Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 106

What on your face shakes is two bulb, won't look at?” The females were ridiculing. I gave you to apologize, were you how is it?” The Bai Yiyi complexion is very ugly, the opposite party curses at people to scold was also too coarse. Oh, you smeared my clothes, unexpectedly have also dared such to speak to me, did you hold true? What did you have a look at my clothes to turn into? This clothes are my boyfriend spend 3800 dollars to buy for me, you compensate?” When the females spoke the fleck of saliva to depart more than one meter far. Also wants 3800 on your this A goods?” Bai Yiyi first saw what the opposite party puts on is the A goods. What did you say? What who puts on is the A goods, your has not seen the scene person, you cannot understand, this called the sign, my boyfriend was who? That is of Wang Nianlin Jianghai four young masters.” Female loud saying , the arrogance is very rampant. Wang Nianlin!” Hears this name time, Xia Tian stares slightly, doesn't that pursue older female cousin that country bumpkin? How that country bumpkin will look for a such ugly girlfriend, this taste was also too heavy. Anyone, anyone, who bullies me in this, my chamberpot?” The females behind went out of an appearance extremely obese person. Husband, is they, my clothes smearing, you had a look.” The females act like a spoiled brat in this obese male bosom. „Is he Wang Nianlin?” Xia Tian by the thunder but actually, this year some also people had almost been pretended to be, your image point that pretends to be is also good. What's wrong, what's wrong, I am Wang Nianlin, you not, refusing to accept?” The man is one stutters. Clothing, took.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Clothing, the clothing is good, I consider, tell you, my Wang Nianlin, am rich.” The men gain ground saying that throws out the chest. Husband, me.” The females also felt the man said used energy.

That, good, you said.” The men nodded. My husband is of Wang Nianlin Jianghai four young masters, in his family 1 million car(riage)s have sufficed to be full of a square, the house of his family is 27 independence big villas, family's servants has more than 1000 people, what every day the breakfast eats is the abalone and shark fin, what rinsing mouth is the bird nest, which big star arrives at to greet on own initiative, the clothes that the body wears are tens of thousands one.” Female complacent saying. But on you puts on is the A goods.” Bai Yiyi puzzled saying. What do you understand? Have you seen the rich man? I told you, Jianghai University these school beauty had been flung by my boyfriend, any Yun Miao, Ye Qingxue, Huo Wennu had been flung by my boyfriend, finally he has chosen most attractive me.” On the face of female has filled arrogantly, in her eyes, own beautiful appearance has surmounted Jianghai University school beauty completely. Hee hee.” Bai Yiyi hears the words of female, she has almost not smiled to spurt. What do you smile? I knew, you definitely are envy me to have the beautiful appearance of such peerless grace and talent, in society can have the woman of beautiful appearance and wisdom together annexation perhaps also only then my.” The females were infatuated with by their words completely. act high and mighty for a while, is not concerned about face is eternal, today I grow in experience.” Xia Tian could not bear, he has seen act high and mighty, but has not seen itself act high and mighty also to install to be infatuated with. Smelly, the brat, you, you dare saying that my chamberpot, did you, you believe me to divide the minute to abandon you.” The obese man looks at Xia Tian wickedly: I am skilled in Shaolin, Wudang, Kongtong, Mount Hua and Martial Arts of point warehouse five big schools.” Bang! Xia Tian rubbish, a foot kicked directly in his crotch department, the eyes of obese man stared in a big way, the mouth turned into O, the both legs has clamped kneels on the ground directly, he felt that his fruit broke to pieces. Excuse me, I put one's foot down am a little quick.” Xia Tian very apology looks at obese man. Husband, you how?” The females ran hurriedly.

Sorry, I was really unable to continue watching you to continue act high and mighty, therefore had finished ahead of time, this was 200 dollars, I thought on you that A goods also on value money.” Xia Tian walks to the female backward front Qian Reng, at the same time he threw an ID card in the front of female, the owner of this ID card was obese the man, just the above name was called Wang Nianlin, but was not Wang Nianlin. Sees this ID card time, the female was scared. How you know that he is fake?” Bai Yiyi puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I have hit.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Violence is crazy.” Bai Yiyi white Xia Tian. Meanwhile true Wang Nianlin in a KTV theater box, in the theater box altogether is having two men at this time, eight females. Young Hu, you go out to play how is it?” Wang Nianlin smiling looks at the opposite party, Hu Fangye opposite party Jianghai four young masters. Hand of Hu Fangye unscrupulous feels on the body of side that several female, very makes an effort, female sometimes painful nearly called, but bore finally: Also, outside woman rests not to compare in the family, I rest now enough wildly, wanting several to seem clear.” Right? Young Hu unexpectedly has this aesthetic pleasure, happen to I gave you to prepare one.” Wang Nianlin called the KTV manager, said several in his ear. Quick the female who put on the student to take walked, a female appearance was the role acts, her makings are also just the same as the student, see her time Hu Fangye at present one brightly, look unscrupulous was taking a fast look around on the female. Is gawking doing? Has not accompanied Young Hu quickly.” Wang Nianlin has pushed a female. Hu Fangye has let loose that several females, very much that several females are tactful resigned a piece of space, Hu Fangye has dragged into own bosom the female, both hands is trying to find out on the body of female: Really a little flavor, seems also really looks like a student.”

Any words that Young Hu spoke, she is a student, this year just graduated, the student of Jianghai high school.” Wang Nianlin answered. On face of Hu Fangye immediately one happy: „Do you name?” I called Wen Ya.” The females are not others, is Wen Ya, Xu Qinghua finds the person to experiment Wen Ya, Wen Ya really has also swallowed the bait, therefore the Xu Qinghua design made her sign the usury, finally was forced this place to go to work. Wen Ya, good name, good name.” Grasping that the Hu Fangye right hand makes an effort above the Wen Ya mountain peak. Your several get down.” Wang Nianlin waved to these women, oneself side has only left behind one: I am somewhat tired, you help me relax.” That female squatted down her body, has untied the Wang Nianlin pants. Your boy, good this, I to hear that you have been pursuing Ye Qingxue, now how?” Hu Fangye sees Wang Nianlin to say. Yeah, not to mention, my this whole life not such aggrieved.” Wang Nianlin sighed to say.