Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 135

2.501 million times.” 2.5 million twice.” 2.503 million times.” Deal, congratulated our No. 113 stage to obtain the seventh goods of blind racket.” Gongsun Ping said. Owed? Gained?” Gongsun Ping shows a faint smile, mentioned the curiosity of all people again, this time was easiest to make everybody excited. Since this has been the blind racket a highest price, all people anticipate looks to the box, this outcome can be any treasure. A toilet lid lies low in the glass of seal. I go to Damn.” Hu Fangye scolded directly, he must collapse, 2.5 million have bought a toilet lid, the auction is comedy? Sees that is the toilet lid, the scene has smiled to overturn the heavens. Laid out 1 million that person backs to flow out the cold sweat a moment ago, was good received the hand because of him a moment ago, otherwise this may end. 2.5 million toilet lids. Gongsun Ping also smiled, the Chinese dress heroic woman toilet lid delivered to front of Hu Fangye time, Hu Fangye had the impulsion that one type wants to kill people. Looks own front toilet lid, Hu Fangye angry shouting: Has thrown it, has thrown it to me, the farther the better.” Ha Ha Ha Ha.” The surroundings have heard a series of laughter, is listening to these laughter, Hu Fangye was angrier, he looks wickedly to Xia Tian, he does not have to think own today unexpectedly planted in this boy hand. You, were too mischievous.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. These three country bumpkins, I must the pit pit today well they.” Xia Tian light saying. Below we auction the eighth goods of blind racket.” Gongsun Ping said. The Chinese dress heroic woman eighth box lifted, sees this box, all people already thorough lost the interest, 2.5 million toilet cover them to be possible unable to afford.

100,000.” Xia Tian has held up the hand sign. Sees Xia Tian to shout out the price, all people stare, because he called 100,000 each time was the treasure, lifted the high price was the trash. 101,000 times.” 100,000 twice.” 200,000.” Hu Fangye also shouted out the price. 500,000.” Xia Tian holds up the hand sign once more. Hears Xia Tian 500,000 times, Hu Fangye has not continued to shout out the price, he thinks that this is the Xia Tian snare, this time must make Xia Tian eat to owe. 501,000 times.” 500,000 twice.” 503,000 times.” Deal, congratulated our No. 200 stage to obtain the eighth goods of blind racket.” Gongsun Ping said. Owed? Gained?” Gongsun Ping shows a faint smile, mentioned the curiosity of all people again, this time was easiest to make everybody excited, especially Xia Tian. Because he obtained two treasures continuously, is 100,000 pats. If this treasure, he were invincible, if, everybody's mood cannot good. A emerald jade bracelet lies low in the glass of seal. This a little too god.” Gongsun Ping whole face inconceivable saying, 200 th stage unexpectedly, she now does not know that should say any was good. emerald jade bracelet, 3 million things.”

He how, this simply did not have the natural justice.” I could not bear, I protested.” The person on stage went crazy once more, is not only they, Yang Yun and that market Boss were also insane. The Chinese dress heroic woman emerald bangle has delivered to the Xia Tian front. Puts out a hand.” Xia Tian tender feelings looks at Zeng Ruo. Em.” The small face of Zeng Ruo is red, looked like thoroughly ripe the cherry is common, making Xia Tian unable to bear want to eat one. Xia Tian wore the bangle in the hand of Zeng Ruo. Hu Fangye already thorough anger: „Do you dare to play one time with me in a big way?” Plays?” Wen Zhaohua could not bear. Any I dare to play.” Wang Nianlin wished one could the swallow alive Xia Tian. So long as then he opens the mouth, we snatch, anything, snatches.” The proposition of Hu Fangye won their approval. This time their three must defeat Xia Tian thoroughly. Altogether 15 goods, following seven by Hu Fangye they obtained, Wang Nianlin by 2 million patted two value 5000 things, Wen Zhaohua by 4 million has patted two things of value 20 dollars, but Hu Fangye by 7 million patted the value 800,000 three goods. Sees these things in own hand, their three have not fainted, although their three usually are also filthy rich, regardless of the rich family is impossible to make them so spend freely. Three local tyrants, said goodbye.” Before Xia Tian just before leaving, has not forgotten to bye-bye with their three. The Hu Fangye complexion changes azure, eye changes red: I will certainly not let off your.” After leaving the auction, Zeng Ruo brings Xia Tian to eat meal, is place that Xia Tian chooses, big gear.

Zeng Ruo has not come to this place to eat the thing, since is Xia Tian likes, she naturally with. The Zeng Ruo wear is also incompatible with here, her beauty attracted many attention, many people passed by from here do not hate to leave, their nearby positions were also filled. Sister Rou, you feel better welcome, this nearby person did not have a moment ago, now had been filled.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You also smile, you have a look at me to put on to come to this place like this, next time you must come to this place ahead of time to tell me one, I go back to change clothes.” The appearance of Zeng Ruo in entire big gear this. Xia Tian very happy has selected in periphery. Today you may be miserable their three evils, after I estimate them to go home, may have troublesome.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. Three idiots.” Xia Tian light saying. Said, how do you know in which to have the treasure?” Zeng Ruo puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Guesses.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. beauty, a person.” At this moment a stripped man sat in the Xia Tian side directly. You are blind.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. „Hasn't boy, visited me is Triad?” Light arm man appearance mean looks at Xia Tian to say. Quite fierce, this year Triad is left Azure Dragon, right white tiger, waist mark mole cricket.” Xia Tian light saying. Volume, mole cricket.” The light arm man stares slightly, afterward he understood, this brat is provoking oneself: „Did you suffice exactly?” Morgue that many corpses, which is you delivers?” A Xia Tian face symbolic smile looks at the light arm man. Your unexpectedly dares such to speak to me, you died.” The light arm man stands up takes up stool directly.