Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 119

As this sound conveys, all people shifted the vision to him, was a male, these people have felt strange, how this big masters liked buying the cosmetics, moreover drew also draws a prize-winning ticket, a moment ago that second prize by male taking away. Left, because they who under the stand, these was selected the person have been tactful by Xia Tian very saw Xia Tian very ruthless, moreover Xia Tian has also recognized their identity, the surrounding these people have been far away from them. Continued to keep here them not to dare to begin. I have drawn a prize-winning ticket, ha ha ha ha, 500,000.” The men have soon smiled insanely. Saw that he ran up to podium excitedly, all people anticipate looks at the director, leaves is any Wulong. Xia Tian returned to the Zeng Ruo side, saw Xia Tian overbearing side, Boss of market has raised up the thumb. The directors received the prize-winning ticket of man: Right, is really our special awards, 500,000, we congratulate this gentleman together.” After hearing the words of director, under field all people threw to envy the vision that the envy hated to the man. Special award such quickly left.” Saying that Xia Tian sighed. Um, moreover in the award unexpectedly has two winners male.” Zeng Ruo felt immediately speechless, buys oneself company cosmetics majority is the men. Was right, Sister Rou, I have a friend, I introduced that she came to the company to go to work, she was a university student, cannot often come, you gave her to arrange a practice the post.” Xia Tian has remembered Li Ying. Male female?” Asking of Zeng Ruo envy. Female.” Xia Tian honest reply. That does not want.” Zeng Ruo ten shared responsibility saying. Other, Sister Rou, she is my good friend, stretches the rules.” Xia Tian begged. „It is not not, only if you accept my condition.” Zeng Ruo saw Xia Tian to swallow the bait, therefore put forward own condition. Good, you said that any condition I comply.” Xia Tian said directly. Tomorrow evening auction, you will go with me together.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile.

Does not have the issue.” Xia Tian strikes one's chest to say. At this time the man on podium looks excitedly own front cash, Zeng's Group is very humane, but also has prepared a safety deposit box for him. The men have not gone to under the control stage these to envy the vision that the envy hates, but stubbornly is staring at front these 500,000 cashes, probably feared that money will vanish baseless general. Sir, hello.” The directors called one side the man. „? Do not call my husband, please call my local tyrant.” Man excited saying. „, The local tyrant gentleman, first I congratulated you to obtain this time has pulled out a highest prize 500,000 Yuan award.” The directors congratulate to say. Ha Ha, I go out today I felt own soul takes possession, I always felt own today must walk transports greatly, has not thought that let in me really the special award.” The men laugh were saying. Your cosmetics cannot also buy for oneself?” The directors remembered had attained that male university student of second prize a moment ago, therefore opened the mouth to ask. Naturally is not, I am give my younger sister to buy.” The men shook the head. You have gotten these much money, the preparation is how colored.” The directors asked. How colored? Naturally has rendered back the money first, I most stressed the prestige, richness of must result in also others.” A male healthy tendency ice appearance however. It seems like the gentleman also has a very heavy prestige person, that remaining?” The directors asked again. Remaining, remaining slowly.” The men answered. Slowly..” The directors were shocked thoroughly. The person under stage was also shocked, Xia Tian their three were also shocked, this resulted in special award person unexpectedly is big funnyman. Sir, can I ask your question?” The directors looked that asked to the man. Asked.” The men said.

How much money do you owe others?” The directors asked again. Owes others altogether 1.5 million, I draw a prize-winning ticket now 500,000, remaining 1 million slowly also on line.” The men answered. „, Good, we wish you next time again the award, good your debt.” Directors almost by thunder. The men close the safety deposit box, afterward left the stage. Award almost did not have, the biggest remaining second prizes, did not only have the quality of being worth looking.” Xia Tian light saying. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Hey, hello.” I am Li Ying, do you have the time tonight?” Has.” Can help me.” Can.” Such happily complied.” beauty asked that I naturally complied.” In the evening can fit out my boyfriend, our high school gathering, they have the boyfriend, I did not have, to go quite awkwardly.” Good.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, Zeng Ruo visits him with the unusual vision. „Do you want to do?” Xia Tian both hands protect their body, vigilant looks at Zeng Ruo.

Your female personal connection is really good, there is beauty to make.” Zeng Ruo purses the lips to say. In my eyes Sister Rou forever is most beautiful.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Little smart-aleck, I make the driver deliver you to pass, which in the evening goes to take your you to inform him to be good.” Zeng Ruo said that has put out a small box from the package: How solemn Zeng's Group Chief Xia can link a watch not to have.” Zeng Ruo wore the watch in the Xia Tian wrist|skill, just right, before Zeng Ruo, has calculated the Xia Tian wrist|skill was thick or thin, therefore after having bought, just right of direct lane. This table also very well looked that is very definitely expensive.” Xia Tian looked at the watch on hand. Is inexpensive, you are bringing.” Zeng Ruo said. Sister Rou, I walked.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. After Xia Tian walked, Boss of market looked at Zeng Ruo. I, if has not misread, that is supreme.” What Boss of market said was a moment ago Zeng Ruo for that watch that Xia Tian buys. Zeng Ruo nod of silently. After the Zeng Ruo driver Xia Tian returned to Ye Qingxue residence, Xia Tian makes him first leave, but kept the mobile number, in the evening the too late words, make him meet, the day quick was black, but Xia Tian must go back to change the body clothes, today to participate in this drawing moves, western-style clothes that Xia Tian comes back to change specially. He cannot wear the western-style clothes to accompany Li Ying to dine together, that also too high-sounding talk. After going home, Xia Tian has selected one from Zeng Ruo for that bunch of clothes that in he bought, these clothes were Zeng Ruo match for him, the Zeng Ruo vision was very original, after Xia Tian put on, the whole person appeared more charming. Quite has a meaning of cream puff. After changing the clothes, Xia Tian arrived at Jianghai University to meet Li Ying. „, You are good to lead today.” Li Ying saw the Xia Tian first time was shocked directly.