Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 125
In Emperor KTV, Li Ming's skill is truly big, such big theater box he also subscribes . Moreover the server is very polite to them, has sent 45 big fruit trays. Saw that Li Ming so has the face here, everybody envies. Everybody plays happy, here Boss is my friend, but also wants any everybody casually, today I treat.” Saying of Li Ming atmosphere. The Li Ming ten shares by this feeling, others looked at this feeling with the vision of worship. Li Ming, is you are fierce, such big private room I have not looked, is very certainly marketable.” The class leader praised. Also good, I telephone had been wrapped, Boss heard that I must come, gave that group of people to send.” Li Ming's complacent saying. Elder Brother Ming is fierce.” Is, such big reserves a room my this whole life not to see.” Moreover these servers have also sent these many fruit trays.” The schoolmates there commended that Li Ming has the skill, Li Ming also has fun. Elder Brother Ming, I looked that these people respected to you a moment ago specially, I also saw some plays also knows you, it seems like you are not young in this reputation.” Zhou Yifeng said. „My uncle looks at the gathering place here.” Li Ming's optional saying. Hears here everybody is very surprised, this year can also live to come to see person of gathering place absolutely is figure of super cow, since striking hard, looked that gathering place name did not have, the present these looked gathering place together pools capital with Boss. Li Ming's that uncle should also be one of the here Boss. „Can Elder Brother Ming also take a membership card to us, to afterward here also has been able to discount anything.” They saw that membership card in Li Ming hand a moment ago, listening to the server saying that was the concessionary card that hit three to fold, is in Emperor KTV the best membership card. Ha Ha, does not have the issue, when the time comes I give each of you to take one, but can only hit the 30% discount.” Li Ming shows a faint smile. 30% discount, fierce, Elder Brother Ming, the membership card of others family is the 10% discount, 20% discount was the insider, you gave unexpectedly that we wanted are the 30% discount.” Saying that Zhou Yifeng exaggerates. Everybody plays happy on line.” Saying of Li Ming atmosphere.

Thump! Comes in Bright few, this is manager bestows your two box of liquor.” „, Puts this.” Li Ming nodded. Everybody sang, don't be shy, everybody plays one today happily.” The class leader shouts. Thump! Comes.” Bright few, next door heard that you came, has delivered you two bottles of red wines.” Puts this.” Li Ming very optional saying. Saw that Li Ming so has the face, everybody envies looked to him. Xia Tian and Li Ying sit in the corner of room, Liu Ying and Yang Yun sit side them, other people ran to request a song, the class leader kept the order there, everyone. Thump! Comes.” Small bright, I heard that you came.” Elder Brother Bao led two people to arrive in the theater box. Uncle Bao, how also alarmed you.” Li Ming very polite saying. I have a look at you, is quite amusing, has the matter to call me.” Elder Brother Bao gave fully Li Ming face. Thanks Uncle Bao.” Li Ming shows a faint smile.

Em.” Elder Brother Bao nodded, is about to leave, but he saw at this time sat in room corner that Xia Tian, he rubbed the eyes later confirmed one have not misread the person. On the face has piled up with the smile immediately. Sees the Elder Brother Bao expression, Li Ming is very puzzled: Uncle Bao, how?” Elder Brother Bao has not responded him, but is a face smiling face moved toward Xia Tian: Elder Brother Tian, you also came, how not to greet first.” Saw the Elder Brother Bao appearance, Li Ming was shocked, Zhou Yifeng was also shocked, in the room all people were all shocked, Li Ming was still boasting a moment ago his uncle was fierce, had the status in this. But this uncle sees name Xia Tian that Xia Tian time unexpectedly has grovelled is Elder Brother Tian. This contrast was also too obvious a point. What do you look at? Told the bar, today this room I invited, making them give on me the thing.” Elder Brother Bao is shouting to behind two little brothers, that two little brothers ran hurriedly. Li Ying hides the Xia Tian side, the Elder Brother Bao appearance was really too scary, the short distance looked that whom that appearance did not have , the pit pit pocket of whole face. You frightened my friend.” Xia Tian vision coldly looks at Elder Brother Bao. Sorry, Elder Brother Tian, day sister-in-law, my this walks.” Elder Brother Bao said, withdrew from the theater box. After Elder Brother Bao leaves the theater box, Li Ming's complexion some are not good, he just carried in the day , because of Elder Brother Bao Elder Brother Tian, him in falling maliciously on the ground, after he has been proud Uncle Bao who saw Xia Tian, unexpectedly to grovel, resembles with the little brother. How this lets his be able to be balanced at heart. Thump! Comes.” Is Elder Brother Bao makes us deliver.” Puts that.” Li Ming's ill-humored saying.

Excuse me, bright few, this delivers Elder Brother Tian.” Saying of server very apology. Snort!” Li Ming leng snort: Such does not select the thing.” His words just said that the server waved to outside person, afterward servers one after another walked from outside, fruit tray altogether more than 20, various types of snacks are innumerable, a beer box of then box moves toward the room. Several bottles of good foreign wines. Saw that such scene Li Ming was shocked completely, this contrast was also too obvious. Delivered the person of fruit tray and liquor to him a moment ago comes, to Xia Tian what now delivers the fruit tray and liquor is one after another. These many things, were really thank you.” The class leader has not thought that many, takes up the thing to open eats. Other people are also very happy, usually goes to a KTV fruit tray, that is the luxurious behavior, currently has free, they do not eat are strange. Saw these people eat is so happy, Li Ming did not have any thoughts of eating, sat in the corner directly pents up anger. Had these many eating, everybody sang was also very happy. Li Ying and Liu Ying went to a washroom, Yang Yun has exchanged the matters on some commercial with Xia Tian, but Xia Tian had not said that was almost is listening to Yang Yun to say there, this was not because Xia Tian looked down upon Yang Yun, because Xia Tian understood to the trade were not really many. Previous market that drawing truly is his proposition, but this also merely is because he stands in the angle of consumer thinks of these. If makes his concrete discuss that things of these commercializations, he is anything was unable. „It is not good, Liu Ying was hit.” Li Ying shoves open gate anxious shouting of theater box.