Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 127

Uncle Qian, I have not misread, is he, does not believe you to ask inside these people.” Li Ming said hurriedly. Police gentleman, I can also testify, is he is fighting.” Zhou Yifeng goes forward to say. Money Captain looked at a Zhou Yifeng: You , did I make you speak?” Volume.” Zhou Yifeng stares slightly, along with retreat. Small bright, you misread.” Money Captain does not dare to provoke Xia Tian, he heard that this Xia Tian terrifying, Liu Dui died because of him, Section Chief Zhao was also given to hit by him, Li Ming's father, Li Fu Bureau Chief does not dare to provoke Xia Tian. Right, small bright, do not speak at a venture, you misread.” Elder Brother Bao simultaneously goes forward to say. Saw speech way that Elder Brother Bao and money Captain covers up, Li Ming stares slightly. Mr. Xia, I thinks that here possibly is a misunderstanding, you have the matter first to walk.” Money Captain looks at Xia Tian to show a faint smile. Hears money Captain to call Xia Tian for Mr. Xia, Li Ming stares slightly, originally money Captain knows Xia Tian. Li Ming most is proud is his father, his father is vice- Bureau Chief of police station, but this status suitable extraordinary, from infancy to maturity he, regardless of sees any people are a nostril appearance upwards. Anybody does not dare to offend him, because any person offends him, the father will level for him, even if he stirred up trouble, the police will come also only to process the opposite party. Police gentleman, I have not misread, the person who inside these hit definitely has not misread, does not believe you to ask them.” Saying that Zhou Yifeng is not tactful. After Elder Brother Bao stared Zhou Yifeng one eyes, shouts to inside: „Did you make into this by whom?” Sees Elder Brother Bao that warning the look, inside person shouts hurriedly: Nobody hits us, we are joke.” Originally is the misunderstanding, receives team.” Money Captain waved to other police. Li Ying looks at front this theatrical side, stares slightly, she does not know that now should say any was good, she felt the man who own side was getting more and more mystical. After Xia Tian several people leave Emperor KTV, returned to Jianghai University Li Ying. Meanwhile, in a Jiang Hai City waste area. Sir, investigated thoroughly, Hashimoto died, moreover his clothes were dug up.” „Isn't that person who in other words, we protect evacuation at risk of life Hashimoto?” Right, our that dozens brothers all died in vain.”

Ah!!!!” Is that Ninja of head angry was roaring, a fist hit table directly crushes. „Did that person who Hashimoto chases down what call?” Xia Tian.” Your several have killed to me Brother Takeuchi first, then goes to grasp to me that Xia Tian, I must live.” Over a hundred people finally remaining that person unexpectedly that only then seven people, they protect at risk of life is fake goods, in this endured already the anger to the extreme, he had a dream cannot think one can lose was so miserable. All he arranges is flawless. The Quicksand Expert hand robs Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll from China Expert and, but this unexpectedly chess misses one move finally. After Xia Tian returned to residence, cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake fell asleep. Next morning, Xia Tian received a strange call. Hey, hello.” I am Tang Yan.” „Does the kiss concubine, how you know my telephone number?” I want with Sister Xue, I want to ask your matter.” Ok, but you must kiss my.” You. Good, noon tomorrow, the Jianghai University Basketball team to fighting Sichuan Shanghai Basketball team, I hopes that you can come.” Does not have the issue.” Why don't you ask?” Regardless of you have anything to request, cannot compare you to kiss my.” After Xia Tian was Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin bought the compassion breakfast, left home, today should give to Grandfather goes to the acupuncture.

You are my~ oh my big apple~. Xia Tian, my uncle wants to ask you to treat an illness, his money has prepared.” „, That makes him call first me.” Good, I make this give you to transfer accounts, when do you come to treat an illness to him?” „After two double-hour.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, like hurried to the Grandfather family, to the Grandfather family time, all servants are very respectful to Xia Tian. After Grandfather has carried on the acupuncture, Xia Tian left to the family. Grandfather said that wants to invite the Xia Tian good delicious food, Xia Tian complied, Grandfather said that the specific time will inform Xia Tian. Left after the family, Xia Tian went to Bai Family. Xia Tian goes to Bai Family to feel to be refreshing each time, this is possibly related with Bai Family here type of these herbal medicines. The Bai Yiyi grandmother leads the family member to come out to greet Xia Tian together. Summer Divine Doctor is good.” Volume, the grandmother was too polite.” Xia Tian stares slightly. Summer Divine Doctor, the previous time matter is I am not right.” Bai Guang apologized again. „.” Xia Tian was responding lightly. We enter the room to chat.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother said hurriedly. After entering in the room, Xia Tian has not wasted the time, started directly is Bai Guang Shi Zhen, after ten minutes, Xia Tian narrowing. Remember, bans the female sexual attractiveness.” Xia Tian light saying. „? Also must ban the female sexual attractiveness, my inadequate court eunuch?” Bai Guang stunned saying. One month, in does not allow to have sexual intercourse.” Xia Tian answered.

„, One month of ease in doing.” Bai Guang then relaxed. Grandmother, in your family has silver needle?” Xia Tian asked. Has, but does not have you to be so good.” Bai Family is medicine aristocratic family, the silver needle naturally has. Some how many? Can to me many lanes? I want ordinary on line.” Xia Tian excited asking. „If ordinary, that wants many to have many, our Bai Family has to manufacture the method of silver needle, now in the pharmacy should have over a thousand.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother answered. Can give me?” A Xia Tian face anticipates looks to the Bai Yiyi grandmother. Naturally, how many do you want?” The Bai Yiyi grandmother asked. I all want.” Xia Tian excited shouting. The Bai Yiyi grandmother assigned in person's to take pharmacy all silver needles, disposable all has given Xia Tian, but his very curious Xia Tian wanted these many silver needles to do, moreover how these many silver needles he must take. Grandmother, can send a vehicle to help me deliver to go home?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally did not have the issue.” In Jianghai University Basketball hall. Everybody keep it up, the score should not be pulled open too in a big way, we have the opportunity.” Tang Yan looks at the score on string, worries at heart, if this lost, then Jianghai University thoroughly lost the national 16 strong qualifications. The third section the competition must end immediately, but the score had not pulled closer, now was fallen 17. Hateful Xia Tian, how has not come.” Running around in circles of Tang Yan air/Qi. Concubine, you are thinking me.” The Xia Tian sound appears side Tang Yan.