Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 129

Saw that Xia Tian is so at ease, that several defended his person only to leave behind one, other all went to against others. At this moment Xue Chuan stole the ball of opposite party. Xue Chuan nobody defends, sees such scene, defends Xia Tian that person to relieve a garrison directly Xue Chuan. Xia Tian, catches a ball.” Xue Chuan has passed to Xia Tian the ball directly. Xia Tian just received the ball very at will to throw ball, sits under own basket on the ground shoots. moron.” instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University saw that the Xia Tian action said. ! Hollow enters the net. 88:98. This.” This all people were all shocked, whole face inconceivable looks to Xia Tian, if the first time is the luck, then the second time? Sits hollow enters the net there. Jianghai University the wave of high tide completely crushed the confidence of Sichuan Shanghai University. They do not believe that Xia Tian was humanity. Sits shoots under own basket, this whole life they have not seen such terrifying scene, this was really too scary. The suspension, suspends. Sichuan Shanghai University called a suspension again. This time does not defend, to quick attack.” The instructor exchanging tactic of Sichuan Shanghai University, their leading scores, so long as they carry on the quick attack, the probability that then wins is very big. Hey, the opposite that head, can you also not score points?” Tang Yan looks that instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University shouts. I will make you lose is very miserable.” instructor wicked saying of Sichuan Shanghai University. The competition starts once more. Sichuan Shanghai University serves, this time they pass directly fast, carry on the quick attack.

Nobody dribbles, all person rapid traverses in Jianghai University the half-court. A series of quick attacks get down, Captain of Sichuan Shanghai University Basketball team sought for a vacancy, direct jump shot. Bang! block. He by block. ! 91:98. All people look once more to Xia Tian, Captain of Sichuan Shanghai University Basketball team threw a ball a moment ago, after Xia Tian is, takes off, but by far has surpassed highly actually Captain of Sichuan Shanghai University Basketball team, afterward big block of that classics was bright blind the eyes of all people. What most is inconceivable is Xia Tian unexpectedly falls to the ground compared with Captain of Sichuan Shanghai University Basketball team first, this fully does not conform to the heavy mechanics the principle. Looks at the score on string, instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University wrinkled the brow. On the stand, a beautiful female has gotten hold of her fist: „The god of Basketball, this time I will certainly not make you escape.” How is this possible?” Captain of Sichuan Shanghai University Basketball team thorough hoodwinking, his confidence sank under water. After eight minutes, the competition ended. 138 : 98. Entire fourth, Sichuan Shanghai University one point has not obtained. How is this possible?” instructor of Sichuan Shanghai University is unable to believe that own eye, he felt that all these probably are having a dream to be the same. Hey, the opposite that head, I remember that you had said probably after losing, will be what kind of?” Tang Yan looks at instructor of opposite that Sichuan Shanghai University. Snort, we wait and see.” instructor cold snort of Sichuan Shanghai University, left the Basketball hall directly. „The god of Basketball, this you do not want to run.” On the stand a female jumped down directly.

Xia Tian both hands extended meet her directly in the bosom, the left hand have bumped in the upper body of female, this feel was unequalled. „, rascal.” Yang Buhai jumped directly. Good intention regards the evil intent, my then you, your leg can the bone fracture.” Xia Tian complained. Was right, you are the god of Basketball, this do not want to run.” Yang Buhai directly stubbornly grasped the arm of Xia Tian, the upper body moves the arm of Xia Tian. Xia Tian completely immersed during this wonderful feeling. We walk.” Tang Yan was saying to Basketball team person. Wait / Etc., doesn't the kiss concubine, you promise me to kiss my?” Xia Tian stops by calling Tang Yan hurriedly. I thought that you are quite busy, think did not have that thoughts, next time.” Tang Yan said that led the people of Basketball team to leave the field directly. Looks form that Tang Yan goes far away, Xia Tian was very depressed, oneself laborious runs, won the competition for her, but unexpectedly was busy at work finally in vain. You can let loose me.” Xia Tian looked to hold own Yang Buhai to say. Does not put, dies does not put.” Yang Buhai shook the head. „Do you want to do?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Yang Buhai. I must pack the best star player you, making you enter NBA, when the time comes you were the super giant star, fans proliferated the world.” Yang Buhai excited saying. Does not have the interest.” Xia Tian turn around leaves directly. You cannot walk.” Seeing Xia Tian must walk, Yang Buhai pursued hurriedly, is the time that closes, the Xia Tian trace vanished to disappear. After Xia Tian left Jianghai University, looked for Zeng Ruo. Evening's time happen to was also the time of auction, the auction was held in a giant banquet hall. This time auction is a charity auction meeting, the price that auctions has 40% is contributes, but this charity auction meeting biggest advantage does not have the tax. That 40% donation has surpassed any tax.

The people who attended this charity auction meeting are the Jiang Hai City major celebrities, entering the cocktail party must result in wears the western-style clothing and formal clothes. Therefore Zeng Ruo simply gave Xia Tian to buy one western-style clothes. Went to the hall of auction cocktail party, Xia Tian knows that anything was called the world of rich man, similarly enjoyed, enjoyed in these places of debauchery is the luxury of third-rater. Here is the luxury of member of the upper-class, the bright light makes the entire hall just like is daytime same, everywhere is the red wine and good food. The people who attended this auction are the Jiang Hai City celebrities. And the presidents in some major companies, Boss, there is a young manager, the youth talents of various respected families, business world capable woman, female manager, female model, even also some female stars. It can be said that here knew some people that can enjoy lifelong. However can enter here person himself is also very arrogant, only if you have to let the capital that the opposite party can have a liking. Expert will only cooperate with Expert. Chief Zeng, you were really more and more attractive.” Wears the man of western-style clothes to arrive at the Zeng Ruo side. Chief Jiang chatted.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. I already had married words, I pursue certainly you.” Chief Jiang has held up the wine class in oneself hand. Thanks.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. Today Zeng Ruo puts on is truly attractive, white formal clothes show completely her beautiful, the tight-fitting white tutu appears her stature is perfect. Women of high station, this is the glossary that Xia Tian can think of only. Pauper, how your this person matches to enter this clock noble place.” The unharmonious sound appears in the Xia Tian left front very together.