Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 121

In the hand of Xia Tian just about to shakes Zhou Yifeng's hand, Zhou Yifeng has taken back his hand, this did not give the Xia Tian face obviously, Xia Tian anything had not said that but showed a faint smile sits down once more. Li Ying, I heard what you read was Jianghai University was right.” Zhou Yifeng looked that asked to Li Ying. Em.” Li Ying nodded. Now university student employment rate was too low, any specialty that you study, waited to graduate I to give you to introduce that a company practised.” Zhou Yifeng said on own initiative that hears Zhou Yifeng's words, several other tables of people are envy the envy to hate, but does not have the means that who let Li Ying is then class tweed. Does not use thanking.” Li Ying slight bow, on face not too many expressions. Sees the desolateness of Li Ying, Zhou Yifeng stares slightly, in his impression, Li Ying should hold in high esteem to him at this time is right, then leaves behind his contact method, even on own initiative will also devote in the future. The reality is but callous, Li Ying has rejected his good intention directly. Big fatty, that side does not have many places, why to sit here.” Liu Ying discontented saying, time Liu Ying of high school does not like him, he depends in oneself family a little money in all directions to boast. I heard that you have gone abroad to study, how.” Zhou Yifeng smiles looks at Liu Ying. Cannot stay externally, therefore came back.” Liu Zhi optional saying. „, I also think that is the overseas economic level is too high, you cannot pay tuition come back.” Zhou Yifeng has sized up Liu Ying one eyes: Right, how I have forgotten, your parents have the company, should not be this reason.” You.” Liu Ying stared Zhou Yifeng one eyes angrily. Your boyfriend? How not to have brought, leads not to get rid, but has not related, your family is in any case rich, you raise he.” Zhou Yifeng ridiculed. Snort.” Liu Ying has turned the head no longer to speak.

Where does this little brother take a higher position?” Zhou Yifeng looked that asked to Xia Tian. High school just graduated.” Xia Tian light saying. „, Is the high-school student who just graduated, has not thought that our school beauty unexpectedly like this cream puff.” Zhou Yifeng disdains after having swept Xia Tian , to continue to ask: Where do your parents take a higher position?” My father died, I have not seen mother since childhood.” Saying that Xia Tian unemotionally. Hears the Xia Tian words, Li Ying is not very happy, she has not thought that the matter will turn into this, has not thought that Xia Tian life experience unexpectedly is so pitiful, looks he was taunted himself to go by Zhou Yifeng completely helplessly. Hey, the dead fatty, you are looks up the registered permanent address, the person the matter in each family has any relations with you.” Liu Ying was really unable to continue watching, therefore opens the mouth to say. I casually ask.” Zhou Yifeng shows a faint smile. „Did a peak, what ask?” The entrance place walks one person, is a man, saw that his time Zhou Yifeng stands up. Elder Brother Ming, you also came.” Saying of Zhou Yifeng face smiling face. How such lively scene I possibly, I heard good that you mixed recently, the house and car(riage) bought.” The Elder Brother Ming full name is Li Ming, is in their this group of people the most special person, although he is also the schoolmates of these people, the time that but he attended class perhaps adds to be also less than one month. He is the Jiang Hai City police station vice- Bureau Chief son. Elder Brother Ming this laughs at me, how my broken car(riage) can with comparing of Elder Brother Ming.” Saying of Zhou Yifeng face smiling face. Yo, you call Li Ying.” Li Ming's vision takes a fast look around Li Ying time stares slightly, because Li Ying was really too attractive.

Em.” Li Ying nodded, she and Li Ming, although is surnamed Li, but among them anything relates does not have, moreover goes to school has not spoken. „Before you compare, was more attractive.” Li Ming praised. Thanks.” Li Ying shows a faint smile. After ten minutes, Li Ying this table has been filled, Li Ming also sat in this table, then three female schoolmates also sat in this table, now in this table altogether eight people. Person come similar.” The class leader located from the entrance. Wait / Etc., I.” The entrance place ran an appearance beautiful female, side the female with a male, saw their first, Xia Tian recognizes, this was not just initially in that the Jianghai University outside hotel bumped into, that male calling army, female Xia Tian does not know that called anything. Yan Yan, how you come.” The class leader shows a faint smile. Came late, came late.” Saying of Yan Yan apology. Was good, comes with me, our three same places sit in that table.” Li Ying their this tables that the class leader said that a table sits ten people not to have the issue. Good.” Yan Yanla own boyfriend army is sitting down directly, when she sits stares slightly, because she saw two acquaintances, Li Ying and her boyfriend. The armies also saw Xia Tian, he still remembers that night matter, awkward smiled to Xia Tian, Xia Tian is also the slight bow response. Yan Yan, this is your new boyfriend.” Zhou Yifeng looked that asked to Yan Yan. Said anything, probably I have many boyfriend to result.” Yan Yan awkward saying.

I heard that you also study in Jianghai University, you definitely frequently can see Li Ying.” Zhou Yifeng continues to say. Has seen.” Yan Yan thinks that here thought specially awkward, the previous time matter really threw the surface, she boasted in the Li Ying front was so long, that Li Ying boyfriend who finally had not spoken, body casual clothes price was 18888. Saw that Xia Tian has not worn that clothes to come out, she is very puzzled, if she that expensive clothes, she wants Tiantian to put on to show off. This is your boyfriend, is your school?” Zhou Yifeng asked. Em.” Yan Yan nodded. Everybody comes was similar, we drink one together, the female student cannot drink can drink a fruit juice.” The class leader stands up said loudly that all people have carried the wine class in oneself hand. Come, we do one.” The class leader said loudly. Wait / Etc..” At this moment the sound stopped everybody's movement together, the person of speech is not others, is Zhou Yifeng. How?” The class leader has doubts looks to Zhou Yifeng. Since said that does not make the female student drink, then leads the boyfriend to come, should make their boyfriends also drink her.” Person Xia Tian that Zhou Yifeng aims, because Li Ying drinks is the fruit juice. This is not good.” Class leader awkward saying. Anything is not good, I look very well.” Li Ming has approved of Zhou Yifeng's proposition.