Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1898

The Xia Tian vision looks once more to other surroundings places. Same! At this time the change of here each place is the same, the vibration was the ground is rising. That two rose about one meter, if not the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye, he is unable to discover this change, because here is the whole the rise, therefore normal person, although can feel the vibration, but they are unable to discover that absolutely here is rising. Why will rise.” Xia Tian suddenly had a fearful suspicion. Whiz! Body fast shuttle of Xia Tian in the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, although the road in Qi Wang mausoleum chamber is intriguing, but finally to the position has one, that is the final Qi Wang main hall. It is said there is hiding the Qi Wang genuine buried treasure, is hiding Qi Wang all secrets. In the past Qi Wang able to move unhindered entire next three, it can be said that the unmanned energy enemy, he and his army was called the perfection the myth. In the final Qi Wang main hall has is his perfection secret. I from coming to the present, sees the strength strongest person has been the person of total master that rank, although four cauldron Expert, in next three were considered as on is Expert, but the total master they in next three also can only be smooth most common one group of people, that other these higher Rank 4 Expert?” Xia Tian has remembered this issue suddenly. Other four cauldron Expert? The total master are most is also four cauldron Rank 2 about Realm. Next three continually five cauldron Expert have, say nothing of four cauldron Rank 3, Rank 4 person, but Xia Tian has not seen, aren't these people interested in the Qi Wang buried treasure? It seems like in this also has secret.” Xia Tian does not believe these people will not move to the Qi Wang buried treasure. However now is not Xia Tian considers these times. Now he must go is that already the discovered main hall, it is said there present gathered many people, Xia Tian marched on ten days of roads, Xia Tian arrived in this main hall, after arriving here, Xia Tian discovered that actually this time mausoleum chamber came many people, the sea of people, could not see the boundary completely. On the road Xia Tian also inquired some news: It is said such main hall, other main halls are also fully occupied incessantly now, although it seems like that this time has not attracted these Expert, actually attracted many average people, the average person to these treasures was very sensitive.”

Brother, what situation now front is?” Xia Tian went forward with pot liquor. Asked that the person enterprise must deliver a thing, otherwise who likes responding you. Yeah, not to mention, now here over a million people, are nobody dare to enter front big.” That person sighed to say. Why?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Also is not front that big, nobody knows that big is any thing, the person who however goes in did not die probably is insane, nobody dares to go, also nobody knows that actually to have anything.” But everybody knows that wants to go to behind, wants to obtain the treasure to enter this big. How many people went in?” Xia Tian asked again. Goes is less than 1000 people, result living the person not to have.” That person said. You know that hasn't been living? Can't enter to inside?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally, your a while will not find the place of high spot to have a look to know, this big is transparent, can see inside person from outside, these person all bewildered deaths.” That person spoke of here time, suddenly front has broadcast an ebullition sound. Finds a place to look quickly that front was some people must certainly go.” That person said that moved directly. At this time the Xia Tian front person were too many, jumping that even if keeps here, cannot see front, because the front person also jumps there. „To look at the good play, naturally must choose a good place.” Xia Tian said that the under foot dodges. Whiz! Whiz whiz! The Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step promotion version launches perfectly. The person who because here gathers were too many, therefore appears a little crowded, after Xia Tian has used Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, these people as if were automatic resign one to be the same to Xia Tian. Normal, front that is a person is unable through, but Xia Tian such fast is shuttling back and forth forward. About five minutes.

Xia Tian arrived at the first row. At this time can stand in the first row of people are Expert. Tripod Rank 5 above Expert, or four cauldron Expert. Snort, I must have a look at this big to have any extraordinary but actually.” A person gives a loud shout, afterward his head presented three small cauldrons and eight small cauldrons. Tripod Rank 8. What this getting rid is tripod Rank 8 Expert. Saw that such Expert has acted, those present all looked at the vision to him. Everybody understands, the person who first goes in successfully, can certainly obtain inside buried treasure, but everybody also understands, before has not clarified goes, with bringing death actually different. I came.” That tripod Expert gives a loud shout, afterward his whole person has fired into that mysterious Formation directly. Formation is transparent. Outside person can see inside person, but they actually do not know that actually to have anything. After that person goes, cautious and solemn that walks. Inside sees with outside is different.” Xia Tian discovered that after that person goes, always keeping looked that he does not know actually this person is looking at anything, but with looks from outside obviously is different. That person on such cautious and solemn walks forward, as if any danger is different. Worthily is tripod Rank 8 Expert, this time can certainly be successful.” Yes, he may compared with the first several people, he walk was so deep, a unexpectedly matter did not have.” Expert is Expert, it seems like enters here to have the rank limit, the rank low person cannot go.”

The surrounding person whoops, they think that this person did not certainly have the issue, he can certainly enter to this mysterious big central place, in that case, this big inside treasure turned over to this person all. At this moment, this person has waved suddenly. Probably is same in the fight with any thing. Hit.” Saw that such situation people understood, inside definitely was hits, who as for his match was, that nobody knew, because can only see him outside. This fight has continued for ten minutes. After ten minutes, that tripod Rank 8 Expert stands in same place motionless. One minute! Two minutes. Five minutes! …… A half hour. On his face suddenly presented the painful facial expression, afterward his entire body is split up directly. Bang! Blasted out.