Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 122

Some Li Ming's affirmation, Zhou Yifeng's energy was also fuller, holds up the wine class in oneself hand to say to Xia Tian: This brothers, you are our Ban Hua boyfriend, you should drink two cups to be right according to the truth.” Why?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Zhou Yifeng. You also heard, this was everybody agreed a moment ago.” Zhou Yifeng answered. What relations then has with me? I only drink with the friend of mine.” Xia Tian light saying, he had not planned to drink a moment ago. Since came, everybody is a friend, only if you look down upon us.” Zhou Yifeng this words advanced above Xia Tian the crest of wave crest directly, if he agrees, then he must drink the next two cups, the key is not these two cups, but must drink the duplicate from now on, when the time comes Zhou Yifeng they can definitely turn are respecting his liquor, if not agree, represents him to look down upon these people. Hears Zhou Yifeng's words, Li Ming's satisfied nod, he also very much admired the Zhou Yifeng those words. All people look to Xia Tian, is waiting for his reply. I do not know you, has anything to think highly to look down upon.” Xia Tian puzzled saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, they admire, being watertight that this saying said that under Zhou Yifeng spread a moment ago such with ease the unescapable net by Xia Tian neutralize. Words cannot say, although you do not know us, but Li Ying with us but old schoolmate, if you do not drink, we can only make her drink.” Zhou Yifeng's another trap supposed, how his words replied that was not easy, if Xia Tian looked for the excuse, that i.e. he did not love dearly Li Ying. She, if doesn't drink?” Xia Tian asked. Has saying that the reply of Xia Tian always stems from Zhou Yifeng's anticipation. This is not good, everybody is a friend, is rare to gather together, perhaps does not drink cannot be justified, everybody said that is.” Zhou Yifeng looks that other people said. Yes, everybody gets together with great difficulty, should drink.”

Right, drinks one cup of liquor nothing.” Gathering does specially is not perhaps good.” Everybody was discussing there. I drink.” Li Ying looked that said to Xia Tian. Yan Yan and army they anticipate looks at Xia Tian, previous Xia Tian makes them admit defeat, this time sees Xia Tian to fall into this Realm, they naturally were very happy, this was also in disguised form revenges. Why drinks?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Li Ying, hears the Xia Tian words, Li Ying puts down the wine class in hand. Boy, what do you mean, you did not drink, today is our gatherings, Li Ying she is our schoolmates, your she did not let drink, was this cannot pass with us intentionally is?” Zhou Yifeng finally found the excuse that gets angry. „Is that also what kind of?” Xia Tian very optional saying. Sees the Xia Tian manner, person complexions in room become very ugly, Li Shuai has stood: Brat, do you look to punch are?” You can try.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. moda foka, I kill you.” Li Shuai takes up beverage bottle on table to walk toward Xia Tian. „Is Li Shuai, you doing?” The class leader goes forward to stop hurriedly. Your pauper, does not know really you are why wild, you said that your anything line, you compared with money compared with the power, be the people on your society are hard.” Zhou Yifeng shouts loudly, he draws with him all people to the same front, in their this group of schoolmates, truly is some rich people are authorized has.

My anything does not have.” Xia Tian light saying. „Hasn't your what why fought with us?” Zhou Yifeng incomparably rampant saying. I resemble is not the time.” At this moment, the entrance located a man to walk, male western-style clothes, seemed very charming, the person in room all was the doubts looked to him, because they did not know him. I in this.” Liu Ying stands to wave. Saw that Liu Ying waves, everybody naturally knows that who he was, originally he was Liu Ying that boyfriend. At this time all people looked at the vision to Zhou Yifeng, Zhou Yifeng said a moment ago Liu Ying boyfriend led not to get rid, added that Liu Ying boyfriend by Liu Yingyang, this obviously was incorrect. Liu Ying the boyfriend appearance is charming, how possibly to lead not to get rid, his western-style clothes are very noble, the makings are also superior, understood at a glance that his husband and wife are not certainly simple. When boyfriend who Zhou Yifeng sees Liu Ying, blushed the neck root. You seem look familiar very much.” Li Ming frowns saying that he always felt where has seen this man. „, I thought that he was that Yang Yun of China ten big outstanding youth.” Before Li Ying thinks, has read an article, that is front this man writes. „, Right.” Li Ming thought that was he. When hears his status, Zhou Yifeng wishes one could a tunnel to worm one's way into. Hello, Chief Xia.” Yang Yun extended the right hand to Xia Tian, when sees his action, all people were shocked, including Xia Tian Li Ying.

Person all doubts in entire room looked to Xia Tian. Yang Yun is big figure, but this big figure unexpectedly greeted with Xia Tian on own initiative, moreover called Xia Tian is Chief Xia. „Do you know me?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts, but extended the right hand in a friendly way. Today market that draws I also on the scene, Boss of that market is my good friend, at that time you too busy had not noted me.” The Yang Yun words said very humble. Also because of his humbleness, all people was more surprised. China ten big outstanding youth unexpectedly said that Xia Tian too has no free time to respond him busily, actually then Xia Tian is any status. „, Excuse me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he has not noted the scene also to have such a person really at that time. Actually that market I have the stock, therefore I must thank generous of Chief Xia.” Saying of Yang Yun face smiling face. Yang Yun each words as if is a handle sharp knife are the same, inserted Zhou Yifeng's heart directly, Yang Yun speaks a few words every time, Zhou Yifeng's heart on pain, he felt that own face loses completely today. He said Xia Tian a moment ago, does not have money, nobody, does not have the power, but Yang Yun Chief Xia broke these now, Yang Yun such figure so respects to him, he will not have how possibly money, how possibly nobody, how also possibly not to know the powerful official. Zhou Yifeng felt that own face burning hurting, he wishes one could himself to himself two palms of the hand, if currently has a hole to make him worm one's way into, he can worming one's way into without hesitation. You blow any cow B in that mutually.” At this moment the sound has broken the exchange of Yang Yun and Xia Tian together.