Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 118
This female head 1. 60 meters, the body weight reaches as high as 200 jin (0.5 kg), looks first prize in own hand, she just had rubbed her eye that started unable to believe that then excited shouting. All people vision centralized on her body. The winner of first prize appeared. She is the winner of first prize. Ha Ha, I have drawn a prize-winning ticket, I drew a prize-winning ticket.” The female excited running podium. Looks at others to envy the vision of envy, her whole person was self-satisfied, she has not seen this vision on others' body, was really too crisp, she had a dream wants to make others envy her, envied her. But her appearance and stature make her not enjoy this feeling. Now her the feeling was crisp. After running up to the podium, she has given the director her prize-winning ticket. beauty, hello.” Saying of director very politeness. I like your such director, opens the eye to talk nonsense.” Saying that the fat woman smiles. Volume, Young lady, you are really humorous.” The directors show a faint smile. I am not a young lady, you visit me to be long like this, even if I wants to work as also nobody to want me.” Saying that the fat woman smiles. He he, actually should I how call you?” The directors a little were also blurry. You can call me for Heavenly Connection under the first big beautiful little girl, probably is a little long, ok, you talk nonsense.” Saying that the fat woman thought aloud. Good, I called your beauty, I wanted to tell you am, your this was the third prize, was not the first prize, you had a look carefully, above did not have two horizontal.” The beauty director the prize-winning bank note will have given the fat woman. Third prize? It is not the first prize.” The fat woman takes the bank note carefully to look, but also is really the third prize.

Um, is third prize, the third prize received that side on the line, does not need to come to power.” The beauty director with pointing at has referred to the receiving an award place under stage. „, Did I use to say two again.” The fat woman has not treated on the stage suffices. Does not use, our award-winning words expressing feelings only then above the second prize need to say.” beauty director sweet smiles. Was needless saying that really two, actually I very much had the speech talent.” The fat woman said hurriedly. Does not use, thanks.” The beauty director delivered the podium the fat woman. The fat woman left podium reluctant to part, on the face has written all over unwillingly, after receiving the bonus, the first matter that she did has run back the market, has bought one set of snow lotus water and an emulsion set of box. The quick, fat woman ran up to the podium. „, I have drawn a prize-winning ticket, this time is really the first prize.” Fat woman excited shouting. Really is the first prize.” Xia Tian goes using X-Ray Vision shortly, discovered that this fat woman also really first prize, her luck was really good. How you know that she did draw a prize-winning ticket really?” Market Boss puzzled asking. Guesses.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. In fat woman hand high is lifting the prize-winning bank note, has run back the podium. The beauty director noticed that the fat woman ran to stare slightly, sees on the prize-winning ticket in her hand writes the first prize time she has also gawked, the luck of this fellow was also too good. This time truly is the first prize.” Sees under the stage vision of these anticipations, the beauty director said loudly. I came to say first my award-winning words expressing feelings, I thanked CCTV , MTV, has given my this opportunity with major TV, I thanked my family father mother to give birth to me, I also thanked my family's Wangcai, it had not abandoned me.” The fat woman takes saying that the microphone is keeping. beauty, please first wait.” The directors have interrupted her speech.

How? I said isn't good?” The fat woman asked. „It is not not good, I asked that you said one.” The directors look that the fat woman continues saying: First congratulated you to win the first prize, what had these 100,000 you to plan to do?” Naturally has tidied up, I must entire become F Bingbing am so attractive.” Fat woman excited saying, she had been fantasizing one tidied up the later appearance, when the time comes behind countless men pursued her, any put on airs, Gao Fu commander-in-chief, the official's second generation wait / etc. were innumerable. Volume, that wished you to succeed.” The beauty director has handed over in 100,000 the fat woman hand: That side has the bank, 100,000 are not the small numbers, you first save.” Does not use, I like this feeling.” The girl has all placed in money package: Didn't need me to say several again?” Does not use thanking.” beauty director sweet smiles. Also is really an interesting girl.” Zeng Ruo looks at form light saying of fat woman. After the fat woman goes down the podium does not have far, a man arrives at her side fast, robs her package directly. Money, my money.” The fat woman shouts loudly, but does not have any person to help. Xia Tian looks that snatches Bao Zei to show a faint smile, afterward Xia Tian walks toward that side. Chief Xia.” Boss of market saw that Xia Tian walks toward the road which must be taken of bandit, shouts hurriedly. When Xia Tian arrives in front of the bandit, the bandit has fished out a dagger from the waist directly, runs while shouts: Boils to me, otherwise I kill you.” Bang! In all person surprised vision , a Xia Tian palm of the hand claps the opposite party to the place. That dagger in opposite party hand also dropped on the ground. Takes up the package in bandit hand, Xia Tian has given back to the fat female the package.

Really was too thank you.” Fat woman both eyes turned into the heart shape, she thinks that own spring came, just ended the award to bump into the put on airs. Xia Tian sees the look of fat woman, the back one cold, turn around left this place is apt to get into trouble, has stepped onto the podium. The directors noticed that was Zeng's Group Xia Tian came, has delivered to the microphone the hand of Xia Tian. I the troops of which road, no matter you are, today is the activity that our Zeng's Group and market carry on together, if you carry on to steal or rob here, that do not blame me not being impolite.” Xia Tian is taking saying of microphone. „, Whom frightens.” Saying that under a stand thief disdains, his hand has placed front on the package of that female at the same time. Bang! Xia Tian jumps down from the podium directly, fought with the fists in that person of hand. Ah! a pitiful yell transmits, this thief was just about to delimit to wrap Xia Tian with the bit a moment ago to appear, fights with the fists in his hand, but that bit in his hand directly has also cut open his palm. I am not am cracking a joke.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. That female searches her package hurriedly, she discovered that her package was cut a small mouth , if not Xia Tian appears, her money must be stolen away. Really was too thank you.” Saying that the females thanked. Does not use politely.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward was waving to security, more than 20 securities all run to here. You that person, that person.” Xia Tian altogether has referred to more than ten people with the hand: Expels here to me their several.” In me, in me, is the special award.” Some person of excited shouting in this time crowd.