually four cauldron Expert will try hard to obtain. This news disseminated at invisible speed. Ha Ha Ha Ha, did the sister-in-law, you hear? Now in Xia Tian unexpectedly value Pin Baoqi, you said that what that total master was damaged by him, can come out to change him with Pin Baoqi.” After Bishop Cao hears this news, said with a smile loudly, he did not have to be worried about the Xia Tian safety, because he thinks that Xia Tian will certainly not have the matter. Snort, do not raise him with me, when I saw him, I well will certainly tidy up his.” Liu Shishi hears the Xia Tian name on the vitality.

After Bishop Cao sees Liu Shishi's expression, at heart cannot help but one cold, he had seen this expression in the past, is Liu Shishi to fighting that Gang Village, that Gang Village was hit by Liu Shishi half dead, finally uses the words that the mystique escapes, Liu Shishi will directly perhaps kill him. Brother, I could not help you, you can only strive for fortunately.” Bishop Cao the innermost feelings said. This time Xia Tian also heard this news, but now he disguise, his Disguise Technique is not ordinary Disguise Technique, but is eight divergent Disguise Technique. His appearance had very big change, his makings and strength also had the change. Has not thought that my unexpectedly is so valuable, this old ghost unexpectedly changes me with Pin Baoqi, this little made me unable to bear want to change Pin Baoqi with oneself.” Xia Tian smiling saying, he understands that total master time has acted out of desperation, he all contracted his side all people, that Xia Tian did not have the opportunity of starting. But is Xia Tian an average person? He he was already good, front presents a main hall, he believes firmly that the total master will go certainly to this main hall, therefore Xia Tian must first go to this main hall now, then looks for the opportunity, starts to the person of total master once more. Bang! Bang! At this moment, Xia Tian felt obviously the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber vibrated two: What's the matter!” He just started not to discover this vibration what's the matter, but immediately his complexion changed, vibration unexpectedly was this, if were not his X-Ray Vision eye record the surrounding environment, perhaps he is unable to discover: How can like this.”