Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 108

Snort.” Qi Shuaileng snort, slammed a door to go out of the conference room. Ye Qingxue helpless looked at Xia Tian, Xia Tian is really inborn will also stir up trouble, Qi Shuai the meaning was to let Xia Tian says one resoundingly, but Xia Tian unexpectedly gave such a dramatic nickname. He he.” Huo Wennu coldly smiles, she had been irritated by Xia Tian quickly, this competition has not started to carry on, the civil strife appeared. Sister Wen, how many do you know about that Takeuchi Dairo?” Ye Qingxue wants many understanding opposite party, considered again actually to make Xia Tian compete. Takeuchi Dairo is the Takeuchi Ichiro elder brother, he is not the student of Eastern University, this time happen to comes the China management, saw that the younger brother was injured acts, he is Island Country North Star School youngest karate seven Expert.” Huo Wennu looked up some related Takeuchi Dairo information. Youngest seven Expert!” The Ye Qingxue expression becomes very ugly. Fruit is not the iron?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Huo Wennu. You also crack a joke, I told you, he will have the opportunity to turn into the North Star class main person in the future.” Huo Wennu indignant looks at Xia Tian. Fruit is the iron not?” Xia Tian asked again. Sister Wen, should not be angry, this, we first in the past had a look to say again, if he does not make Xia Tian participate really fiercely.” Ye Qingxue does not think Xia Tian to have an accident, compares that not to be worth a red cent with the Xia Tian security as for the reputation of school simply. The people arrived in the sports field directly, today's competition attracted many audiences, the people of Eastern University also came. Gao Fu led also to observe with Takeuchi Ichiro. Gao Fu commander-in-chief sits on the wheelchair also being unable to restrain oneself, saw Bing Xin time just about to greets saw the face of Xia Tian, he has dropped his idea immediately. The people of martial arts department are many, their cheering squads are more.

In the auditorium sat over a hundred people of martial arts department, in their cheering squads the woman occupies majority, these women wear the same clothes, is holding the flag for martial arts department keep it up, stand the people of these martial arts departments are gain ground to throw out the chest, is not seeing the person. Why do the people of martial arts department have that many?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. China is one person of liked the martial arts the place, the foreign students in other countries have many like the China martial arts, therefore the population of martial arts department must surpass other departments by far.” Ye Qingxue answered. „Are they very certainly fierce?” Xia Tian asked again. Em, in the martial arts department has many Expert, they have won the championships of various competitions, these fiercest is one called the flatter strength and a moment ago by Qi Shuai who you were mad.” Ye Qingxue nodded to say. The Eastern institute this time also dispatched many people, instructor of previous time that Tae Kwon Do department, their Student Association association president, as well as the director all came. Elder brother, is he, is he.” Takeuchi Ichiro pinches the orchid fingers to point at Xia Tian, saying in a seductive voice. His side stands a face solemn youth, the youth is touching the head of Takeuchi Ichiro: Relax, the elder brother will certainly revenge for you.” Sees Takeuchi Ichiro that disgusting condition, the Xia Tian whole body one cold. Strength elder brother, that person probably is Xia Tian.” Martial arts department that side person said. Em.” flatter strength turning the head vision took a fast look around one on the body of Xia Tian, disdains stared Xia Tian one: „A body point does not have after the trace of exercise, this person can also be arranged to enter the stage finally, really laughed aloud.” Is, how this person possibly compares with the strength elder brother, the opportunity that he has not entered the stage, can only watch the fun.” The people of martial arts department echo to say. flatter strength.” Walks a youth from the wings, the youth keeps a serious look, saw that the people of his time martial arts department resigned a path on own initiative.

Boss, you came.” flatter strength respectful saying. Em, the general idea, the opposite party should not be karate seven Expert, karate biggest merit is the speed and effort, each part of their body can be used to attack.” Qi Shuai urged. Relax, the Boss, I ensure gives to break his bone.” The flatter strength has pinched own fist excited saying. Copes with the karate to protect under own throat and rib, there is the target that they mainly attack.” Qi Shuai some Kungfu understanding various countries. flatter point of force nod. East Zydron strong, hello.” Xia Tian notified Qi Shuai on own initiative. Snort.” Qi Shuaileng snort had turned the head. You are any thing, dares such to call our eldest children.” The people of martial arts department discontented shouted to clear the way to Xia Tian. You are any thing, dares such to speak to me.” Xia Tian smile looks at the opposite party. Boy, spoke politely.” The flatter strength turns the head to look to Xia Tian, he is second Expert of martial arts department, naturally must for the martial arts department over, moreover he treats as next to last act matter to be very discontented to Xia Tian. East Zydron strong, your person is not probably friendly to me.” Xia Tian looked that said to Qi Shuai. You, if also dares that to call me, I also become unfriendly.” Uneven commander-in-chief coldly looks to Xia Tian, he just wants to ridicule Xia Tian, but Xia Tian unexpectedly gave him to have a nickname. If not look in the Ye Qingxue face, he already began.

„Are you doing? The competition started.” Huo Wennu their here was shouting one to Xia Tian. That leaf rising sun of Tae Kwon Do department went on stage, before he goes on stage, his instructor exhorts him, once drops down do not stand, this Takeuchi Dairo is fiercer than Takeuchi Ichiro, even if Gao Fu commander-in-chief has not been injured they not to be impossible to win. Standing that Takeuchi Dairo unemotionally on stage, saw leaf rising sun time his eyes have not opened. The leaf rising sun knows one are impossible to conquer front enemy, but saw that the opposite party does not open the eyes the eye, the temperament came up immediately. ! The leaf rising sun gives a loud shout, a foot kicks directly to the head of Takeuchi Dairo. Ka! Takeuchi Dairo gets rid instantaneously, a fist has broken the right leg of leaf rising sun directly, but he has not called a halt, but fought with the fists once more left leg of leaf rising sun. Stop.” Huo Wennu on referee seat shouts loudly. Ahem!” Takeuchi Dairo cold snort, a foot has kicked under the leaf rising sun the stage directly, this foot kicked his several ribs. Child rising sun.” instructor and medical team of Tae Kwon Do department ran hurriedly. very ruthless, Takeuchi Dairo first round got rid to indicate his very ruthless, left deftly ruthless, he can obviously very relaxed victorious leaf rising sun, but actually must break the leaf rising sun the both legs, finally that foot also kicked the several ribs of leaf rising sun.