Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 120

Li Ying has also changed a white skirt today, seems very attractive, she is beauty, wears this type of white skirt appears she is more sacred. You are also very attractive.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. We walk, otherwise met that several Eight Trigrams females in our bedroom to pursue, I deceived them to go to the washroom secretly to run away.” Li Ying spits the snake head, mischievous saying. Why can also run away secretly?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Because of you, my roommate had not suspected that I have the boyfriend, I said do not have, they have not believed that today I put on this, they said that I am the exiting appointment, must together with coming out to have a look, I secretly ran away.” Li Ying answered. Volume, you said that complained about me to complain about me.” Xia Tian nodded. Li Ying sees Xia Tian like blockhead, stamping the feet of air/Qi. The high school gathering of Li Ying is several person together organization that comes back from outside area, after they since the high school graduate , more than three years had not seen, therefore asked the same place to plan that everybody poly. In order to make the meeting chastely, they request, has the object to lead the object specially. Li Ying their group of students have one less than half not to go to college, they exited to mix the society directly, had also exits to do business, third-class school that part of reading, second-class school. Plants Jianghai University this first-class school like Li Ying this, altogether not over five. When Xia Tian and Li Ying go to dining room of meeting, the person came to be many, saw that this past class flower arrived, in that several people of entrance came to greet, when they saw when Li Ying Xia Tian also slightly signaled by nodding. Worthily is Ban Hua, was really more and more attractive.” The initial class leader arrived at the Li Ying side to say. Class leader was also more and more charming.” Li Ying polite [say / way]. In requests personally, came many old schoolmates.” The class leader shows a faint smile. Xia Tian and Li Ying walk toward inside. Li Ying!!” A female student ran from inside.

Liu Ying, hey, I miss you.” Li Ying grasped the opposite party directly. I also think you, for these years what kind.” Liu Ying shows a faint smile. Good, didn't you, you go abroad to study?” Asking of Li Ying doubts. „The second year came back, afterward looked for a boyfriend internally, was right, this is your boyfriend, seems very graceful.” Liu Ying sized up Xia Tian one to show a faint smile. Your boyfriend?” Li Ying saw that Liu Ying side nobody therefore asked. He is quite busy, one will come.” Saying of Liu Ying apology. Several people moved toward inside directly, they wrapped a medium hotel, in this room altogether can suspend several tables, but did not have that many people, therefore has only suspended about six tables, like this seemed is also quite spacious. Class spent, Ban Hualai.” Several men saw Li Ying time starts to create a disturbance. Li Ying is 11 nod responses, they sat on a spatial table, this table now they. Their more than two years do not see, more chatted are happier. Two beauty, chatted was very happy.” Three men walked. Li Shuai, your how this touches the type, a appearance of hooligan.” Liu Ying does not like responding these people. Ha Ha, the old schoolmate is so long does not see, how a face does not give.” Li Shuai shows a faint smile to say. I am not ripe with you.” Liu Ying do not go excessively.

Good, waited a while to drink the cup liquor to be familiar together.” Li Shuai said that moved toward another table. Handsome fellow was getting more and more graceful.” That table of people of notified Li Shuai. After this group of people chatted has met, the entrance walks a fatty, his arrival captured everybody's attention, because he put on a Nike, on the neck also brought a big gold chain, in the wrist|skill wears one string of beads, the waist is hanging one bunch of car(riage) keys, that above symbol was Nissan. Must know that now this group of person majority have not graduated, or was just mixed in the society some time, could not afford the car(riage), but this fatty unexpectedly had the car(riage), and Nissan. Several hundred thousand good car(riage)s. „Isn't this Elder Brother Feng? Recently which in got rich.” Li Shuai walked. Makes any wealth, but also goes to school.” His full name is Zhou Xiaofeng, time everybody of going to school knows in his family rich, therefore manages his family Elder Brother Feng. At that time everybody said that followed Elder Brother Feng, eats and drinks anything to have.’ Elder Brother Feng is extraordinary, went to school has matched a car(riage).” A society conversation of Li Shuai mouth. Elder Brother Feng really made us envy, once our group of people graduated must face the issue of unemployment, when the time comes vehicle house that was vainly hopes.” Saying that side that table of people of envy. In the Elder Brother Feng family was the house buys for you.” Also some people asked. Um, has bought a 100 even house in the urban district.” Zhou Xiaofeng nodded very optional saying. Humph!” All people have held breath cold air, in Zhou Xiaofeng the family also is really filthy rich, unexpectedly has bought a house in the urban district for him, this is not a small number. Elder Brother Feng, your that house more than 10,000 draw.” Some person of exploratory asking. Um, calculates that interior decoration altogether got down to spend 1.4 million.” Zhou Xiaofeng nodded.

This net worth, the car(riage) is hundreds of thousands, the house is 1.4 million, this has not graduated had such deep family property, other people look that he also can only envy the envy to hate. Elder Brother Feng, sits here, our several years had not seen, today must gather well.” Elder Brother Feng sits my this, our two brothers shared a table in the past.” You share a table with Elder Brother Feng several days later, I have shared a table for one year with Elder Brother Feng.” In the room randomly has become one group, was discussing that whose makes Zhou Yifeng sit that in Zhou Yifeng family is so rich, once today chatted, then Zhou Yifeng pulled their, they can also a little change not be. Also can profit at someone's expense with the rich man. Is holding this idea, therefore they in that struggle. Elder Brother Feng, if thinks highly of the brothers, takes a seat my this.” Li Shuai looks at Zhou Yifeng to show a faint smile. Zhou Yifeng has not looked straight at to look at Li Shuai from the start, but sat in Li Ying this table directly, saw one were so disregarded by Zhou Yifeng, on Li Shuai's face immediately one red, sat own position directly. Snort! Has any extraordinary.” Li Shuai leng snort was mumbling in that. Long time no see recently Li Ying, crossed good?” Zhou Yifeng extended his right hand, wants with the Li Ying handshake. The appearance that Li Ying sees Zhou Yifeng, she really does not know how should reject. Hello, I am her boyfriend, I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian has stood directly, stretched out the right hand and Zhou Yifeng grasps in one.