Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1899

That person explodes in the Xia Tian front on this directly. Nobody knows that actually to have anything, because his body like this exploded in inside. Volume!” This time is Xia Tian sees with one's own eyes the opposite party to explode in front of oneself, the process of explosion is so simple, he probably still in resisting anything, but he stood there finally probably what happened, then on his face had the painful the expression. Explosion. At that moment he probably experienced any terrifying matter to be the same. Attract! The person has all held breath cold air. They believe before that this tripod Rank 8 Expert can certainly enter to the innermost, but they see with one's own eyes this person dead in their front now. Tripod Rank 8 Expert died. Then also who dares to go forward? This time frightening is not small, the person who before these were ready to make trouble all stopped the footsteps now. Choice between treasure and survival. 99.9% people will all choose survival. Regardless of what treasure does not have own life to be valuable, now these many eyes visit them, even if were the average person took the treasure, perhaps also brought not to leave the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, therefore here has refused all of a sudden to compromise at this time, nobody is willing to go forward again, strength weak fearing death, moreover was worried unable to protect the treasure, the strength strong person feared death. Tripod Rank 8 Expert died in inside a moment ago. Tripod Rank 8 Expert in next three were considered as on is small Expert, which regardless of arrives is command respect, even if were these respected families saw also will extend the olive branch, was he such bewildered death in this Formation, even linked his name nobody to know. Sees such situation, even some people have also been about to leave.

After all they continued to stay here to be useless, moreover here mechanism were many, perhaps bumped into any mechanism dead here. Xia Tian comes first day, nobody went forward again. Next day, the person who also several did not believe in evil doctrines has gone, finally was the same with the beforehand person, all died in inside, saw such situation, over a million people walked the larger part directly, finally only remaining 200,000-300,000 people. Third day, walked 100,000 people. Seventh day, only remaining about 10,000 people. These 10,000 people, the person of uniform Expert and small influence. Population one few, naturally had each other person of acquaintance to appear, for example that Gang Village, again for example Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi, the total master and five lines of ghosts, all appeared. First discovered Bishop Cao is Gang Village. Eight, your unexpectedly also dares to come to here.” Gang Village looks angrily Bishop Cao shouts, here person were few, therefore his shout has brought in many people immediately. Is he.” The total master saw Bishop Cao time stares slightly. „The boy in Saint virtue palace, ha ha ha ha!” [gold/metal] Gui has heard a series of big laughter. The total master and five lines of ghosts all moved toward Gang Village there. „Does Gang Village, need to help.” The total master goes forward to ask. This woman is not simple.” Gang Village opens the mouth saying that he has not spoken frankly to need to help, but his is not simple indicated that he truly needs the help of total master. Right? A woman, has anything not to be simple, you will not defeat in a woman hand.” The total master accent said with a smile, after all he has also fought with Gang Village, if the previous time were not Gang Village gets rid to obstruct, that Jupiter already is his. You can try.” Saying of Gang Village provocation.

Really is fellow of one crowd of being haunted by the ghost.” Bishop Cao helpless shaking the head. „The person who you offend are really many.” Liu Shishi spoke thoughtlessly to say. Did not have the means that the life has everywhere been full of the stimulation.” Bishop Cao smiling saying. Hey, the fellow in that Saint virtue palace, where told me Xia Tian to be.” The total master looked shouts directly to Bishop Cao, he thinks that at this time this side had the absolute superiority, that had the right to speak. „Are you I are speaking to your grandfather? You think that your grandfather I am that person who betrays the brothers?” Very Bishop Cao disdains looked at a total master to say. Um? You dare to scold me, really live is impatient.” Total master vision ice-cold looks at Bishop Cao. That also I asked you, where was your father's grave at? Told me, recently my hand was happen to itchy, wants to dig the grave.” Bishop Cao refuses to admit being inferior looked to the opposite total master. You court death.” The body of total master emerged boundless killing intent immediately, these days Xia Tian may give to damage him miserably, now unexpectedly Bishop Lian Cao dare such to speak to him, if he did not teach Bishop Cao, others, when he was good to bully. Now since he could not find Xia Tian, he directly vented on Bishop Cao is good. Whiz! The body of total master vanished in instantaneously same place, afterward his foot kicked to Bishop Cao, he was four cauldron Expert, wanted to strike to kill Bishop Cao this tripod Rank 5 person not to need to cause to affix the imperial seal, moreover he believes one only needed casually struck, can relaxed striking kill Xia Tian. The speed of total master is fast, saw that his foot must kick on the body of Bishop Cao. ! At this moment, a whip pulled out directly on his body. Although he already, when has dodged the sensation to crisis as far as possible, but the whip probably lived was the same, in direct pressure he. Bang!

The body of total master pulled out to fly directly. Anything!” The total master hurried several tuck dive, fall to the ground steadily, but on him has actually transmitted the burning pain, he is four cauldron Expert, wants the wound to his is not easy, but his unexpectedly stiffly was flown pulling out now. After the total master falls to the ground his vision looked to Cao Bishop Liu Shishi: Is you.” I already told you her not to be simple.” Nearby Gang Village opens the mouth to say directly. Snort.” Total master cold snort, looked at Gang Village one to say afterward: Gang Village, you and she were also become enemies, five lines of ghosts, you also want to kill the person in Saint virtue palace, such being the case, our three together collaborated to cope with her, although she was a woman, but I, if we regarded the ordinary woman to treat her, finally that suffered a loss can only be we.” Good.” [gold/metal] Gui goes forward to say. Gang Village also nodded. Gang Village and total masters are four cauldron Expert, five lines of ghosts can also with existence that four cauldron Expert compare favorably with. Therefore they add quite therefore three four cauldron Expert. At this time they must join up to cope with Liu Shishi. I give you again an opportunity, which told me Xia Tian, perhaps I will let off you.” Total master coldly looked that said to Bishop Cao. Do not ask that I in this.”