Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 109

Takeuchi Dairo to set up prestige, his younger brother made into such, he naturally cannot let off with this concerned anybody. Facts showed that he achieved. On this time leaf rising sun face is the tears, pain almost makes him collapse, but he clenches teeth to insist, has not shouted actually. I asked you, saved him.” Gao Fu commander-in-chief arrives at the Xia Tian side to beg. I will save him, because of you, he is also not a man.” Xia Tian has not gone to look at Gao Fu commander-in-chief, but moved toward the leaf rising sun directly, this Tae Kwon Do department instructor has not stopped Xia Tian. Xia Tian arrives at the leaf rising sun the front: Pain?” „It is not painful!” The leaf rising sun bites the tooth to insist, on his face is the mixture of sweat and tears. Is strip man.” Xia Tian both hands pinched directly above his both legs. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from the mouth of leaf rising sun. Has to fix the support of bone?” Xia Tian turns the head to look to the medical team. Has!” The people of medical team continuously in side. I join his rib, you help me in fixedly.” Both hands of Xia Tian patted directly above his rib, the rib and pin bone were different, in the rib all was the internal organs, not good to arrive at inside on the easy wound. Xia Tian cautious and solemn all joins the rib of leaf rising sun. The people of medical team come up the help leaf rising sun to fix the bone on his body hurriedly. Goes back to recuperate well, 100 days later can restore.” Xia Tian looks that leaf Xu said. Thank you, so long as later you have the instruction, my leaf rising sun accomplishes certainly.” Leaf rising sun grateful looks at Xia Tian, Xia Tian does not know that this leaf rising sun afterward also really had helped his busy. You first went back to recover said again.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he respects the leaf rising sun likely strip man. Hey, you good? Who is the next match?” Takeuchi Dairo very impatient saying. Takeuchi Dairo waited to be very long, saw Xia Tian sets a broken bone he is also very curious, he has not thought that in the world also has this grade of outstandingly able person, empty-handed directly sets a broken bone.

Snort, boast shamelessly Islander, I come to be able you.” The flatter strength stands up, passed by side Xia Tian the time from the chair stared Xia Tian one: You work as seeing a play was good, I will break his bone knocking.” Your bone broke words, I will not help you meet.” Xia Tian is not a philanthropist, saw that others are injured help. Snort.” flatter strength cold snort, has stepped onto the arena directly. The Takeuchi Dairo vision took a fast look around flatter strength one: Big fellow, long big useless.” Right? You can try.” The flatter strength extended the right hand. Takeuchi Dairo gets rid instantaneously, the neck of goal flatter strength, the body of flatter strength in a flash directly has shunted the opposite party strikes. Big fellow, has not thought that you is a flexible fat paper.” Xia Tian shouts under the stage. Shut up.” flatter strength wicked shouts to Xia Tian. Takeuchi Dairo has not seized the chance to get rid, but saw after the flatter strength has turned around, attacks instantaneously, getting rid speed fast. The flatter strength is not the pustule, the right hand pats directly to Takeuchi Dairo, the left hand grasps to the Takeuchi Dairo clothes, body turns circle, has thrown Takeuchi Dairo directly. Does attractively, fatty keep it up.” Xia Tian shouts under the stage. You shut up to me, or has opened your bone.” The flatter strength shouts to the stage under. A Takeuchi Dairo body brace, falls to the ground steadily. Strength elder brother is pretty.” Strength elder brother keep it up.” These People sounds of martial arts department shout. Strength elder brother.” Strength elder brother.” The younger sisters on stand are also shouting with one voice.

„The foundation of flatter strength is very steady, leaves the move is also virtually impossible to guard against, because just he is fat, therefore many people think that his movement is not very flexible, this is he biggest superiority.” Qi Shuai looks that in the arena the flatter strength said. Boss, how long can that strength elder brother also defeat this Island Country devil?” The people of martial arts department asked. „The opposite party strength is not weak, I estimated that are least for over ten minutes to see the victory and loss.” Led to analyze from the Takeuchi Dairo movement together, the Takeuchi Dairo strength was not weak. Above the arena, the Takeuchi Dairo direct foot kicks to the waist of flatter strength. The flatter strength puts out a hand to prevent, simultaneously grasps to his thigh with another hand, when the flatter strength holds Takeuchi Dairo immediately, a Takeuchi Dairo body revolution, another leg kicked directly on the arm of flatter strength. Snort!” flatter strength pain snort, body fast retreat, but Takeuchi Dairo has not given him the opportunity. Also was a foot kicks on that arm of flatter strength. Hateful.” The flatter strength wants to grasp to the opposite party, but Takeuchi Dairo has not given him the opportunity, was a foot kicks on the arm of flatter strength. Ka! The right arm of flatter strength has been dislocated thoroughly. Waste.” The Takeuchi Dairo double palm simultaneously hits to the joint of flatter strength right arm. Ka! Arm joint of dislocation was cut off once more. The flatter strength is enduring the severe pain of left arm, a foot kicks to Takeuchi Dairo. Fighting of sleepy beast.” Takeuchi Dairo has anchored the movement in hand, goes to retreat, afterward rushes once more. „It is not good.” Under stand leads the complexion to change together, right arm being cut off of flatter strength made him as if lose the combat capability, started to hit randomly, this hit randomly has naturally given the Takeuchi Dairo opportunity. Ka! Ah! A flatter strength pitiful yell.

Ka! Ka! Stop!” Huo Wennu on stand shouts hurriedly. Ka! Excuse me, the confiscation stops.” Takeuchi Dairo returned to own position, but the flatter strength was very miserable, before coming to power, he said that must knock the bone of Takeuchi Dairo, now was good, his bone was knocked several by Takeuchi Dairo. Oh I go, this fellow starts to be very black.” Xia Tian looks at Takeuchi Dairo to say with emotion. „Won't you set a broken bone? A bit faster helps the strength elder brother set a broken bone, what also looks at?” The people of martial arts department arrive in front of Xia Tian to shout to clear the way. Does not meet.” Xia Tian light saying. Why does not meet, didn't you meet a moment ago?” Also there are people of martial arts department to come. I said that does not meet does not meet.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. The people of martial arts department started to accuse Xia Tian immediately, probably Xia Tian owed them to resemble, should set a broken bone to the flatter strength. Saw that the Xia Tian manner is firm, they have to deliver the flatter strength. However some people accuse Xia Tian there, even also some again said that Xia Tian one will make also into the disabled person. Do not waste my time, next.” Arena saying on Takeuchi Dairo coldly. Hey, Zydron eastern strong, are you good, one do not meet the bone to break asked me to set a broken bone, I will not help you.” Xia Tian looked that shouts to Qi Shuai.