Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 107

„? Mentioned listens, who dares to make my brother feel suffocated.” Hu Fangye stares slightly, Wang Nianlin is also one of the Jianghai four young masters, some unexpectedly people can make him admit defeat, is Wen Zhaohua they. Is wool does not have the long uneven brat.” Wang Nianlin remembers Xia Tian on the vitality, happen to under body somewhere also relaxed, he clutched under the hair of that female to fling directly: Go away.” The females ran hurriedly the theater box. What background is he?” Hu Fangye opens the mouth to ask once more. I do not know that I only know he called Xia Tian.” Wang Nianlin frowns saying that he wants to look up Xia Tian, but does not have the place to look up. Hears Xia Tian this name time, Wen Ya in Hu Fangye bosom stares slightly. Xia Tian? Jiang Hai City has not heard this figure.” A Hu Fangye brow wrinkle, he really cannot think that Jiang Hai City which becomes famous the person to be surnamed Xia. Young Hu, I know the origins of this people.” Hides Wen Ya in Hu Fangye bosom opens the mouth to say suddenly. „Do you know? Mentioned listens.” Hu Fangye has the interest very looks one cherish Wen Ya, the right hand searches to her lower part. Young Hu, you are really bad.” Wen Ya acts like a spoiled brat saying. Said quickly that actually that Xia Tian does have what background?” Wang Nianlin has not thought that this woman unexpectedly knows Xia Tian. He is the student of Jianghai high school, is my classmate, before his life was very simple, is a full good student, after being on vacation from school, works to make money, probably one month ago, his whole person changed a type, Xu Family was also forced to leave Jiang Hai City.” Wen Ya had not said before Xia Tian, is her boyfriend, she can look, Wang Nianlin has certainly a grudge with Xia Tian, she must marry into Xu Family, was this Xia Tian has gone bad her good deed, she must retaliate Xia Tian, but she did not have that skill, therefore she planned that used this Wang Nianlin to cope with Xia Tian. Xu Family? Is that limp-leg A'San Xu Family?” A Hu Fangye brow wrinkle. Is that Xu Family, but I also heard, reason that Xu Family leaves Jiang Hai City, actually does not have with that Xia Tian relations, before is them the big personal enemy returned to Jianghai, therefore they exit to lie low until something blows over.” Wen Ya has not spoken the truth, she understands clearly that Xu Family is because Xia Tian leaves Jiang Hai City.

Em, has this possibility, Xu Family no matter what in Jianghai is a little small skill, if can be expelled Jianghai by a high-school student, their Xu Family already did not have.” Hu Fangye nodded. Right, certainly is this, no wonder he attended the Ye Qingxue birthday party time can put on is so poor, is Ye Qingxue prepares certainly as for these gifts.” Wang Nianlin has as if thought through, before he was suspecting, if Xia Tian so is really rich, how can put on is so poor, especially afterward he also discovered that the Xia Tian car(riage) is not own, his unexpectedly brings roadside barbeque that Ye Qingxue eats. This small figure can also make you admit defeat, you were really in vain the blind Jianghai four young master titles.” Hu Fangye disdains stared Wang Nianlin one. Reason that I before suffered a loss, because was not clear his details, since now were clear, I naturally must teach his one time well.” In the Wang Nianlin vision has revealed mean. This matter has made him aggrievedly too long. Next morning, Xia Tian also has Jianghai University that Bing Xin will go to together with Ye Qingxue. This competition has arranged, so long as the Jianghai University Tae Kwon Do department and martial arts department can defeat Takeuchi Dairo, then matter, if lost, then Jianghai University Tae Kwon Do and martial arts must dismiss . Moreover the Jianghai University reputation will also be damaged. As for Xia Tian, the school arranges him to compete finally, if Takeuchi Dairo has lost to the martial arts society, that Xia Tian naturally did not need to go on stage. Although the Tae Kwon Do department will also participate, but the Tae Kwon Do department has only sent a person, yesterday competed they strongest Gao Fu to lead to be wounded, today sends many people also to be useless. The martial arts department is but different, they do not think one will lose. That Xia Tian is any thing, unexpectedly like key figure, finally enters the stage.” Is, has our martial arts department, his radically not being able to come up field.” His yesterday's competition I looked, is sneak attacks others to win, this person does not match with our martial arts department places on a par.”

The people of martial arts department are very discontented with the arrangement of school authorities, in their opinion, arranges that Xia Tian radically is the useless action, has their martial arts department, naturally will save this face for the school. Moreover arrangement, should the Xia Tian arrangement in front, after he lost, strives to turn the tide by the people of martial arts department again. Was good, since is the arrangement of school authorities, you listen are being.” An appearance tall and strong man walked from behind. Strength elder brother.” Strength elder brother.” Sees his arrival, all people all greeted. Em,” strength elder brother nodded: Boss has decided that I represent the martial arts department to go to battle, if I lost the old congress to go forth to battle personally.” Strength elder brother will lose how possibly.” Right, the strength elder brother radically is the perfection, can defeat the strength elder brother besides the Boss on nobody.” Powerful elder brother goes on stage, that can win the face for our Jianghai University absolutely.” The people said together that strength elder brother not polite, he thinks one have that skill. After Xia Tian they arrive at Jianghai University, went to Huo Wennu there directly, this competition by the Huo Wennu referee, comes to the conference room the time, in the room sat several people, had yesterday instructor of that Tae Kwon Do department, with participants of Tae Kwon Do department. I introduced to you, he was Xia Tian.” Huo Wennu said with the people.

This is Tan instructor of Tae Kwon Do department, what side him is today's participants leaf rising sun, here is the Boss of martial arts department, Qi Shuai.” Said that introduced mutually, actually besides Xia Tian, other people also knows. „Are you Xia Tian?” Qi Shuai sits there lazily asking. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Today's competition you sit in inside see a play on the line, the method of that sneak attack is remaining.” Saying that Qi Shuai disdains, he has the full confidence to today's competition, he believes that the martial arts department will win today's competition absolutely. Xia Tian had not answered. Qi Shuai, cannot be negligent, this relates to the existing problem of martial arts department and Tae Kwon Do department, relates to our Jianghai University reputation.” The Huo Wennu reminder said. Relax, flatter strength, if lost, I will enter the stage personally.” Uneven commander-in-chief very optional saying, then once more looks to Xia Tian: I remember that you give others to have the nickname the skill to be very big, or also gives me to have one resoundingly.” Zydron's words are not very elegant, Qi Dongqiang the words also do not have the imposing manner, I thought that you simply called east Zydron strong Xia Tian light saying.