Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 117

Xia Tian returned to family Bai Yiyi first, oneself went home to change western-style clothes, later went to Zeng's Group, today's activity is that activity that he said that Zeng Ruo makes him have a look. Chief Xia is good.” Security respectful shouting of entrance. Hello.” The Xia Tian response said. After entering to the building. Chief Xia is good.” Chief Xia is good.” All people all start to greet with Xia Tian, but he now Zeng's Group celebrity. Xia Tian 11 nod responses, came to the Zeng Ruo office afterward. Zeng Ruo has not come, Xia Tian sat in the Zeng Ruo position. Thump! Comes.” Volume, is Chief Xia, today that side activity started, our models also passed, Boss of market asked when you and Chief Zeng pass.” The female secretary saw Xia Tian time stares slightly, afterward said the situation to Xia Tian. „After one hour.” Xia Tian light saying. Good, I reply the opposite party.” The female secretary walked directly. Thump!! Comes.” Chief Xia, is not good, Wen Zhaohua came, moreover he a female custom service hitting.” Knew.” Xia Tian stands up directly, he has not thought that Wen Zhaohua unexpectedly also dares to come, it seems like oneself previous time have not left behind the terrifying to him the impression. moda foka, you are blind, does not know that who the father is? Dares to hit the father.” Wen Zhaohua shouts to that female custom service. Sorry, sorry.” The female custom service is covering own face, in the eye is the tears. Sorry has the chicken feather to use, who is father? Your TM dares to hit the father, I must give you to select the lesson today.” Wen Zhaohua lifts own right hand to the female custom service hit once more. Em?” He felt that his hand was held, shifts the vision to that person, sees is Xia Tian time, he nearly falls down. beauty, he hit you a moment ago right?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the female custom service.

Chief Xia, is I am not right, was I have hit Young Master Wen.” The female custom service said hurriedly. ! A resounding palm of the hand sound reached the ear honors of all people. Wen Zhaohua has covered own left face directly, he feels his face burning fever: Your unexpectedly dares to hit me.” This palm of the hand hits for this beauty.” ! Also was a palm of the hand has hit. This palm of the hand in other people for room hits, saw you dirty their eyes.” ! A Xia Tian palm of the hand pulled out once more on the face of Wen Zhaohua. This palm of the hand hits for the floor of company, you are so heavy, they expressed that has the pressure very much.” ! A Xia Tian palm of the hand palm of the hand has then hit. This palm of the hand. moda foka for what? Right, hits for the air your, you polluted the air.” ! Xia Tian was a palm of the hand has brandished. This palm of the hand, because of what? Really had nothing saying that also hit conveniently.” Wen Zhaohua is covering that swelling face: Hum hum!” Because his face swelling, the speech can only make hum the sound. ! Spoke the logical expression to me.” Xia Tian this palm of the hand was transferring that he hit directly same place. Wen Zhaohua like this lay on the ground.

Called the security to come up, threw outside to me him the building.” Xia Tian light saying. ! In the office has broken out a series of applause. Chief Xia, Chief Xia.” All is the cheers. „, Does? I just came so to be chaotic, goes back to work to me.” The Zeng Ruo sound appears, she happen to just came out from the elevator. Hears the Zeng Ruo sound, all people returned to their post. Happen to you in this, we walk.” Zeng Ruo looked that said to Xia Tian. Xia Tian accompanied Zeng Ruo to go by car went to the market together. For today's promotion, Zeng Ruo invited the specialized beauty model, moreover market arrangement liveliness of , everywhere is the advertisement of snow lotus water and emulsion, sees here to have the liveliness, many people early ran over to watch the fun. The entrance of market has set up a big sign. Drawing, every purchases in head store, the person of snow lotus water and emulsion, can draw by the receipt here.’ Special award: 500,000.’ First prize: 100,000.” Second prize, 50,000, two.” Third prize, 10,000, five.” Fourth prize snow lotus coverall gift box, 50.” Winner must on the stage receive, the second prize above person needs to make the award-winning speech on the stage.’ Sees such big weaponry, naturally had many people to encircle, must know that 500,000 awards were not small, once selected, that was equal to making a small wealth. Moreover the Zeng's Group snow lotus water and emulsion are in the market the most best-selling cosmetics. The probability that altogether 59 quotas, this draws a prize-winning ticket is very big, moreover finally also the comfort prize, is the little guy test attire. Suddenly market instantaneous full house, snow lotus water and emulsion two hours were out of stock, market once more with the Zeng's Group ingredient, today market Boss happy serious.

He the processing mode to Zeng Ruo and Xia Tian is very satisfied. Really many thanks Chief Zeng and Chief Xia.” Boss of market smiles, today's matter increased many customers for the market, moreover this was also one of the market time moves. Should.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. Has not thought that Chief Xia has such boldness young.” Market Boss said. „, All right, in any case is not my money.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Volume,” market Boss was done by the Xia Tian words stares, afterward shows a faint smile: Chief Xia is really humorous, is really humorous.” Chief Zeng, outside has wins the second prize, is a university student.” A management runs to say. We have a look.” Zeng Ruo and the others walk toward outside. This activity, many people suspect the prize the genuine and fake, therefore had that request, the second prize above need comes to power to speak, this can make everybody look that had the inside story. The one who wins the second prize is a name male university student, after he comes to power, looked that in begins these 50,000 cashes to be very excited. „Did this schoolmate, how you obtain this sum of money to plan colored?” The directors asked. This also with asking, had these much money, I must purchase homes, buy the car(riage), soaks the younger sister.” Saying that male university student keeps. „! Excuse me schoolmate, you only 50,000, but is not 5 million.” The directors have interrupted his words. „, I take these 50,000 to look for a partner.” Male university student very earnest saying. You did not have the object, your cosmetics buy for whom.” Director puzzled asking. Hee hee, repugnant, naturally was others.” Male university student charming saying, saw that his appearance all person goose fleshes fell place, he said , are also very embarrassed has run down. At this moment. „, In me, first prize.” In crowd fat younger sister excited shouting , the vision of all people all centralized on her body.