Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 131

Hears the Hu Fangye words, Wen Zhaohua and Wang Nianlin is not very happy, but they take Xia Tian means not to have. Hey, did you smile enough?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Hu Fangye. Has the relations with you?” Hu Fangye disdains looked at Xia Tian one. I heard that you are very fierce?” Xia Tian asked again. This also with hearing, entire Jianghai knows that let alone is this small Jianghai, person who Capital I have the understanding, regardless of the big matter I can level, you said that I am fierce?” Hu Fangye arrogant looks at Xia Tian. Very is truly fierce.” Xia Tian nodded. What is truly, did that call to understand fiercely? Does not have the matter that I could not handle in entire China.” Hu Fangye arrogant saying. „, Was too fierce, can I ask you to handle a matter?” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. I am very ripe with you, why to help you handle matters?” Hu Fangye contemptuous saying. This you were not offended, within the four seas all the brothers, I cannot treat unjustly you, did I give money not to be good?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks to Hu Fangye, sees Xia Tian this smiling face time, Zeng Ruo knows that he must certainly make a show. Wen Zhaohua and Wang Nianlin see Xia Tian this smiling face time, retreat cannot help but one step, they know that this smiling face is representing anything, but they no one has to remind Hu Fangye, because Hu Fangye was really supercilious. Ok, but handles the big matter, you must take the money of multi- important matter.” Hu Fangye also has usually done this matter, others draw cash he to handle matters, this Qian to come happiest. Money is not the issue, you want many me to give, I asked the matter that you handled is very simple, morning that my father died, I thought to be filial filial he, you had a look to be able that picture in Capital Tiananmen changed my father to hang two days.” Xia Tian serious saying. „The picture in Tiananmen.” Hu Fangye understood finally, this brat is playing itself.

Wen Zhaohua and Wang Nianlin titter in behind, Hu Fangye was still ridiculing a moment ago them, now Hu Fangye start to eat owing of Xia Tian. Your handsome boy, is one lives by pimping, you have any skill, unexpectedly also dare such to speak to me.” Hu Fangye hears Wen Zhaohua and Wang Nianlin laughter, he felt that his honor has lost completely, just laughed at they to incur. Hey, Chief Xia, is so skillful, you also in this.” At this moment the distant place they walk to here, one is previous time moves Boss of that market, another is Yang Yun. Sees these two people time, Hu Fangye stares slightly, he has the impression to these two people, is in Jiang Hai City quite famous figure. Chief Xia is really the good interest, has not thought that you can also collect this liveliness.” Boss of market has held in high esteem to Xia Tian after the previous time matter. Chief Xia, which day has time I also to you ask for advice the issue on commercial.” Yang Yun is also very polite saying. Saw that these two people are so polite to Xia Tian, Hu Fangye somewhat feels helpless, he just said that Xia Tian is one lives by pimping, result these well-known figure come out to notify him on own initiative. Was right, what did you say a moment ago?” Xia Tian looked asked suddenly to Hu Fangye. Snort.” Hu Fangye cold snort, turned the head to leave directly, he knows that own today has planted, his unexpectedly admits defeat in front of a brat. Young Hu, do not walk, waits for me.” Wang Nianlin pursued directly. After Wen Zhaohua looked at Xia Tian, walks toward Hu Fangye. You, were too mischievous.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. Chief Xia, you and Chief Zeng this is.” Yang Yun remembers obviously Xia Tian is the Li Ying boyfriend, but looked that relations between he and Zeng Ruo seem not pure.

I am his elder sister.” Zeng Ruo said hurriedly that she may be afraid the Xia Tian nonsense. „, Is this, Chief Xia, which day you have the time you to take your girlfriend and I take my girlfriend, our four well poly one gathers.” Yang Yun said intentionally. Girlfriend, when you made girlfriend, did not say one to me.” Zeng Ruo very discontented saying. Sister Rou, you have misunderstood, is false, Li Ying gathering said that makes me disguise as her boyfriend.” Xia Tian explained hurriedly: I also really have several concubines.” Vacation.” Yang Yun stares slightly. Concubine, but also several, how many do you want?” The Zeng Ruo jealousy came up immediately. That, Chief Xia, between you and Li Ying are really.” Yang Yun asked again. Was right, do not tell your girlfriend that keeps secret for me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „In volume, we go to chat, the auction must start.” Boss of market saw that atmosphere between their several are not right, said hurriedly. Their several looked for one row directly by the place sits down, on each seat the button of competitive tender, a sign, auction time can choose the dark racket with the bright racket. Lifts the sign is the bright racket, according to the button is the dark racket. I heard that today's auction in the second half is the blind racket.” Yang Yun light saying. Blind racket? Now unexpectedly also does the blind racket.” Zeng Ruo shook the head, this is just like is gambling is the same, the thing could not see that then bids, finally had the possibility to spend the high price to buy the thing that a single cent has been unworthy.

This is at the charity auction meeting can have the program that frequently, price each time is very dreary. What is the blind racket?” Xia Tian hears this glossary time thinks very interestingly. Does not let look at thing, then everybody tenders, when the goods were patted by whom then opens, has the possibility to spend tens of thousands to pat the treasure , the possible flower several hundred thousand to buy a toilet lid.” Yang Yun answered. Is so interesting!” Probably Xia Tian nod of slightly, this blind racket is specially designs for him. He has the X-Ray Vision eye, then the blind racket did not calculate blindly. The quick bidding block sat down over a thousand people, Xia Tian first time had discovered that in Jiang Hai City unexpectedly had these many rich men. Actually Xia Tian does not know, here comes is just few few people, Jiang Hai City inside rich man were many. The intense light focused in stage, at this time the stage was being surrounded by a giant scarlet cloth, all people all anticipated looks at that scarlet cloth. Each auction will do a new pattern. At this moment, all lights all gather above the stage, scarlet cloth raising slowly, Top Grade big beauty appeared in the front of all people, a beauty red Chinese dress, her stature perfect showed. Looks at beauty on stage, the pleasant surprise of Xia Tian whole face, because this female was initially with the Lin Bingbing together that open female.