Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 115

Department head, front has two disabled old people.” How here possibly has disabled old person, you get out, throws to me them.” Ye Wan clearly very overbearing saying. Here has usually not come including the good people, let alone two disabled people. That two securities got out directly, mention Daoxing Senior Brother and Senior Sister throw to the distant place. „Are you doing? Your this bullies the old person.” You cannot like this, we be the old people, needs to be respected.” That two securities as if have not heard them to be the same in the speech, turned back in the car(riage) directly. Bang!! A gunshot transmits, the tire of vehicle was hit to explode, Daoxing Senior Brother and Senior Sister heard the gunshot time they hoodwinked, before this and them, thought complete different. Gets out, the guests came.” All people all get out, one line of over a hundred people enormous and powerful has encircled the vehicle, this time not only has specially the Operations Office person, guard who itself escorts the goods. These guards are also Expert. Ye Wan picks clearly got out, his with Expert that Fan Zhuifeng and that Dragon Group come. Since came, that please come, if your to open fire, I think again the entire Jiang Hai City Flying Tigers will send out.” Ye Wan shouts clearly loudly. The left of path presented large quantities of person's shadows. Fan Zhuifeng, such one big age, but also the student family comes out to fight, did not fear that was selected the wound to hang directly.” Yin Fu led the Quicksand person to appear there. You were worried that you, fight I not injured with you.” Lord Fanzhuang smile looks at Yin Fu . The path right person also one after another walked. Ninja.” Ye Wan clear vision ice-cold looks at these Ninja. But the dead ahead of path presented two females.

On these two female faces brought the mask, they. Snort, acts recklessly.” Yin Fu cold snort, two Rank 2 Assassins of his side has killed afterward directly to that two females. Puff! Puff! Two blood light have delimited, that two Rank 2 Assassins poured in the pool of blood directly. Profound Grade Expert.” All people stare. It seems like this fights is not relaxed.” Ye Wan clear light saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha, this is interesting.” The Dragon Group profound tiger laughs was saying. Hits, you hit, I am watch the fun in any case.” Xia Tian sits in a worn-out house looks at outside, this house has a hole, happen to can see outside situation. The scene is very peaceful. Mother, this what situation, by stealing? How these many people.” Daoxing Senior Brother and Senior Sister completely by such scene to control. Kills!” Yin Fu kills the character exit / to speak, Quicksand all people flushes away completely forward, these Ninja are also same, is clear they to flush away to Ye Wan. Young Aunt their situations are not quite wonderful.” Xia Tian has been staring at the battlefield. Yun Miao and spirit also simultaneously kills to the crowd, their two do not have the ally, only then enemy, what regardless of their surface advance party is, their two both do not pay attention to flushing that is only keeps. Fan Zhuifeng, I wanted your life today.” Yin Fu and Fan Zhuifeng, but old match. The Ninja person of that lead kills directly to Ye Wan is clear. Your match is I.” The profound tiger appeared in the front of opposite party instantaneously, a fist rumbled. Chaotic, the scene can only describe with the chaotic character. However their goals have one, is Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in car(riage). The war continued for ten minutes, Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll has reappeared before the people.

Was Island Country Ninja goes well. Other influences all killed to Island Country Ninja. Yeah, this I went on stage.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, flushes away to the crowd directly, this time he is also a Ninja clothing. Under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step fast shuttle in crowd, any person wants to hit with him, he does not get rid, clashes, was quick he to rush to that crowd of Ninja team. Hashimoto, how you comes back.” Is the person of head scolds to say with the Island Country language. Xia Tian had not answered, although he can the Island Country language, but he is unable to imitate the voice of that person, said meets the misdemeanor on the contrary. Is gawking doing, your magic of making oneself invisible is in all people are best, the thing you are taking, a bit faster runs away.” Was that Island Country Ninja of head has given Xia Tian Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in hand. Thing also comes back.” An profound tiger fist bang to that Island Country Ninja Chief. Xia Tian looks Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in own hand stares slightly, he also planned steals Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, otherwise sneak attacks, but has not thought that the thing was so simple arrived in his hand. Also is gawking doing, a bit faster walks.” Ninja Chief shouts loudly. Xia Tian then responded that under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step dodged, has crashed in the house region directly, here was best escaping route. „To run away?” Yun Miao and spirit directly clashes to here. Blocks them, regardless of pays the big price, the thing must carry off.” Island Country Ninja shouts loudly. Along with his issuing an order, all Ninja all are flushes away to other people who fierce does not fear, to win more time. If makes them know that person who escaped a moment ago is not Hashimoto, but is Xia Tian, perhaps they will be irritated while still alive. Xia Tian atmosphere does not dare to breathe heavily, has run directly back suburb home. Mother, such simple thing succeeded in obtaining.” Looks Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in own hand, Xia Tian felt is not very real, a moment ago these people were Expert in Expert, his unexpectedly carried off Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in that many Expert. Grasps Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in the hand, Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this is really you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming. Perhaps they now killed gloomy.” Xia Tian changed oneself clothes, among that bead crumb necklaces, inside Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll fell in his hand.

Xia Tian has placed two bamboo slips. At this moment, the bamboo slip has sent out the light purple ray, afterward two bamboo slip unexpectedly combined. Is so mysterious.” Xia Tian inconceivable looks at front bamboo slip. Xia Tian takes up the bamboo slip places in the hand to hold appreciatively. Ah! good pain.” The body of Xia Tian fell down directly, has fainted. [Say / Way] may break, Buddha may kill, is Heavenly Connection.” In Xia Tian dream unceasing appearance these characters. Does not know how long has rested, Xia Tian opening both eyes slowly, when he opens the first matter of both eyes is looked that Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll was not, discovered that the thing has not lost, he relaxed, pinched Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in the bead has placed above the necklace. Well, my unexpectedly broke through.” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable saying. Heaven Absolute Wake Third Layer, his unexpectedly broke through Heaven Absolute Wake Third Layer in the bewildered situation. Is related with Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll?” Xia Tian had pondered a meeting, he determined that is certainly related with Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, although his talent different reported that but wants to break through Heaven Absolute Wake to Third Layer, perhaps does not have 1-2 years is impossible. However his unexpectedly slept breaks through. „, My this has been thought has rested for dozens years.” Xia Tian pulls out the cell phone hurriedly, cell phone starting, saw that the date on cell phone he relaxed, this past several hours. Bites dīng! SMS sound. Xia Tian, Bai Yiyi in my hands, if wants her to maintain a livelihood, a person comes to the east Xu Family warehouse.” Looks at the information on cell phone, the Xia Tian anger comes up.