Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 126

Hears Liu Ying to be hit, Yang Yun the gate pulse, Xia Tian also followed for a while, the person who sung has also anchored, all people walk toward the theater box. The matter is this, a moment ago after Li Ying and Liu Ying went to the washroom to wash the hands, Liu Yingshuai waving the arms about, this waves the arms about, the water on hand flung a body of beautiful female, that beautiful female came up to give a Liu Ying palm of the hand. Moreover that beautiful female also called the person. Yang Yun ran the past time, saw Liu Yingwu own face, his anger has come up immediately, has given a that beautiful female palm of the hand directly. ! The clear sound reached in the ear of everyone, beautiful female behind also one group of people, see Yang Yun to begin, they all walked. Brother, hits the woman not to be perhaps right.” The beautiful female behind walked a youth. ! A numerous palm of the hand sound captured the attention of all people, because this palm of the hand is not Yang Yun hits, but is Xia Tian, Xia Tian walked after behind the direct palm of the hand hit a moment ago on the face of that youth. „Was this right?” Xia Tian looks at the youth to say. The youth felt own face burning hurting, profile already thorough passed out, he gains ground wickedly looks at Xia Tian: You.” ! What do you want to say?” Xia Tian asked. The youth a little are hoodwinked, the palm of the hand of Xia Tian the palm of the hand of Xia Tian hit hit was really too sudden, his words had not said that was hit. Brat, your what meaning? Starts not to reason with.” The youth behind these people of all walk up. ! I do not reason with, again?” The Xia Tian direct palm of the hand hit to that person of speech. Li Ming noticed that such scene has not informed Elder Brother Bao, but quietly has made a phone call to money Captain of police station: Uncle Qian, I in Emperor KTV, here some people fights, you a bit faster come.”

Sees so strong Xia Tian, Yang Yun was also shocked. Brat, do you want to fight?” In the crowd some people flushed, the direct foot tramples to Xia Tian. Ka! Sound of bone break, this sound reached in the ear of everyone, although they have not listened to the bone to break are any sounds, but they know that this absolutely is the bone broke the sound. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from that person of mouth. Also who?” Xia Tian loud shouting. Has saying that Xia Tian this opposite person all to control, after all they are not the desperado, sees to start so very ruthless Xia Tian, at once looks at each other in blank diamay. Good, you dare to hit us, I think you to have how much Qian Pei.” That person that first stands covers own face to say. ! Xia Tian was a palm of the hand has flung. What did you say? I have not heard clearly, said again.” Xia Tian light saying. I said.” ! Xia Tian came up is a palm of the hand has hit, has hit the words of that youth directly. You said anything saying that was let alone.” Xia Tian light saying. That beautiful female who most starts to stir up trouble thorough hoodwinking, she had depended herself the person to be many, therefore had that big energy to hit Liu Ying, but has not thought of the opposite person not compared with their few.

Opposite person?” The beautiful female looks suddenly to Xia Tian behind that group of people that she discovered that although these people are the same places, the meaning of but probably. „Do you look to do? Their two people, your many people, a person of foot also kicked to death them.” The beautiful female is shouting to these men, but these men mutually look. In beautiful female heart one anxious: „Are you also the men.” Hears here time, these male awareness must result in has gotten rid, otherwise made the following these female students look to laugh. On, does them together.” Saw that these hooligan must they clash to Xia Tian, Xia Tian behind that group of person have not gone forward. „Do you like this look are?” Liu Ying looks angrily to these schoolmates. When Liu Ying vision looks to them, they lowered the head, has not gone forward. Stops to me.” At this moment the Xia Tian rear area has the People sound to shout. Frontline propaganda is not others, is Elder Brother Bao, Elder Brother Bao had the enormous and powerful several people to walk from behind. Sees Elder Brother Bao time, on hit that youth face one happy: Just right that Elder Brother Bao, you come, you may probably uphold the justice for us.” ! Elder Brother Bao comes up is a palm of the hand, being completely muddled that youth hits. Manages NMB, Elder Brother Tian do you also dare to annoy are?” Elder Brother Bao cursed angrily. Hears the Elder Brother Bao words, that youth thorough has gawked, the youth behind that beautiful female was also shocked. Come, comes, you come.” Elder Brother Bao has referred to the youth behind that beautiful female. Leopard.. Elder Brother Bao.” The females are that type frequently mix the evening performance, naturally knows Elder Brother Bao.

! The Elder Brother Bao direct big cheeks have brandished. Was you have hit the Elder Brother Tian friend was right.” A Elder Brother Bao foot trampled that female. Saw that his action Xia Tian was shocked, Xia Tian will always not hit this woman, but Elder Brother Bao unexpectedly is not forgiving. Elder Brother Bao, I have made a mistake, I made a mistake.” The females said hurriedly. Knew well mistakenly.” Elder Brother Bao turning the head smiling looks at Xia Tian: Elder Brother Tian, does not know that you don't satisfy?” Volume, satisfaction, cannot look, you handle matters such powerful.” Xia Tian said. Hears Xia Tian to commend itself, on the face of Elder Brother Bao the smiling face were more. We walk.” Xia Tian looked at Li Ying to say. Snort.” Liu Ying looked at own that group of schoolmate cold snort, such gathering this whole life does not want to participate in the second time. Four people walk toward outside directly. All people all raise hand.” At this moment outside clashes one group of police. Saw the police to come, Elder Brother Bao doubts looked to the opposite party: Qian Dui, this is any situation, how also to alarm your honorable self.” Uncle Qian, is he, he is fighting against that group of people, the leg broke.” Li Ming has stood, this time he does not have to use others, but is acts, he acts to accuse Xia Tian directly. Li Ming, you were really too mean, haven't you blown yourself fiercely? The schoolmate has the matter you to hide in behind, then accused the person on one's own side?” Liu Ying looks angrily Li Ming scolded. Qian Dui turns the head to look that to person who Li Ming refers, when he sees Xia Tian stares slightly, afterward turns the head to look to Li Ming: Small bright, you definitely misread.”