Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 102

Saw that Xia Tian left police station , the spirit of Section Chief Zhao thoroughly relaxes, his both legs one soft, sat on the ground directly, his entire back all was the sweat, he as if experienced a life and death a moment ago. Father, you are all right.” Zhao Tianyu helps up him hurriedly. Section Chief Zhao, how were you?” Asking that Li Ju disguises to care about. Does not have, I was a little not tired, the universe, we go home first.” The complexion of Section Chief Zhao is pallid. Good, I have the matter, does not deliver you.” Li Ju sees the appearance innermost feelings of Section Chief Zhao one happily, this time Section Chief Zhao planted in a big way, such big enmity will make him crazy. Zhao Tianyu held own father to go out of the police station. Ahem, Xia Tian, I had already said the previous time matter such will not consider as finished, you offend this to the fathers and sons, you left refuse stubbornly far.” Li Ju still remembers that now initial situation, Liu Dui was given to persecute to death by him, if Liu Dui does not die, will then bite finally him. Father, I from infancy to maturity by this type of air/Qi, I do not let that male death, that police.” Zhao Tianyu angry shouting, so was exactly big, first time such does not have the face, in front of woman Bai Yiyi that likes in him. That police said that first coped with that male, he understood to select Kungfu, but meeting Kungfu was useful this year, double fist difficult enemy four, I to make him die without the burial ground.” Section Chief Zhao eyeful murderous aura, he lived was so long, the first time hit was so miserable, the leg that finally frightened was soft. This regarding him is the greatest shame. If this enmity did not report, he died with injustice unredressed. After Xia Tian said goodbye to Lin Bingbing, followed Bai Yiyi, Bai Yiyi said that must lead him to go to the home, has a look her grandmother. Bai Yiyi family not in urban district, but in the suburbs of one, but this manor is their family, here paradise seems to be ordinary, is lonesome and quiet and beautiful, Greenwood Villa that Xia Tian went to before is the environment best place, but there is the grove rather somewhat is all low-key. Here different, various strange flowers and grass are innumerable.

Your family's environment was also too good.” Xia Tian also saw many herbal medicines here, the ginseng ganoderma lucidum has also found at everywhere, moreover they also had big nitpicking regarding the planter position and environment, did not plant in the same place, but found at everywhere. This avoided among them robbing the nutrient mutually, finally all maldevelopment. We study medicine for generations, the medical skill of our family is to pass on female does not pass on the male.” Young nurse Bai Yiyi answered. „.” Xia Tian nodded, the skill of others family is passes on male does not pass on the female, the skill of their family actually strange very much, unexpectedly is passes on female does not pass on the male. Walks, I have raised you with grandmother.” Young nurse Bai Yiyi shows a faint smile. Xia Tian moved toward inside with young nurse Bai Yiyi, went to the living room time, the Bai Yiyi grandmother and Young Aunt sat there. Grandmother is good, Young Aunt is good.” Greeting of Xia Tian very politeness. Hello, hello.” The grandmother very polite response of Bai Yiyi said. Bai Yiyi Young Aunt has not spoken, but is frowns tightly, Xia Tian was too young, she is very difficult to believe that such little child can be Divine Doctor. Now can carry on the treatment?” Bai Yiyi looked that asked to Xia Tian. Naturally, my treatment is not free, you are my concubine I naturally can give you free medical treatment, but other people are not good.” Xia Tian is treats to Grandfather, has also delivered him to Grandfather one set of silver needle. His father educates him since childhood, all things all have Karma, the world not free lunch. You treat to me first.” Bai Yiyi nodded.

Good.” Xia Tian has put out a Jin box from the bosom, saw that this brocade box the time three people have placed on the vision the brocade box. When Xia Tian opens the brocade box, the Bai Yiyi grandmother has opened the mouth immediately: „Is this Bian Que Divine Needles?” Before Bai Yiyi grandmother, has very big anxiety to this Xia Tian, because their family gets sick she to be clearer than anyone, she from medical these many year slight means that has not heard Bai Yiyi to call to say some people can treat this sickness, she has not had the high hope. Even if sees Xia Tian that moment, she has not had the hope similarly, because Xia Tian was too young, when she sees the goods in brocade box, she has believed the larger part. Grandmother good vision.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the right hand takes up an silver needle directly, the grandmother and Young Aunt in staring at him, but their unexpectedly discovered the silver needle in Xia Tian hand to vanish baseless. Xia Tian has taken up second, but second also vanished. Then, Xia Tian takes up the tenth time, they have discovered finally, these silver needle unexpectedly all insert in the body of Bai Yiyi. Actually that Xia Tian is when under needle? Their two have been staring, the entire journey has not relaxed. This speed was also too fast, then the quick speed can look for accurate acupoint? Looks for acupoint probably is the person will eat meal regarding Xia Tian with sleeping to be the same, is instinct part. After two minutes, Xia Tian narrowing. Was good, within five years will not manifest suddenly.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Feels how is it?” Bai Yiyi Young Aunt anxious looks to Bai Yiyi.

Probably, that cold current in within the body had not vanished.” Bai Yiyi excited saying. So is really mysterious.” Bai Yiyi Young Aunt whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he has achieved, before she does not believe absolutely Xia Tian can achieve, but the fact showed now that he was truly successful. „Are you doing?” Outside of living room walks a man, the man seems over 40 years old is. Was really good.” Bai Yiyi excited saying: You help me also cure the grandmother and Young Aunt.” I have said that I can only be free to you, others are must receive money.” Xia Tian answered. Receives money? How much money do you want?” Bai Yiyi asked. You are swindler who which comes, unexpectedly dare to come my Bai Family to deceive.” That man hears receives money goes forward to scold to say directly, regardless of the Bai Family person the men and women can only be surnamed Bai, Bai Yiyi with mother surname, but is not the father. Uncle, he is not a swindler.” Bai Yiyi answered hurriedly. Added that is not the swindler, you by this sickness scaring, the words of this young fellow, you have also believed.” The Bai Yiyi uncle disdains looked at Xia Tian one. Xia Tian has not spoken, but received the silver needle, sees the Xia Tian movement, Bai Yiyi Young Aunt and grandmother simultaneously stares, they know that the Bai Yiyi uncle has angered Xia Tian, like this Divine Doctor temperament certainly is very big. I have the matter, first walked.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Wait / Etc., summer Divine Doctor.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother has stopped by calling Xia Tian suddenly, afterward turns the head to look to her son: You give me to apologize to summer Divine Doctor, otherwise tumbles out Bai Family to me.”