Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 123

All people looked to this sound master Li Shuai, saw that Xia Tian and Yang Yun thought highly there mutually, he was really unable to continue watching, today is their gatherings, but his unexpectedly point had the feeling not to have. Did not compare previous Zhou Yifeng and Li Ming he has also recognized, but unexpectedly has been robbed the crest of wave by two bystanders now, how this made him endure. He mixes the society, in his eyes, mixes person very good B of society this year, others should awe him, reason that he attended this gathering to install act high and mighty, can soak two girlfriends to be better while convenient. But this mixes the present unexpectedly point of society to have the feeling not to have. Was you were speaking a moment ago?” Xia Tian turns the head to look to saying of Li Shuai coldly. Was your father I says.” Li Shuai gains ground looks to Xia Tian that disdains, his behind that two brothers have also stood. Nobody can insult my father.” Xia Tian light saying, moved toward Li Shuai afterward step by step. Li Shuai noticed that Xia Tian walks to oneself, he does not fear walks toward Xia Tian, thing that these years he learns only then, that is ruthless, regardless of the opposite party will be everybody will make an all-out effort to retreat in fear by this. „Does Li Shuai, you do? This is gathering.” The class leader is hurried to hold on Li Shuai. Snort.” Li Shuai leng snort: Looks in the face of class leader, I let off your, later the aisle gives me carefully.” Xia Tian has not anchored the footsteps, but continues to move toward Li Shuai: I had not said probably must let off you.” Hears the Xia Tian words, all people stare, that class leader is also the doubts looks to Xia Tian. In their opinion, Li Shuai this person is the big charlatan who outside mixes, he did not look for others' trouble to be worth rejoicing, Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares to annoy Li Shuai on own initiative. Good that the old saying said that rather offends to be an official, does not offend hooligan. Once these hooligan flood the tiger comes that to be any matter does. You with whom, twisted exactly crookedly.” Li Shuai the class leader will draw single-handed one side, looks ruthlessly color looks to Xia Tian.

His behind that two little brothers followed. He he.” Xia Tian coldly smiles. You smile chicken 8 jiao, my TM gave your face.” Li Shuai manner very bad looks at Xia Tian. Li Ying wants to try to break up a fight, but actually held on by Yang Yun: You look at the good play.” Yang Yun has seen fierce of Xia Tian, when the drawing scene, Xia Tian overthrows that bandit the Might appearance he looks clearly. Li Ying doubts looks to Xia Tian, she thought at this time and situation of Xia Tian first meeting. At that time Xia Tian looked like the put on airs has rescued from these unprincipled person hands her equally. ! Xia Tian direct palm of the hand hitting maliciously on Li Shuai's face. You said anything a moment ago, I have not heard clearly, said again.” Xia Tian light saying. The palm of the hand of Xia Tian was really too sudden, Li Shuai thorough has been perplexed, his behind that two little brothers also looked silly, they may mix in the society, but has not seen this type saying that began to begin. In society, this year ratio is who are many, if the population is similar, that suppresses compared with whom, this ruthless does not move the stingy, but is who seems more ruthless, this anything age, fight violated the law. Compared a moment ago ruthlessly, obvious Li Shuai had the superiority. This time, again have not called your reason me.” Xia Tian said, turned back own position. Until after Xia Tian returned to own position, Li Shuai responded that he touches his face, that burning pain told his matter real, he really by front handsome boy hitting.

Your TM dares to hit me.” Beverage bottle in Li Shuai hand threw directly to Xia Tian. Li Shuai is went crazy to be the same probably, beverage bottle has thrown directly carelessly, this does not throw carelessly importantly, goal unexpectedly of beverage bottle is Li Ying. Sees here time all people are panic-stricken of whole face. When all people think that the face of Li Ying will certainly be hit by this beverage bottle swells, Xia Tian puts out a hand directly beverage bottle to hold, accurate incomparable. Humph!” When sees Xia Tian all people by to control. The jar that empty-handed will dance in the air holds, is this Superman? You almost pounded my woman a moment ago.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, the Li Ying innermost feelings one sweetly, heard Xia Tian to say one were his woman, the Li Ying mood all of a sudden became specially well. Father must abandon you today.” Li Shuai had become confused angrily, takes up beverage bottle to flush away to Xia Tian directly once more. Bang! The beverage bottle child pounded smashing, the beer flows off from his head. The blood mixed the beer to flow place. This beverage bottle pounds very perfectly, all people sighed this beverage bottle pounds had the technical level, but the head blossomed was not Xia Tian, but was Li Shuai. On Li Shuai's beverage bottle chess pieces pounded on Xia Tian a moment ago time, Xia Tian came one empty-handed to seize the naked sword, seized beverage bottle in his hand directly, the backhand has given him. Saw such scene, person to control in room.

Ruthless, Xia Tian got rid is really too ruthless. Li elder brother.” Li Shuai's two little brothers help up Li Shuai hurriedly. Yeah.” Class leader helpless sighing of, gathering unexpectedly well turned into this. You quickly deliver hospital him, this time matter is Li Shuai is not right.” Li Ming has stood, light saying. Heard Li Ming to speak, that two little brothers held the person directly, after Li Shuai was held, Li Ming has taken up one glass of liquor: Brother Xia is right, I apologized with you for Li Shuai, how did this matter such consider as finished?” All people look to Xia Tian. Indifferent, I also vented anger in any case.” Xia Tian indifferent saying. I did.” Li Ming drinks directly the liquor one breath: Everybody continues, before Li Shuai today, possibly was to drink.” After hearing Li Ming's words, all people continue to eat meal, all probably have not occurred to be the same. He he, Brother Xia, I respect your one cup.” Zhou Yifeng awkward smiles, holds up the wine class in oneself hand to drink directly. Xia Tian looked continually has not looked at this Zhou Yifeng, this Zhou Yifeng is a fellow of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, this whole life is impossible becomes the Xia Tian friend, Zhou Yifeng sees the Xia Tian expression, in the heart is very disgruntled, but has not said anything. A food eats very peaceful, after having eaten meal, the class leader proposed that everybody goes to KTV together, when the time comes can wrap the next several large packages, everybody is together happy happily. Everybody agreed. ***, Who my little brother hitting.” When everybody is about to leave, the entrance clashes the enormous and powerful more than ten people.