Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 128

Xia Tian suddenly appeared frightens Tang Yan to jump, but was replaced by the joy immediately. How you come.” Tang Yan complained. Some matters delayed.” Xia Tian answered. Was good, you a bit faster change the clothes.” Tang Yan threw to a Xia Tian Jianghai University uniform. Really troublesome.” Xia Tian depressed saying, but he went to the changing room. The third section the competition had ended, Jianghai University and score of Sichuan Shanghai University is 78 : 98,20 point of high disparate score. The Jianghai University member is dejected. Eldest sister head, this fellows knew about us probably very that they restrained completely us.” Fang Li depressed saying. I saw Xia Tian a moment ago probably.” Xue Chuan puzzled looks to Tang Yan. Em, is I asks him to come, last changes on him.” Tang Yan said. Is the god of that Basketball? Ha Ha, we won.” Fang Li said with a smile loudly. Hey, opposite, you were insane, your abilities, radically insufficiently hit, your instructor, a girl each family went home to coax the child to be good, in this disgraceful.” The instructor shame of Sichuan Shanghai University said with a smile. What did you say?” Xue Chuan wicked looks to the opposite. I said that what you haven't heard clearly?” instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University disdains looked at Tang Yan one to continue saying: Score has missed 20 points, I have not known how really you can win, in a team has two star players, finally also loses is so miserable, this is the instructor issue.” „A period of competition, you think that you did win?” Tang Yan stands up to come to see to instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University. That is natural, your two star players had been controlled completely by me, your tactic had been defeated also by me, what do you have? If you can also win like this, I kneel down to call the grandfather to you.” The instructor ridicule of Sichuan Shanghai University said. Good, you remember the words that you spoke a moment ago, lost knelt down to call the grandfather.” Tang Yan shows a faint smile. Good, if you lost, your this girl kneels down to call our grandfathers.” The instructor ridicule of Sichuan Shanghai University said. Said it and meant it.” Tang Yan very earnest saying. You remember to me, this round gives me to beat their confidence directly thoroughly.” instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University said loudly.

Xia Tian changed clothes quickly, after he came out, all people of Jianghai University Basketball team were staring at him to look that their looks were very fiery. „Do you want to do? I earn living do not sell into servitude.” Xia Tian covers own chest to say. The fourth section the competition starts. Fresh flower is I wants, the applause is also I wants, I know that I am very graceful, but I think peaceful works as a handsome man.” Fang Li has shown an extremely charming posture. Made into like this, but also act high and mighty.” Saying that instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University disdains. Well, instructor, they changed players.” Changed players? Changes a dwarf.” instructor puzzled saying of Sichuan Shanghai University, Xia Tian is actually not short, words that but compared with Fang Li and Xue Chuan and the others, that appeared short. instructor, do we use to trade the tactic?” Does not need, to continue.” instructor very optional saying of Sichuan Shanghai University. Jianghai University serves, the ball has sent to the hand of Xia Tian, the people of Sichuan Shanghai University return to base directly, impregnable of own that half-court defense, is watertight, meaning that but the Jianghai University person has not attacked, they probably are watching the fun general. Right, that several people stand there, motionless, is waiting for watching the fun. In the hand receives the ball Xia Tian, has thrown the ball directly. „Is he doing, insane?” instructor puzzled asking of Sichuan Shanghai University. It seems like they gave up treating.” ! Hollow enters the net. 81:98. Anything!!!” Sichuan Shanghai University all people have all been shocked, this what's the matter, oneself that half-court direct shooting, hollow enters the net, this is how possible, this must the how good luck be able Meng Jin. Luck is good, is luck is certainly good.” Saying that instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University thought aloud.

Can come to select ruthlessly, gives their confidence to select the attack.” Xue Chuan looked that asked to Xia Tian. Does not have the issue, you one will grab the ball, regardless in throws a ball on the line directly, remaining gave me to be OK.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Good.” Xue Chuan excited saying. The person dribbling of Sichuan Shanghai University. This time we must defeat their confidence thoroughly.” Captain of Sichuan Shanghai University Basketball team said loudly. Good.” Captain of Sichuan Shanghai University plays a ball game personally, but after he just crossed half-court. Bang! The ball broke, looks own completely empty subordinate, he stares slightly, ball unexpectedly was broken, when matter this is. After Xia Tian the ball is cut off, the direct feedback has given Xue Chuan, after Xue Chuan receives the ball shows a faint smile, afterward is direct same place taking off. „Is he doing? Was he insane? In oneself this half-court taking off.” All people of Sichuan Shanghai University all puzzled look to Xue Chuan, in their opinion, Xue Chuan was insane. The Xue Chuan ball has thrown directly, goal basket, but they saw, this ball was small, moreover has the deviation. At this moment the form jumps together directly, from the sky held Basketball, afterward a right hand big windmill. ! Slam Dunk, airborne relay big windmill Slam Dunk. The entire Basketball rack rocks. 83:98. Sees so the scene of exaggeration, the members of Sichuan Shanghai University were all shocked. On the Jianghai University stand has resounded cheers, Tang Yan is also a face smiling face looks at Xia Tian.

The suspension, suspends. Sichuan Shanghai University called a suspension. Defends that on to me newly, so long as he crosses half-court, bites to death him.” instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University shouts loudly. Fang Li, Xue Chuan, then should to the time that you play, they definitely meet against dead Xia Tian, you give my playing heartily.” Tang Yan knows that Sichuan Shanghai University shouts the suspension now, certainly must cope with Xia Tian. Xia Tian, you defend, a ball do not leave out.” Tang Yan looks at Xia Tian to say. The time, the competition starts once more. Sichuan Shanghai University dribbles. Xia Tian flushes away to the opposite party directly, at this moment the members of Sichuan Shanghai University outflank to Xia Tian directly. Bang! The ball broke, but this time is not Xia Tian does, but is Fang Li. ! Fang Li pushes to the front, slamdunked has taken two points once more. 85:98. Fresh flower is I wants, the applause is also I wants, I know that I am very graceful, but I think peaceful works as a handsome man.” Fang Li has shown an extremely charming posture. Yeah, one group of fools.” Xia Tian simply directly sat on the ground.