Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1900

Saw that their several people must join up to cope with Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi, Xia Tian cannot see a play. Actually he in side by his power of observation, already had discovered Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi, but his previous time offended Liu Shishi, therefore does not dare to come out to recognize each other, time that but did not continue to hide now. Because these people he has locked on the goal, decides as Bishop Cao the goal. Xia Tian! You how.” Bishop Cao helpless shaking the head. Did not come out these old households to want not to say well-mannered.” Xia Tian start to talk slowly said. Xia Tian, you left finally.” When Xia Tian comes out, on the face of total master presented the excited facial expression, at this moment he and others was too long, regarding him, Xia Tian has brought too many shames to him, his solemn four cauldron Expert, unexpectedly by a Xia Tian such brat making that distressedly. He not only has suffered a loss under the hand of Xia Tian, but also his subordinate also died in the hand of Xia Tian. Over ten thousand people of armies, now only remaining such several hundred individuals. Xia Tian, hands over the thing that we want.” Saying of five lines of ghost coldly. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Xia Tian raises head to laugh suddenly: Waste, one crowd of waste, five lines of ghosts, I am only the tripod Rank 1 ordinary boy, your any takes is only tripod Rank 9 Expert, I asked you, but dares to stand with my single Tiao? The war of life and death, others cannot meddle.” Our five always together get rid, no matter the opposite party is a person, is 100 individuals, the opposite party is a cauldron, is four cauldrons, we all together get rid.” Saying of [gold/metal] ghost coldly. I asked that you do dare.” Xia Tian powerful looked that said to five lines of ghosts. I said.” What I asked was dares, you only needed to reply that I was dare or do not dare.” Xia Tian stubbornly stares at five lines of ghosts to ask.

This is not issue that dares.” Dares not to dare!!!!” Xia Tian asked again. On five lines of ghost faces presented the angry look, Xia Tian the issue they were unasnwerable, although in this world choice question answer, only then two, however the Xia Tian choice question they cannot elect, once because has elected, that Xia Tian scheme, if they said that dares, that Xia Tian method may be many, total master four cauldron Expert in his hands have suffered a loss, nobody can guarantee that what he does not put out card in a hand. „, Five waste old ghosts.” Xia Tian disdain said one. „Do you courted death, believe our five now to kill you.” Five lines of ghost wicked saying. Does not believe that if not you are threatening my friend, your five can overtake me?” Xia Tian contemptuous looks to five lines of ghosts, although five lines of ghosts collaborate to resist four cauldron Expert, however their speeds are actually only the ordinary tripod Rank 9 speeds, but Xia Tian is different, the Xia Tian speed has been able to compare favorably with ordinary four cauldron Expert. Suddenly five lines of ghosts are dumbfounded. Person who at this time did not have here, which is not honored and popular big figure, they all look at present to holding. The reputation of five lines of ghost and total masters is not small outside. What they are not clear, why these big figure must collaborate to cope with a tripod Rank 1 boy, moreover five lines of ghost unexpectedly were selected the list to select not to dare to stand, even also lets the person taunt is can only by threatening others friends can have the opportunity that faces to fight. Suddenly the surrounding person a little looked down upon five lines to be clever. „Don't you want single Tiao? I come with you.” Total master vision mean looks at Xia Tian, his hate to Xia Tian is not small. You and my single Tiao? Your four cauldron Expert unexpectedly challenge my tripod Rank 1 boy, I really am feel to blush for you, you also match to call itself the total master, your subordinate? You were not known as that brings several thousand Expert to enter the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber? How now only remaining several hundred, moreover which must arrive brings to, didn't make them blackmail?” Xia Tian such remarks, the person has all held breath cold air.

Person unexpectedly of total master was all given to kill by Xia Tian. Moreover total master unexpectedly was also forced, can only contract the team, is used to defend Xia Tian, has saying that total master time was plants in Xia Tian. His unexpectedly has eaten such big owing in front of this Xia Tian. You were compelling me now to kill you.” Total master vision one cold. „If not you forces my friend, I have the confidence before you strike kills me, kills off your behind that crowd of waste.” Xia Tian looked that said to the total master. You try.” The total master now in the eye is the anger, he doesnot can the present kill Xia Tian very much. Good, must hit in any case, early hits late hits hits.” Xia Tian said that has exhibited battle formation directly, must come a life and death appearance with the total master. The total master instantaneously has also gotten hold of his fist. The war is ready to be set off. „Didn't total master, you say in life value one of the boy Pin Baoqi? Hasn't this saying now kept a promise?” The surroundings some people shouted immediately. Kept a promise!” The total master has closed tightly saying of his mandibular joint coldly. Good, we also want to mix.” Surrounding person all cannot help but forwarded two steps. Reason that the total master said that kept a promise because of Xia Tian behind Liu Shishi, through with Liu Shishi's fighting, he saw a moment ago Liu Shishi was fierce, although their here had him, Gang Village and five lines of ghosts, but he always felt that this is unable to catch Xia Tian, therefore he chose must collaborate to cope with Xia Tian by the surrounding these people together.

Mean.” Xia Tian saw that the surrounding these people all have the meaning of getting rid, immediately scolded. These person of unexpectedly plans collaborate to cope with him. Mean? to become Wang defeats the invader, this is the custom of eternally unchanginging, the history book is, you who is written by the victor died, what person also there is to remember you?” Total master cloudy evil smiles. Your boy, but also dares to come in front of me not?” Liu Shishi walked from behind, angry looks at Xia Tian. Volume!” Heard Liu Shishi's words, Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head, although he a moment ago walked, but he does not dare to look at Liu Shishi, because his previous time has deceived Liu Shishi. Snort, I will ask you to do accounts from now on again.” Liu Shishi stared Xia Tian one, afterward looks to the surrounding these people: Do not fight? Come, fights me, no matter I you are one, is five, or is 10,000, I met.” Aggressive! Liu Shishi woman speech unexpectedly so aggressive. Her these words, direct to control the surrounding these people, suddenly, nobody have dared first going forward, the (spear|gun) hit the truth of person who takes the lead they to understand. Bang! Bang! At this moment, in the ground has transmitted the vibration once more. Good opportunity.” On face of Xia Tian immediately one happy.