Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 110

Snort,” Qi Shuaideng Xia Tian: I tidied up him to tidy up you again.” Before Qi Shuai arrives at the arena, tip of the toe at a ground point, a tuck dive has jumped onto the arena directly. Oh I go, this is the qing gong.” Shouting of Xia Tian exaggeration. Boss,” Boss.” The people of martial arts department keep is cheering. Qi Shuai, Qi Shuai, you are most graceful.” Qi Shuai, Qi Shuai, you are most graceful.” These females on stand are went crazy same are also shouting, has saying that this has the appearance all of a sudden very much, making the people on the scene all stare. Because this plants the way of stage, only then can see in the Wuxia piece. In the qing gong with television is exactly the same. As leads natural coming to power together, on the stand has broken out an applause. Has real skill.” The Takeuchi Dairo China language said good. Continues this few tricks, you can try.” Qi Shuai provokes looks at Takeuchi Dairo. In my opinion, your results are the same, same lies down on the ground, was broken the bone by me equally.” Takeuchi Dairo looks leads expression ice-cold saying together. I will revenge for beforehand that two.” Leads the vision together stubbornly is staring at Takeuchi Dairo: „The flatter strength is my brother, you have injured him, I want your ten times to present.” Puts out the skill to speak to me.” Takeuchi Dairo has prepared fight. East Zydron strong, keep it up.” Xia Tian shouts under the arena. You shut up to me, otherwise after I have abandoned him, abandons you.” Qi Shuaideng Xia Tian.

Yeah, is really the good intention regards evil intent.” Xia Tian sighed. Qi Shuai the right hand gets hold of the fist to attack directly to Takeuchi Dairo, the speed is too fast, Takeuchi Dairo raises up the both arms to resist. Bang! The body of Takeuchi Dairo hit to stop in the following string, but Qi Shuai has not stopped own attack, but tight followed a fist. Takeuchi Dairo this time has not kept off hardly, but was body one revolution has shunted Qi Shuai a fist. Snort, knows that runs away.” Qi Shuai contemptuous saying. Takeuchi Dairo has not spoken, but runs directly forward, the right palm chops horizontally, goal Qi Shuai neck. Useless.” Qi Shuai the left hand keeps off, right hand to the Takeuchi Dairo assault. Takeuchi Dairo changes incurs instantaneously, right palm takes back, the elbow went against directly in Qi Shuai the place of right hand wrist|skill. You underestimated the karate.” Saying of Takeuchi Ichiro coldly. Good, comes again.” Qi Shuai also refuses to admit being inferior. They are quite fierce.” Ye Qingxue looks that the two on stage said. „Really intense, this fight usually absolutely does not have the opportunity to see.” Bing Xin nodded. „Do you have to make a mistake? You had not seen I do fight?” Xia Tian discontented saying. You fight is different from them completely, you fight are lopsided, cannot see this collision.” Ye Qingxue answered. Xia Tian immediately speechless, what oneself too strong unexpectedly has traded does not have the quality of being worth looking, he looked to release the strength of these two, that Qi Shuai is Yellow Grade Initial Stage time, but that Takeuchi Dairo is the strength of Yellow Grade intermediate stage. Reason that Qi Shuai can have some superiority because his fist technique is special. Sometimes formidable Kungfu often can jump the ranks the challenge.

Sees only Qi Shuaiyue in field to hit is braver, more hits more is suitable, this time arena probably is his performance show, but reviews Takeuchi Dairo to dodge, evades its point. Boss must win.” That naturally, the Boss is best.” Island Country devil how possible being victorious Boss.” These people of martial arts department looked that the arriving in full commander-in-chief Might appearance shouts loudly. Qi Shuai, Qi Shuai, you are most graceful.” Qi Shuai, Qi Shuai, you are most graceful.” The younger sisters on stand also loud is shouting. Yeah, you had not looked that your eldest children did lose immediately?” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Brat, do not speak at a venture, our eldest children will not lose.” Is, you cannot understand the martial arts, you had not noticed that our old Freshman does get the advantage?” These people of martial arts department very unfriendly looks at Xia Tian. You look.” Xia Tian had not explained that although at this time in the surface the emulation commander-in-chief had the superiority, but Realm between he and Takeuchi Dairo has the Rank 1 disparity, he such for a long time cannot capture, stamina lost many, reviews Takeuchi Dairo to save stamina at this time. Has the skill with come, do you who I meet the tough head-on with toughness plan to run away?” Qi Shuai looks at Takeuchi Dairo angrily. Martial arts contest must depend on the brain.” Takeuchi Dairo disdains looks to Qi Shuai. Qi Shuai heard Takeuchi Dairo saying that he did not have the brain, the anger has come immediately up, the attack became crazier. Did not accompany you to play, your style I have completely understood.” Takeuchi Dairo corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, the body slope forward, the whole person disappeared afterward. Whole person on this disappearance baseless in Qi Shuai the front.

In above.” Does not know that was who shouted one. Bang! Takeuchi Dairo occupied a commanding position the direct foot to trample in Qi Shuai the head. Hey, you do not stop, he will die.” Huo Wennu of Xia Tian on to judgesbox shouts. Stop.” After Huo Wennu hears the Xia Tian words, shouts hurriedly. A Takeuchi Dairo tuck dive fell on the ground directly, taught these people just to struggle a face to own younger brother, his true goal was that person under arena, has injured his younger brother's that person. Qi Shuai the body poured above the arena directly. Boss.” The people of martial arts department all flush away to arena. He how?” Ye Qingxue puzzled looks to Xia Tian. All right, but was faints, that fellow had shown mercy a moment ago, otherwise he died.” Xia Tian answered. Have not compared, we go home!” Ye Qingxue pulls up Xia Tian to walk, but she discovered that she has not drawn. Xia Tian stands has interest there very looks to that Takeuchi Dairo on stage. „Are you doing? Follows me.” Ye Qingxue does not think Xia Tian to have an accident, uneven commander-in-chief that fierce Expert lost, she does not think that Xia Tian can win, she knows that the opposite party is retaliates, once Xia Tian lost, then the consequence is very serious. Went on stage to me.” The hand of Xia Tian moves slightly, shaking gently hand of Ye Qingxue. Xia Tian.” Ye Qingxue just about to says anything. Qingxue, we cannot block his, we can only believe him.” Bing Xin holds on the hand of Ye Qingxue. Saw that Xia Tian walks toward the arena, all people looked to him, the uneven commanders-in-chief lost, his unexpectedly also dares to come to power, these people of martial arts department were taking pleasure in others'misfortunes looked to Xia Tian, reason that they will think a moment ago Qi Shuai will lose, was the Xia Tian incantations.