Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 111

Xia Tian walks also actually has such makings, even many people start to suspect that he defeats Takeuchi Ichiro is not the coincidence. When Xia Tian arrives under of arena, others are suspecting him to be able natural coming to power like Qiao Shuai. Scene exceptionally peaceful, Takeuchi Dairo is also a face curious looks to Xia Tian. Xia Tian left has a look, right has a look, finally walked toward the, brought a stool, under his such thousands of staring eyes was stepping in the stool the arena. „!!” On the stand all audiences simultaneously said. Lost face.” Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin also lowered the head. The way that Xia Tian comes to power really lost face. The tears that the people of martial arts department there smiled came out. Yeah.” Sighing that Huo Wennu on stand keeps. Elder brother, is he, gave me to abandon him.” Takeuchi Ichiro under stand pinches orchid fingers, shouting in a seductive voice. On after Xia Tian arena, looks to the referee seat: Won had the bonus? If there is a bonus, when the time comes I asked my leader to eat meal, then waited for the appreciation to raise in salary to become the general manager, took the post of CEO, got married white, rich, and beautiful, moved toward the life peak.” Hears the Xia Tian words, all people almost by thunder but actually. My long is so graceful, can definitely eat meal by the face, actually tenacious must depend on the talent.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud. Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin under stand redden all over the face, they have all left the face, I do not know his appearance. Hey, you rubbish to say?” Takeuchi Dairo impatient looks at Xia Tian. You are the egg love the eldest son gentleman.” A Xia Tian face joyful looks to Takeuchi Dairo: I listen to your younger brother to introduce you.” I called Takeuchi Dairo.” Takeuchi Ichiro vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian. „, Is egg broken Mr. Dairo, the fortunate meeting fortunate meeting.” Xia Tian said to Takeuchi Dairo very friendly putting out a hand.

Sees Xia Tian to put out a hand, Takeuchi Dairo also put out a hand, grasps to Xia Tian. Bang! When Takeuchi Dairo must shake hand with Xia Tian, a Xia Tian foot kicked in his crotch department, Takeuchi Dairo that has not prepared was sneak attacked by Xia Tian directly successfully, the pain of lower part made his mouth turn into O, the both legs closed up inward. Volume!” On the stand all audiences looked, this also too rare and beautiful flowers, all people think that Xia Tian must shake hand with Takeuchi Dairo, who knew his unexpectedly sneak attack. Mean, his is sneak attack.” Right, was really too mean.” That side of Eastern university some people shout immediately. I have not sneak attacked, I a moment ago with pointing at his lower part, my movement was very clear, I was telling him me to kick him, who knows that these two B he did not hide.” Xia Tian very innocent saying. Heard his explanation, Jianghai University here student already completely by the thunder but actually, has won also dishonorable like him. Protest, protest.” The student collective of Eastern university gets up protest. Protest is invalid, this martial arts contest is the style was free, attacks the freedom.” Huo Wennu is shouting to the microphone. Gao Fu commander-in-chief noticed that Xia Tian does, is uncomfortable at heart very much, Bing Xin unexpectedly the man who will like depending on the sneak attack win like this, in his opinion only then met the tough head-on with toughness with the person positive showdown wins called the brilliance. I must kill you.” On Takeuchi Dairo face red, eye inside has covered entirely the blood thread, angry looks to Xia Tian. Egg broken Mr. Dairo, you determined that you also do want to continue?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Takeuchi Dairo. Naturally.” Takeuchi Dairo standing up slowly, the lower part also transmits the intermittent severe pain now. Bang!

The foot of Takeuchi Dairo has not come to a stop, Xia Tian was a foot has kicked, has to admire Xia Tian to grasp the battlefield opportunity, the opportunity that he got rid was all people thinks he will not get rid. „.” Body of Takeuchi Dairo once more weak, this time expression compared with previous time must exaggerate. The Takeuchi Dairo usual expression is coldly, to the person a feeling of being as deep as a well, is regardless of how fierce Expert, the fruit is the meat does, receives so the foot of force, who also receives. Bloody, this scene was really too bloody. Was referee Huo Wennu is also unable to continue watching: Xia Tian, you do not permit to kick others' lower part again, otherwise I sentence you to be defeated.” Hears the ruling of Huo Wennu, all people felt that she is wise, including Jianghai University here student. Since Xia Tian goes on stage now, he already thoroughly all audience Thunder Fan. What is Top Grade? This is Top Grade. act high and mighty for a while, is not concerned about face is eternal. Good, what to do but have I injured him?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Huo Wennu of judgesbox. Martial arts contest is injured is unavoidable, so long as non- deceased person on line.” Huo Wennu shouts loudly. Egg broken Dairo, are you good? I may probably open the bone.” Xia Tian looked that said to Takeuchi Dairo. Ok.” Takeuchi Dairo vision torching looks to Xia Tian, has saying that his will is really strong enough, like this could also stand. Bang! Just had stood Takeuchi Dairo was trampled by a Xia Tian foot directly. Mean, you are the sneak attack, he has not come to a stop!” Was too mean, what do you also meet besides the sneak attack?”

The student of Eastern university shouts loudly, has been full of the anger, they think that Xia Tian this way really insulted the martial arts contest. shit, your long brain? A moment ago was the martial arts contest that he said by the brain.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Truly so, Takeuchi Dairo truly had spoken such words to Qi Shuai a moment ago. You are not a man, is the words of man on the competition of upright and frank.” The student of Eastern university shouts once more. Good, my this chapter he gets rid first.” Xia Tian said that walks toward the edge in arena directly, afterward lies in the arena, under that stool will take. He such sat under thousands of staring eyes on the stool. „!” The audience erupted one once more. This is contending in martial arts, his unexpectedly moves a stool in that rest, this also too not opposite paying attention. His martial arts contest must become bored.” Ye Qingxue is not Xia Tian is worried completely. He also really had the talent, unexpectedly moves a stool to sit down above.” Bing Xin shows a faint smile. Saw the Xia Tian action, Takeuchi Dairo soon is irritated, oneself karate seven Expert, unexpectedly so was disregarded by the opposite party. I must kill you.” Takeuchi Dairo flushes away to Xia Tian directly. Kneels!” Xia Tian put out a kneeling character gently, Takeuchi Dairo only thought own knee one soft, knelt in the Xia Tian front directly, and due to the reason of gravity, his face and ground has made a contact of zero distance.