Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 124

When sees these more than ten people of forms, person retreat in room cannot help but, because of these people stripped, in the hand is taking the blade, the body has tattoos. This imposing manner seems scary. Although these people in room also in some families a little skill, Li Shuai but who except for just fed in the hospital, has not mixed the society. moda foka, who has hit Li Shuai, leave to me.” Is that person of wicked saying of head. All people look at the vision to Xia Tian, saw one such simply were betrayed, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, walks toward front afterward. Real TM twisted exactly crookedly, my Zhu Liang some little brother also people dare to hit, did not exit to inquire that my Zhu Liang was anything.” The Zhu Liang words just told only half that stopped on bursting out laughing, his whole face inconceivable looks at front this person. The following words had been swallowed by him stiffly. Xia Tian stand forth step by step, Yan Yan and Zhou Yifeng and the others waited to look at the good play in that. This group of people looked are not the friendly stubble, Xia Tian hit Li Shuai, how Li Shuai have been possible to suffer a loss competently, therefore gave his Boss Zhu Liang to telephone. Li Ming is also motionless, in his opinion the present is his giving a good account of oneself opportunity, after waiting for Xia Tian these people have hit, again reports to the police, when the time comes the police came to him notify on own initiative, that appeared he has the face. Other people also wait to look at the Xia Tian joke. I hit.” Xia Tian light saying. Hears these three characters that Xia Tian said that the Zhu Liang feeling was a big stone pounds in his heart, front fellow he may not want to offend, but a Xia Tian acknowledgment was he hits, the matter did not have the moderate leeway. Pondered the moment, Zhu Liang has made a second half lifetime to think the wisest decision. „, Acknowledged well, looked at your likely strip man, this matter.” Zhu Liang nodded, hears his words, his behind little brother has gawked, surroundings these wait to look good play also gawked.

Did this finish? Enormous and powerful these many manpower with weapon to speak such a few words? We walk.” Zhu Liang turn around must leave directly. Seeing Zhu Liang must walk, Yan Yan and Zhou Yifeng and the others can only keep shook the head, they also planned to look at a good play, finally this charlatan too does not make every effort to succeed. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. Hears Xia Tian to start talking, Zhu Liang heart one cold, Yan Yan and Zhou Yifeng and the others are at present one bright, has let off Xia Tian in they opinion these people obviously, if Xia Tian provoked them on own initiative, they will be will not let off Xia Tian absolutely. Ahem, this time you ended.” Yan Yanleng snort. Looked how you die.” Zhou Yifeng expression mean saying. Other people are also strange looks to Xia Tian, the opposite party has not asked him to trouble, his unexpectedly also stopped by calling out the opposite party. Zhu Liang has anchored own footsteps. I remember that you said a moment ago probably makes me leave, I, will not teach me.” Xia Tian light saying. Hears here, Yan Yan and Zhou Yifeng and the others were happier, Xia Tian also really on own initiative provoked the opposite party, in their opinion, this chapter of this group of people this were angry. Li Ming looks Xia Tian contemptuous smiles. Yang Yun looks Xia Tian form helpless smiles, he sees has not been afraid of getting into trouble in a big way, but he first like Xia Tian time sees.

The person in room all anticipates looks to Zhu Liang. They want to take a look at Zhu Liang to be angry are any appearances. „, I will not teach you.” Zhu Liang light saying, said , the whole person lay down on the ground directly, like this has tumbled out the hotel under thousands of staring eyes. Surprised, all people all surprised looks to Xia Tian. Defeating the enemy without fighting, this was also too ruthless. All people can look, a moment ago that Zhu Liang was genuinely frightened Xia Tian, Xia Tian made him leave, his unexpectedly really has tumbled out the hotel, his behind these little brothers were also tactful got up to roll out with old Freshman. Class leader, we go to Emperor KTV, there I have the understanding person, I subscribed one super to reserve a room a moment ago greatly, enough sits down our these many people.” Although Li Ming in the surface is soliciting the agreement of class leader, but in fact he has subscribed, in other words he informs. This naturally was best.” The class leader is also a not any mind person, heard Li Ming saying that reserved a room to subscribe, naturally cannot reject. Outside altogether stopped three car(riage)s, first is Zhou Yifeng's Nissan, second is Li Ming's Audi A4, third was the Yang Yun BMW five departments, the files next best of car(riage) misses one to look. Zhou Yifeng's most bad, Li Ming is next, Yang Yun best. Yo, Chief Xia does not have the car(riage), or do you ride my car(riage)?” Zhou Yifeng disdains looked at Xia Tian, his taunted the Xia Tian opportunity with great difficulty, to miss how possibly. Or Brother Xia ride my car(riage) to be also good.” Li Ming is also seizes the chance to taunt Xia Tian. Chief Xia, your company was also too mean-spirited, your such Freshman leader does not give to match a car(riage).” Zhou Yifeng continues to say. „, Big company should not give the manager the rank the figure allocation of vehicles.” Although Li Ming does not have to taunt Xia Tian visibly, but has actually given Zhou Yifeng a very good excuse.

Hears Li Ming's words, Zhou Yifeng shows a faint smile: Possibly was the car(riage) that matched too broken, Chief Xia opened embarrassed.” Yang Yun had not spoken, but is the smile looks at Xia Tian. Li Ying, you ride my car(riage).” Liu Ying discontented stared Zhou Yifeng one eyes. I want not to use, that is not the Chief Xia car(riage)!” Yang Yun light saying, hears the Yang Yun words, all people looked that to that car(riage) that never the distant place came. Sees this vehicle time, Zhou Yifeng and Li Ming's complexion becomes very ugly, especially Zhou Yifeng, his eyeball quickly flew. Bentley, is Bentley. The vehicle arrives in front of Xia Tian time, the driver gets out the driving gate: Excuse me, Chief Xia, trafficked jams a moment ago.” After hearing the words of driver, Zhou Yifeng wishes one could direct one to kill, he just said that the Xia Tian allocation of vehicles opens embarrassed, Xia Tian made Bentley, went to compare with others Bentley with his car(riage), that was not courts death. Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to Zhou Yifeng: Knows why the symbol of Bentley is in a black circle belt B, does side have two wings?” Does not know.” Zhou Yifeng shook the head. Brings your act high and mighty, leading you to fly, leading you to hover the darkness.” Xia Tian said that brought Li Ying to ride the Bentley car(riage) directly. All people all look at Zhou Yifeng with the unusual vision, Zhou Yifeng's face have lost completely today, this act high and mighty have not installed the clear feeling, if must describe with an analogy, that is one opens the second-hand house intermediary person to boast with Li Ka-shing one does the real estate.