Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 114

The road that as Xia Tian takes leaning, opposite party with the speed is also quicker and quicker. Ninja! Saw that opposite party first time Xia Tian looked, because he has worn a Ninja clothing. Takeuchi Dairo is you injures!” Saying of opposite party coldly. Your this group of Islander China languages so are how fluent.” Xia Tian looked that asked to the opposite party. Deceased person does not need to know that many.” That Ninja has thrown paintball to the ground, then the whole person disappeared, this baseless vanishes. shit, such Advanced, but also meets the stealth?” Xia Tian opened the X-Ray Vision eye instantaneously, vision took a fast look around in the surroundings, he then discovered that the trail of opposite party, he has to admire opposite party Ninjutsu truly. If not the X-Ray Vision eye, he was unable to discover that really that wall unexpectedly is the camouflage. In Ninjutsu the so-called magic of making oneself invisible is actually the camouflage, will change into the surrounding part, thus achieves the stealth the goal. This will let the opposite party produces frightened at heart, way attack of use sneak attack, the match who is stronger than them will also be killed by them. The right hand of Xia Tian in a flash, the Qing Yun (Clear Sky) dagger presents in his hands, him pretends not to discover afterward opposite party in, cautious and solemn looks around, little approaches that wall. That Ninja is careful, does not reveal any aura, does not worry, and Xia Tian puts together the patience there. Xia Tian was brandishing dagger to the air carelessly, the body arrived at the wall. Puff!! The Xia Tian dagger has cut off the neck of that Ninja directly. Is.” Ninja whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Does not have what good explanation with a deceased person.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, looks the form that Ninja pours he suddenly had better means that he has dug up the Ninja clothes, plunders his thing, afterward walks toward the distant place.

Department head, this time we altogether set out 37 Expert, the Dragon Group person also to come.” Ye Wan clear front wears person respectful saying of western-style clothes. Em, I invited the Fan Zhuifeng help, this time thing makes no mistake.” Ye Wan clear serious saying. Relax, Department head, that helped Islander already during our monitoring.” Also must be careful Quicksand.” The Ye Wan clear reminder said. Has Lord Fanzhuang, Yin Fu gets rid to be also useless, Lord Fanzhuang is his nemesis.” Be careful to wonderfully, this time goods are very important, do not have any accident.” Ye Wan frowns to say clearly that she always feels to restless, felt that can have an accident to be the same. In Jianghai University. Senior Sister, us!” Spirit jumps in the room. Em, this was my only opportunity, if could not attain its me not to have what the reason of dragging.” Yun Miao kept a serious look saying. Doesn't have the god of that Basketball?” Spirit puzzled looks to Xia Tian. His that should not have.” Yun Miao shook the head. You also do not have to probe, knows that his does not have.” Spirit curious looks at Yun Miao: „, I knew, Senior Sister did you have a liking for him?” Talked nonsense anything!” Yun Miao reproved. Or my which day goes to his home, hits half dead him, compelling him to hand over not to be OK.” Spirit face earnest saying. Do not deliberately create trouble, us.” Yun Miao brings spirit to walk toward outside. At this time Jiang Hai City abandons in workshop.

Sir Yin Fu , prepared, altogether three Rank 1 Assassins, 27 Rank 2 Assassins, 100 Rank 3 Assassins.” Good, Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll must snatch.” In the Yin Fu sound is divulging coldly: I heard that Fan Zhuifeng that fellow also moved.” Yes, is Operations Office department head Ye Wan asks him to get rid specially clearly.” Snort, Fan Zhuifeng this fellow, sooner or later I must kill him.” In the Yin Fu expression has been full of hatred. In a Jiang Hai City unpopulated one-story house. All prepared?” Is Ninja of head looked that asked to people. Missed Hashimoto.” Other people?” Is Ninja discontented asking of head. Takeuchi had been injured, he heard after this matter, helped Takeuchi revenge.” Really troublesome, when this was, but also exited to stir up trouble, did not wait for him, he knew the place.” Is Ninja of head waves, the person who over a hundred Ninja dress up all sends out. In a cafe. Senior Brother, what thing that does that help is Islander makes us steal?” Daoxing Senior Sister asked. I do not know that picture also lost, but I remember that thing appearance, we do not use control that are any things, after succeeding in obtaining in any case, will have 5 million.” Senior Brother excited saying of Daoxing. Us, the time was up.” Daoxing Senior Sister looked at time to say. At this time the Xia Tian fast shuttle above street, the place that he must go to is the channel of suburb, that is that helps the Ninja destination. After arriving at the destination, Xia Tian has changed a Ninja clothing, then hid, here relocates the area, usually almost will not have the person, opened the X-Ray Vision eye, Xia Tian is shocked instantaneously.

Quicksand person unexpectedly has more than 100 people to hide is leaving he not far place, but other aspect these Ninja population also more than 40 people, but these are not he are most surprised, what making him most surprised was he saw several acquaintances. Two are Daoxing Senior Brother and Senior Sister, they pretend a pair of disability to help up to wait at this time. Another two people made him surprised. Jianghai University first beauty Yun Miao and that spirit. Before Xia Tian experimented has seen their two with X-Ray Vision, but could not see through including the clothes, at that time Xia Tian thought that their two were very mystical. At this time these side people have discovered existences of other people besides Daoxing Senior Brother Senior Sister, because they intentionally have not hidden, good that very naturally, Xia Tian has hidden, had not been discovered by them. These Fang people each other have a tacit understanding, their goals are the same, although knows that from now on will have a war, but now is also not the time. They were waiting for ships Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll that group of people to arrive. The Xia Tian body lies above the ground, he heard the sound of car(riage), two, three. Six vehicles catch up to here from distant place. Good play must come finally.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The vehicle entered the naked eye obvious place, Daoxing Senior Brother and Senior Sister walks toward the [say / way] directly, they started to crawl, somewhat that meaning to in installing. The vehicle stopped.