Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 132

Since previous and opening female leaves, Xia Tian again has not seen her, has not thought that this unexpectedly saw her here. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, the doubts of Zeng Ruo whole face: „Do you know her?” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Small rascal, beauty under entire day does not have you not to know probably.” Zeng Ruo selected with the hand has selected the head of Xia Tian. Hello, I am director Gongsun Ping of this charity auction meeting.” The Gongsun Ping sound is very of pleasant to hear, will present the souls of these men to cancel, in addition her appearance and that perfect stature. In the field 100% men were attracted by her completely. 40% we who this charity auction meeting results will donate the impoverished disaster area, everybody please feel relieved that this time donation is helps the inspector general by the government.” Gongsun Ping explained the significance of congress. I did not lose everybody's time, below we bid the first goods.” Two were to put on beauty of Chinese dress lifted similarly the first goods. Is a picture. Hands down this is the Three Kingdom era Ma Liang works, Ma Liang has the ability of adding the finishing touch, but this was Ming Dynasty famous painter to counterfeit, that exactly the same as Ma Liang.” Gongsun Ping was explaining the origin of thing, then arrived at the bored tendering time. Person who Xia Tian had not gone to pay attention to these tendering, but is the vision has stared at Gongsun Ping to look that probably little looked will suffer a loss to be the same. This middle Zeng Ruo has extended several hands, but has not patted the goods finally, but was patted by others. Wang Nianlin their three got rid actually repeatedly, has bought many good things, their prices were not low. Regarding the Jianghai four young masters, here is also they consolidates the reputation the place, if not get rid in this place, will be looked down upon, their Jianghai four sons' reputations did not have. 1 million, I wanted.” Hu Fangye spent 1 million to buy a tray.

We congratulated Young Hu to obtain this blue and white porcelain.” Gongsun Ping has knocked three little hammers, finalized. Young Hu is really lavish.” Worthily is Young Hu.” Blue and white porcelain turned over to your Young Hu finally.” The surrounding person called said that this also made Young Hu start self-satisfied, he liked this feeling, the vision of others with envying and worshipping visits him. Buys anything not to be unimportant in the auction, but is money, your money many that can earn others' respect, speaks can also have the effort, these rich man which here do not like becoming friends with some to be richer. The following several times, Wen Zhaohua and Wang Nianlin also repeatedly get rid, their three in never mutually raise prices together. After the congress has carried on half double-hour. Congratulates everybody to pat the person of treasure, today the most interesting link must arrive immediately, moreover I can pledge that in today's blind racket definitely has a treasure.” Gongsun Ping mentioned the time all people of treasure at present is one bright. What treasure is?” On the stage starts some people to shout. Since everybody wants to know that is any treasure, I told everybody, **** righteousness venerable's name everybody should hear.” Gongsun Ping light saying. Whish!! Hears **** righteousness time, in room a piece clamored immediately. Sister Rou, that **** who is righteousness?” Xia Tian saw that the response of scene asked.

**** The righteousness is a legend, he should be this year 128 years old, he is Pill Refining Master, the compounded drug that it is said that he refines can prolong the life.” Zeng Ruo answered. Did not hear, real.” Yang Yun shows a faint smile. „?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Yang Yun. My grandfather takes compounded drug that he has refined, although cannot say that is brings back to life, but lived for two years, two years ago my grandfather has been terminally ill.” Yang Yun answered. Increases the life compounded drug. Xia Tian has not thought that in this world also has such mysterious thing to exist, then this compounded drug certainly was the priceless treasure, how can also take the auction. This type of compounded drug takes auction, that priceless?” Xia Tian asked. This type of compounded drug has the limit of taking, first a person cannot take the second time, otherwise must die without doubt, the next woman cannot take, otherwise must die without doubt.” Yang Yun is very familiar with this compounded drug. How much money can this type of compounded drug sell generally?” Xia Tian asked again. Looks to run into urgently needed person, if runs into the urgently needed person, that hundred million also some people buy, if everybody does not worry to want this thing, in 5 million to 10 million ordinary circumstances can also buy.” What Yang Yun patience is Xia Tian answers. Although this type must be very precious, but every year **** the righteousness gentleman will take several auctions, in the manpower that therefore generally needs to use now has bought.” Zeng Ruo answered. That was interesting.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The link of blind racket came finally, Xia Tian also came the interest, but he knows that side that three are absolutely impossible readily to make him buy the thing, therefore he planned that plays with these three fellows well. Then, we auction the first goods, is this thing the good thing? Is the single cent unworthy?” Gongsun Ping shows a faint smile, evokes the desire that all people have fantasized.

Generally, the first goods absolute error of blind racket, otherwise everybody may lose the interest to the blind racket, this following goods price was very difficult. The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye looks directly to the following that box. Originally is the diamond ring, this type of thing also brings the auction, happen to first plays that three fellows.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he holds up the sign on table afterward directly 200,000.” Sees Xia Tian to lift the sign, Zeng Ruo and Yang Yun stares, probably was not interested to present Xia Tian in the auction from start, but has not thought that the first goods of blind racket he got rid. „To pat anything, although initial price, I am rich.” Zeng Ruo said in a low voice. I have.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Heard Xia Tian to say one had, Zeng Ruo had doubts, she has not known money where really Xia Tian made. Opening goods 200,000 want to take away, really cracks a joke, the poor person is a poor person, I leave 1 million.” Saying that Wang Nianlin disdains, his fixed-price lifted the goods 1 million. Hears 1 million times, the scene was somewhat silent, this after is the blind racket, comes up to spend 1 million this is not the wise action, regardless of the rich person does not hope that own money throws away carelessly. I am a poor person, I leave 1.000001 million.” Xia Tian said loudly. Excuse me, the gentleman most little increases price is 1000.” Gongsun Ping is too far from Xia Tian, cannot see clearly the Xia Tian appearance, but knows that he is a gentleman. That 1.001 million.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.