Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 134

Saw that so crazy scene Gongsun Ping was also shocked, she has not thought that this value priceless compounded drug unexpectedly took 100,000 to buy, this simply compared with lottery ticket also good. These rich and powerful people are also shaking the head that keeps, owed. All rich and powerful people are at heart same, that is did not look that others profit, Xia Tian has grabbed a such big bargain, they naturally were not feeling well. Wen Zhaohua that however in this most is not feeling well their three. First we congratulate 200 gentlemen, what next I want to say was this time auction had not finished.” Gongsun Ping shouts. Also continues anything, good thing not to have, everybody watches the fun.” Is, the best thing made the person take away, made us buy what silver necklace?” My family does not lack over a million diamond ring.” These rich and powerful people discontented shouting. Hears the silver necklace and diamond ring time, the face of Wen Zhaohua and Wang Nianlin was green, that group of people said is not they. I can only the reaching an agreement thing have.” Gongsun Ping shows a faint smile, she has not explained is too many, once she explained were many, will cause everybody's suspicion. Below we auction the fourth goods.” The two Chinese dress heroic woman fourth goods lifted. I leave 100,000.” After the matter stimulation, some people started to get angry, if they also left 100,000 a moment ago, then perhaps **** the righteousness Master compounded drug was their. I leave 150,000.” The atmosphere of auction by Xia Tian that lit. Your this got rich.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. My money is not Sister Rou.” Xia Tian said. Knows that coaxes me to be happy.” In the Xia Tian front appearance that Zeng Ruo only will then reveal the concubine. What I said is real, the compounded drug gives Sister Rou, Sister Rou looks to manage on the line.” Xia Tian Qian Jiao, his Cary also 800,000, the compounded drug also had been delivered a moment ago by the Chinese dress female. Good, I helped you sell, then hit money to your this little devil.” Zeng Ruo selected has selected the head of Xia Tian.

Sister Rou, you such select me to select me silly.” Xia Tian said. I am the main point am silly your this little devil.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. That is not good, silly my nobody wanted.” Xia Tian disguises panic-stricken saying. Nobody wants me to want.” Zeng Ruo very earnest saying. You were the present wanted me.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle. I want silly.” Zeng Ruo light saying. The blind racket is really pit as before, finally when sixth round nobody began, because of a moment ago that two already their pit. 100,000.” Xia Tian lifts the sign. Saw that Xia Tian lifted the sign once more, Hu Fangye has gawked staring, but he has not gotten rid, he in waiting opportunity. 100,000 one time.” 100,000 two.” 100,000 three times.” Deal, congratulated our No. 200 stage to obtain the sixth goods of blind racket.” Gongsun Ping said. Owed? Gained?” Gongsun Ping shows a faint smile, mentioned the curiosity of all people again, this time was easiest to make everybody excited. cold snort who Hu Fangye disdains, he was waiting for looks at Xia Tian by the pit. In his opinion Xia Tian is that type gets to know the benefits on the person of letting success go to the head, this person in the gambling establishment is most common, has won one time in a big way felt one were the God of Gamblers, finally this person lost was very miserable. Makes us come to see together.” Gongsun Ping turned on the box. A crystal necklace keep flat in glass of seal.

Sees this crystal necklace time, Gongsun Ping was shocked, if she did not remember incorrectly, a moment ago **** righteousness Master that compounded drug should be patted by 200 th, that is the first treasure of this blind racket, but this necklace is this second treasure. Two treasure unexpectedly both were patted by 100,000 prices by a person. „Isn't that the blue crystal necklace?” On the stage has to know shouting that the person of this necklace has doubts. Everybody then responded that right, this was the blue crystal necklace, the price of this necklace was over 1.8 million. „, Can this also play.” Did not have the natural justice, 200 th was your people.” Certainly has the inside story.” Surrounding person very discontented shouting. The consecutively two treasures both were bought by 100,000 by the 200 th person, this did not have the natural justice simply. The face of Hu Fangye was blue, he was thinking a moment ago still oneself clever, but thinks every time this goods unexpectedly is the blue crystal necklace. We congratulate the person of 200 th stage.” Gongsun Ping somewhat was also curious, what this 200 th stage outcome sits is, luck unexpectedly is good becomes this. Zeng Ruo thorough was speechless. Xia Tian used 100,000 to buy value about 2 million necklaces. Chief Xia, your luck was really good to not having the friend.” Yang Yun says with emotion. Chief Xia has any secret, teaches to us.” Boss of market said. The Chinese dress heroic woman necklace has delivered to the Xia Tian front. Do not move, I put on to you.” Xia Tian takes up the blue crystal necklace to say to Zeng Ruo. Volume, this was too precious.” The face of Zeng Ruo was instantaneously red, she has a dream cannot think that this matter unexpectedly will occur on oneself, never the happy heart heads on.

She has a dream cannot think that Xia Tian will give her such precious thing. So long as you like, even if the heavenly star, I also find the way to make to you.” Xia Tian wore the blue crystal necklace on the neck of Zeng Ruo, blue crystal was joined to the Zeng Ruo formal clothes noblly, beautiful incomparable. Heard the Xia Tian words, the heart of Zeng Ruo is melted again. She knows that she will not feel absolutely wrong, this is the happy feeling. Below we auction the seventh goods.” Gongsun Ping said. 800,000.” This Xia Tian opens the mouth directly 800,000. Heard the Xia Tian start to talk, Hu Fangye cannot sit still again. 900,000.” Hu Fangye has held up the sign in hand. 1 million.” Other people also start to lift sign, the Xia Tian luck was really good, therefore they also started to snatch with the Xia Tian footsteps. Sister Rou, your Cary is rich, uses taking advantage of me, I am not colored, my Cary was insufficient.” Xia Tian looked that said to Zeng Ruo. Em, my is your.” Zeng Ruo has not come out from the happy heart. Here if your Cary's money insufficiently tenders, is unable the selling quotation. 2 million.” Xia Tian raised all of a sudden the goods price 2 million, this may retreat in fear to want all of a sudden to insert rich and powerful people. Snort, are more than money with me.” Hu Fangye cold snort: 2.5 million.” Your 250, you won.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has not continued to tender.